PvE Builds in Bloodborne are character and equipment choices that focus the player character (the hunter) on solo and cooperative play against regular AI enemies and bosses. Builds listed in this page are created and categorized by players.


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Build Name Creator Starting Origin Weapon Preference Blood Echoes & Level Description
Example Blood Warrior Your Name Lone Survivor Any Level xxx Blood Echoes xxxx A heavier build, focusing on Vitality and Strength. This build is best suited for those looking to utilize heavy offensive melee combat and want to be able to soak some damage and utilize the Regain mechanic.
Katrien Cardozo LRobin89 Professional

Right: Kirkhammer, Whirligig Saw

Left: Kirkhammer, Whirligig Saw

Left: Fist of Gratia


A Vitality/Strength build with mid Skill. Minimal Endurance, Bloodtinge or Arcane. Efficient in PVE but also in PVP. You can go to NG+6 with it.

Kirkhammer should be your favorite weapon. Use the sword against Kin enemies. Use Whirligig saw in pizza cutter mode against Beast enemies.

Deal a lot of damage in few hits. No parry. Rince and repeat.

Seeker of Truth Gilganesth Cruel Fate or Military Veteran On the link Level 120 or 130 A Strengh/Arcane hybrid build,perfect for any situation.
Engiocsag Rehtaf Mhazard Military Veteran Hunter Axe, Military Veteran Hunter Axe, Hunter Blunderbass Level 26 A low level Cannon build with all three Formless Oedon runes equipped, capable of firing cannon for up to four times.
Executioner BYTEandMAGIC Milquetoast Any Level 88 Focus on Strength and Arcane. Primary Weapon: Logarius' Wheel, Secondary Weapon: Kirkhammer. Firearms: Ludwig's Rifle, Strength and Arcane. Primary Weapon: Logarius' Wheel, Secondary Weapon: Kirkhammer. Firearms: Ludwig's Rifle, Rosmarinus. Use powerful spells against your foes and crush them under your big wheel! More focus on spells than on firearms.
Bloodtinge & Skill PSN: Azure__Wolf Military Vet ( could be better) Axe\pistol 80 I choose the axe and pistol.. Upgraded the axe too +3 \ Evelyn +7 and killed the boss in Cainhurst solo with spamming vicreal attacks on em to get Chikage. Evelyn is in the Same location so you got all your weapons anyhow Very High dps on Chikage while transformed as well as Viscreal Attacks. (PvP wise around 800-1200) (PvE highest I dealt was 4.4k) Chikage. Evelyn is in the Same location so you got all your weapons anyhow Very High dps on Chikage while transformed as well as Viscreal Attacks. (PvP wise around 800-1200) (PvE highest I dealt was 4.4k) Evelyn shots deal from 100-300 depending on distance ( 600~ with buff) (only at +9 atm) SS on my Build page
Professor (SKL) pondrthis Professional Threaded Cane Level 40+ A fresh NG build that can be used to learn the game with minimal frustration, and can either stand on its own or segue into a Blade of Mercy or Burial Blade build in NG+. Focuses on versatility, using both quick Reiterpallasch stunlocks/parries and long-range charged attacks with the Blade of Mercy or Burial Blade build in NG+. Focuses on versatility, using both quick Reiterpallasch stunlocks/parries and long-range charged attacks with the Rifle Spear.
Evelyn's Knight Alva_The_Wayfarer Lone Survivor Holy Moonlight Sword & Lone Survivor Holy Moonlight Sword & Evelyn Level 125 A co-op experience build. This build focuses on strength, bloodtinge, and strength, bloodtinge, and arcane. It is best suited for those who are looking to assist others in most locations throughout the game and is also suited to deal with invaders. This build utilizes a very offensive attacking pattern. [ Incorporates Fashion-borne for novelty ]
Arcane Knight King McNeil Professional Hunters Axe & Saw Cleaver Level 100+

