Bloodborne Data

Name BLOODBORNE ~ ブラッドボーン
Release Date USA: 24/3/2015
EU: 27/3/2015
ASIA: 24/3/2015
Genre Action, RPG
Price 59.99 USD
Rating PG16
Online PlayStation Network
Requires PS+ for Multiplayer
Developer From Software
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Director Hidetaka Miyazaki
Official Site Official Japanese Site
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Bloodborne Origins

Developed by From Software and Sony Japan Studio, Bloodborne is a spiritual sequel to the critically acclaimed Demon's Souls. The original game's appeal lay with its renowned difficulty and trial-and-error approach, one that Bloodborne promises to sustain and improve on.


Regarding The Software

  • Bloodborne was announced on June 9th 2014 during Sony's E3 conference. The title had previously been leaked as "Project Beast"
  • The series' creator, From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki, has joined the original Demon's Souls team and posted these comments:From SCE WWS Shuhei Yoshida (吉田修平):
    "Bloodborne is a completely new original title under the PS4 platform. It is a collaboration among Miyazaki after Demon's Souls, Fromsoft and JAPAN studio. This time, we are extremely happy to make announcement at the E3 press conference where fans around the world pay attention to. Powered by the PS4 network, the development team worked hard to bring a new way to play and experience the world filled with mystery mood in a gothic-horror setting, featuring a simple and yet brutal but also strategic game style. Please wait with great expectations.
  • The Souls series is known for medieval fantasy settings with castles and dungeons a common sight. However, Bloodborne is based in the city of Yharnam which is described as "ancient" and "forgotten." The city is characterized by a Victorian era feel. Sony has promised a rich, detailed world that highlights the power of the PS4.
  • The plot revolves around the city being known for an old medical remedy which the player character will attempt to seek out. Making this task difficult is the endemic elements that have created "nightmarish creatures" and "malformed beasts."
  • The combat style is said to be quicker and more offensive based. Preliminary information suggests that shield may not make an appearance, with both hands being used for weapons. Early reports indicate that a gun and scythe like weapon will be the go to gear for this game.
  • The game is already available for preorder though the PlayStation store as well as some retailers. Sony is promising a Spring of 2015 release while has a tentative release date of 3/31/2015, which is likely a placeholder date.
  • Online modes will exist but information is currently not being shared about specific ways players will be able to interact with each other.
  • From Hypetrain Demon Boss Hidetaka Miyazaki:

"Bloodborne is a brand new product on the PS4 hardware. To us it's a title that posted many challenges. And yet, in one way, and with various meanings, it is a game that is very (like) 'us.' The foundation of this production is 'a real game for (those who) like games.' Please look forward to enjoying it. Thank you." [1]

Read a detailed preview article here


Development Concepts

  • The game is not a direct sequel to any Souls game.


General Concepts

Looks to be influenced by Brotherdhood of the Wolf (2001).



Notable Differences With Dark & Demon's Souls


  • The game features changing environments depending on progress.
  • Blocking and defensive play are limited, there are only two shields and players are expected to be more aggressive and use i-frames to avoid damage.
  • New Regain system allows players to get their health back within a certain time of being hit.


Collector's Edition

At Tokyo Game Show 2014 the Collector's Edition of Bloodborne was announced. It includes a Premium Steelbook Game Case, a Premium Art Book, the Digital Sountrack and an alternate skin for the game Messengers. You may also see details in the Bundles page.

  1. ^ Translated by A_Light_Spark:

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    • Anonymous

      Has the game been officially confirmed to be a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, or is that just speculation on the community's part based on the similarities? I'm genuinely curious about it.

      • Anonymous

        Excellent game. One of my favorites. And this is coming from a guy who usually dislikes hard games (real life is hard enough).

        • Anonymous

          I personally loved the Bloodborne experience. The faster pace of combat was unsettlingly intoxicating. My run was different than normal because I used Skill weaponry. I got to the final area in the Old Hunters. All in all, Bloodborne is easily one of the best games I have ever played.

          • Anonymous

            A very important part of Dark Souls 2 and 3, for me at least, was the skill point realignment. It was just an easier way to experience more of the game. I'm not sure if Bloodborne has this lovely mechanic however. Can somebody tell me whether or not it does?

            • Anonymous

              Is nothing short of amazing.No not because of the smooth combat,the setting/theme,and the horrifying beast that lie within the vast open world...It's just that a game.Let me say that again A GAME can cause such intense emotions.I lost count of how many times i was uncontrollably shaking after a boss fight,or flinched when shot at in pvp,or my adrenaline starts kicking end during a boss fight.No other game i have ever played has done that to me.Now i have been hearing about this game called dark or demon spirits or something like that made by the same people can someone tell me if its good or not because i'm really digging theses type of games.

              • Anonymous

                Under "Notable Differences" it mentions a Day and Night Cycle. As far as I know it's only possible to advance the Night trough reaching certain stages in the game. If this is considered a Day and Night Cycle, than Dark Souls had one as well after killing a certain NPC. The information seems to be based on a false interpretation of pre release material. But as I haven't finished the game yet I'm not 100% sure on this. Maybe someone else can confirm this.

                • Anonymous

                  I've just beat the game the other day. And, it was a hell of a ride, to me this is the best game on the PS4 right now. But, I'm a sucker for the Souls game cuz to me the best PS3 game is Demon's Soul!!!! Can't wait to get the Old Hunter DLC on Friday!!!!!

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