King McNeil, it might help if you actually post the stats

A strong PvE build that focus' on Strength and Vitality for primary skills, and Arcane and Skill and secondary skills.The strength allows you to utilize the Hunters Axe for maximum damage, and allows for great reach with a trick weapon. The Saw Cleaver is held in right hand 2 slot and is used for quick strikes against faster enemies and also allows for the extended reach with the ability to still use you firearm. Use any firearm you are most comfortable with, I would still recommend Ludwig's Rifle or Hunter's Pistol. This will allow you to have two firearms that can be efficient in almost every situation. The Arcane skill only needs to reach 15 so you can use both the Phantasm Shell and the Old Hunter Bone. The Phantasm Shell will provide a Arcane buff to your trick weapon, and the Old Hunter Bone will allow you to roll and dash with and highly accelerated speed. (Be aware the these items use Quicksilver Bullets)
Lone Warrior MrBimo Military Vet Ludwig's Holy Blade & Cannon Level 100+ Health +50, Strength +30, Skill +40, Stamina +40, Arcane +25 A build that is agile, strong and brave. This character has defeated all bosses with the current stats and weapons. Primary attire = Crow Attire This build is quick and very reliable it wont let you down just be ready to take a few punches while trying to create the build to it's fullist.
Arcane Reaper Death Professional any Level 100+ Health 40+, Stamina 40+, Strength 25, Skill 40+, Bloodtinge 20, Arcane 40+ For this build I wanted to go with the Dark Reaper look so I grinded to get Eileen's Crowfeather Garb, Bone Ash Mask, Cainhurst Gauntlets, and Black Church Trousers. For RH weapons I use Burial Blade 10+ and Blades of Mercy 9+ LH I use Flamesprayer and the Hunter Blunderbuss. Also use of spell makes this build a amazingly fun, spells I use include: Old Hunter Bone, Tiny Tonitrus, and Crowfeather Garb, Bone Ash Mask, Cainhurst Gauntlets, and Black Church Trousers. For RH weapons I use Burial Blade 10+ and Blades of Mercy 9+ LH I use Flamesprayer and the Hunter Blunderbuss. Also use of spell makes this build a amazingly fun, spells I use include: Old Hunter Bone, Tiny Tonitrus, and A Call Beyond. Runes depend on what situation your going into but i usually run Moon Tier 3, Blood rapture tier 3, and Deep sea tier 3 only because frenzy (I feel) is a constant threat that can take you out quickly.
The Blood Saint's Arsenal Saint Sebastian A.K.A PSN: resident_evil545 Waste Of Skin Threaded Cane Level 120+ Health 40-50+, Stamina 30+, Strength 25+, Skill 40+, Bloodtinge 20+, Arcane 40+ Clothing: As far as this goes, it has to be clothing that is church related, so black Church set, white Church set, Father Gascoigne's set, or the Choir Set. but it's just what i recommend, the rest is really up to the user's Bidding. Weapons: Threaded Cane (10+) will bring you a long way in combat, and for all of those fashion-Borne fans out there, you may rejoice. the Repeating pistol (at least 6+) will be a great accomplice to the cane. as for the secondary weapons. Ludwigs Holy Blade (9+) will do it justice. just stick with the great sword form and you should be fine. and for a little extra fire power, use the cannon (at least 7+). Hunter tools: A Call Beyond, Choir bell Runes: Great Lake tier 3, clockwise metamorphosis tier 3, Anti-clockwise metamorphosis tier 3.
Raven Knight Fluffhead108 Troubled Childhood Burial Blade Level 100+ Health: 50 Stamina: 40 Strength: 40 Skill: 50 Bloodtinge: 8 Arcane: 25 The Raven Knight is an absolute beast in terms of damage and rally potential, this character is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing builds in the game. Play style: Perfect for players who are aggressive, yet tactical. The high rally potential of the Burial Blade works wonders while impressice arcane stats allow for limitless possibilities. This is a build that can get you through NG, but really opens up to its potential in NG+. Character Design: Don't waste any time with the face/hair, because the centerpiece of this character is the Beak Mask, which covers your entire head. In combination with the Knight's Garb (especially for female Hunters) is incredible and satisfying. I like this build in cahoots with Eileen the Crow's Hunter of Hunters guild, naturally. But that specific characterization is left to the player. Just don't forget to befriend Eileen early on, or else return to the Grand Cathedral to prey upon her, in order to attain her mask.
Corrupted Hunter Fluffhead108 Cruel Fate Tonitrus & Blunderbuss Level 10+ Health: 30+ Stamina: 30+ Strength: 25 Skill: 12 Bloodtinge: 5 Arcane: 45+ Great build for those who are trying Arcane for the first time. Play Style: Strong and aggressive build with high potential for damaging attacks and use of hunter's tools. Focus on STR early to clear the first couple bosses, then go all-in on Arcane. Save your blood stones for when you get your hands on the Tonitrus, as that will be the #1 weapon for the majority of the game. Character Design: The "corruption" angle is fun to run with. I chose a pale green color for the face, with the creepy red mad-scientist glasses and a white beard. That face combined with Gascoigne's set makes for a fantastic looking character, who is sort of a mix between a Wild West gunslinger and a fantasy-style mage. Looks especially great when casting A Call Beyond or unloading with the blunderbuss. Naturally, it makes sense to join the Vile Bloods with this character, but that choice remains with the player. After lvl 100, focus on getting ARC up to 50, then VIT & END as high as you need to feel comfortable.
Yharnam Hunter Fluffhead108 Military Veteran Ludwig's Holy Blade Level 10+ Health: 30+ Stamina: 30+ Strength: 40+ Skill: 40+ Bloodtinge: 8 Arcane: 9 A full-on quality build. Perfect for those new to Bloodborne, as well as those who want to use the super-enjoyable weapon, Ludwig's Holy Blade. Play style: Balanced and all-around attributed make almost any playstyle feasible, and also allows you to use almost any weapon in the game to do serious damage. High survivability and endurance also ensure that you can take hits and keep pace with your rallying. Character Design: This is the "everyman" build, in a sense. I like the character to be normal looking, with none of the outrageous features that make Bloodborne's character creation process such a hoot. This is just 'that guy' or 'that girl.'
Old Yharnam Hunter BloodyHeartMoon Violent Past Saw Cleaver Level 108 Health: 50; Stamina: 20; Strength: 50; Skill: 25; Bloodtinge: 6; Arcane: 7 A build that focuses on Vitality and Strength, Dodging and Parring, Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol. Great for both PvE and PvP. Check the link for more details.
Assassin Psn: The_Trumpinator Professional

Burial Blade/Chikage




Health: 50, Stamina: 40, Strength: 15, Skill: 40, Bloodtinge: 40, Arcane: 15. A build focusing on bloodtinge or skill based weapons, the evelyn and chikage are very strong with this build, with the burial blade being a strong choice as well. I run the highest iteration of anti-clockwise and clockwise metamorphosis along with clawmark(30%). I also run Corruption. This build is amazing for PvE and pretty good for PvP

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    • Anonymous

      On my first playthrough of BB right now. Thanks to Elden Ring, I am actually able to survive past Father G. I just defeated The One Reborn. Incredible cutscene before the fight. I love this game!

      • Anonymous

        Level 88, you’ll be fine with 30 vigor, just practice your dodges and parties, 25 endurance, 28 strength, 22 Skill, 10 bloodtinge, and 21 arcane, pretty evenly balanced, Start with the axe and then get the saw spear as soon as possible, I ended up beating orphan with the saw spear so don’t underestimate it

        • I just add a build, in the first line of the table, if you are interested. It was my first character ever, BL100. It brings me up to NG+6 without major difficulty. This is a high vitality/strength build with some skill. Using mainly Kirkhammer and Whirligig saw. Play as a tank or a berserk with beast blood pellets.

          • Anonymous

            So I came back to this game after a ludwig quality build where I got stuck on Amelia (this is my third "playthrough," haven't finished yet. So I have no idea how to play this game and my current build is skill/bloodtinge/arcane. Chigage, blade of mercy, and no gun. Parry's are way to hard and spells...are way too fun. And yes, I understand this is a terrible build and the only reason it's working is because I got really high on Ritalin, forgot what I was doing and waisted a weekend in the chalice dungeons. Walked in a *****, walked out autisticly over leveled for the rest of the game. I wasn't even grinding, I just forgot that there was a whole ass game going one outside of the dungeons.

            • Anonymous

              Everyone posting thier endgame pve builds like those are going to matter to anyone. All these builds are garbage too, you casuals seriously need to git gud

              • Anonymous

                you know how hard it is to beat the bloody crow of cainhurst? well be her! start as a noble scion. 50 vitality 30 endurance 15 strength (for chikage) 40 skill (for chikage) 40 bloodtinge (for chikage and repeating pistol) 20 arcane (for hunter bone and chikage) weapons: chikage +10 repeating pistol +10 items: numbing mist old hunter bone 20 blood vials 20 quicksilver bullets armor: cainhurst helmet crowfeather garb cainhurst gauntlets cainhurst leggings

                • Anonymous

                  Hello everyone! I am new to Bloodborne and would like to ask the “seasoned players” here: wich build would be a suitable choice for a newbie?

                  • Anonymous

                    I am a level 187 and recommend upgrading bloodtinge and skill. Skill to 50 and bloodtinge to 40+. I use the max chikage and rakuyo with the max Evelyn. It's amazing for both PvE and PvP. For carryl runes i recommend using anti-clockwise metamorphosis and any clawmarks runes.

                    • Anonymous

                      PvE build hash slinging slasher. 50 vit/25 end/40 skl/10 str/50 Bt/10 arc. +10 threaded cane/+10 Chikage (only use transformed and only use for as long as necessary)/Evelyn. Optimize weapons with gems however you choose. Three moon runes. This build is for eviscerating PvE enemies and farming massive amounts of blood echoes. Probably the best build to take you through NG+ EASILY.

                      • Anonymous

                        One of my best build for PvP is the Skill/Bloodtinge build. My Hunter is 154 level, a Noble Scion origin. Vitality: 47 Endurance: 25 Strength: 10 Skill: 50 Bloodtinge: 50 Arcane: 10 You don't need to go over 150. 1 point added in Arcane and Strength are just for fun and the same in Vitality, you can stay at 45 instead of 47 as I'm. Off course, you can choose a lot of weapons as primary weapon. Saw spear, Church Pick, Beast Hunter Saif, Threaded Cane, Chikage... Personally, I use more Church Pick, Saif and Simon's Bowblade. Among guns, Evelyn must be your primary choise and the others are quite ignorable. Among Runes, I use Clawmark, Anti-clockwise Metamorphosis and Clockwise Metamorphosis as Memory Runes, then as Oath Rune I use Corruption (being a Vileblood, my choise is mandatory), however for PvP Hunter's Oath Rune is the best. Attires: Cainhurst Helmet, Cainhurst Armor, Old Hunter Gloves, Yahar'gul Black Trousers. Items and Magic: Lead Elisir (usefull against spammer), Fire or Bolt Paper and Madaras Whistle.

                        • Anonymous

                          Working on an arcane build that I want to optimize for every type of enemy, I'm thinking about using an upgraded fire saw cleaver for beasts/ beast bosses but I was wondering if there is a serrated weapon with better arcane scaling for the fire damage? Since it's an arcane build the fire also scales off arcane right?

                          • Anonymous

                            This is my "Harbinger of Fate" class. Female with complete white Church Set, You can start this at level 50.
                            Attire: White Church Set
                            R Weapon1: Blade of Mercy
                            R Weapon2: Saw Spear
                            L Weapon 1: Ludwig's Rifle
                            L Weapon 2: Repeating Pistol
                            Vit: 20
                            End: 30
                            Str: 20
                            Skl: 30
                            Btg: 10 (or 20)
                            Arc: 20 (or 10)

                            Depending on what you want to have as your main attribute will depend on building Btg or Arc, if you prefer attacking with fire, then scale Arc, If you prefer attacking with Secondary scale Btg, Focus on utilizing attributes on your Blade of Mercy like poison and healing yourself (like golden gemstone), with your heavy focus on dealing big damage, by utilizing both forms you can survive mobs with your Saw Spear, and handle hunters and individual enemies with your Blades of Mercy. Endurance is crucial so you can deal more strikes to trigger poison, then back up, switch weapons and leap attack with your Saw spear to finish opponents or fend off mobs. If you scale more with Btg then you may want to exchange the Saw Spear with the Rifle Spear, since the Blades of Mercy scale with Arcane, focusing on your initial build with arcane and fire enchantments may prove more useful than investing in Btg but this build at least gives you diversity.

                            • I've tried many builds, and do like the different types of builds: skill only (may become/strength or /arcane), strength/arcane, bloodtinge/skill, and I plan to try even more types of builds, my first build was skill only, with SOME arcane, but isn't optimized (lvl 111). my first build, 170, was also a skill build, I think its 90 arcane and 50 skill but started as skill build).

                              TLDR: No matter my build style, I never had as much fun as I did when I played an arcane-focused build. So that's what I did, and was rewarded by the Kos Parasite and Moonlight Sword.

                              Here's my lvl 98 arcane build:
                              Cruel Fate
                              Vit: 30
                              End: 25
                              Str: 16
                              Skill: 12
                              Tinge: 5
                              Arcane: 60
                              In hindsight I would probably swap endurance and vitality.
                              Black Sky Eye: 317+ damage, from almost hunter pistol distance, and doesn't cause aggro, very fast projectile
                              Gloves: 730+/- dmg if all three hit. Can shotgun when close up, or cause distraction to hunters in pvp.
                              Augur: 354+ knockdown (don't use much, got damage based on calculation)
                              Call Beyond: 1700+ depending on how many hit and what boss it is; can easily take down amydgala (a-mig-da-la (its in your brain) in 3-4 shots.

                              It's best to know the weaknesses of bosses when fighting and using an arcane build, otherwise, things such as moonlight blade, sawspear with great gems, and a leveled up tonitrus/boomhammer with/without gems are great weapons (you could just weild a boomhammer and tonitrus and be on your merry way).

                              Anyways you use your tools and a lot of your fighting is long distance. The tonitrus and sawspear with a fire gem on it is the best way to kill enemies, I usually fight with tonitrus (always transformed) like so: R1>R1>L1>R1>R1>L1 the transform attack ensures it's always boosted and the R1's can be changed to R2's but the transform attack is a good attack and does good damage.

                              Early in the game you will be upgrading arcane and endurance, and every once in a while adding some to health, you want arcane to be as high as possible. Since hunters tools let you attack from far away, health is least priority, where getting high arcane quickly is a high priority. You can farm the area after the nightmare mensis boss guy, (pigs) with all your echo runes equipped to get mega high blood echos to level up any remaining low level stats.

                              THIS IS A RUNNING BUILD and focuses HEAVILY on getting and using hunters tools asap. EVERY NEW AREA YOU ENCOUNTER YOUR FIRST PRIORITY SHOULD BE TO RUN DIRECTLY TO ALL SHORTCUTS AND OPEN THEM, LIGHTING ALL TORCHES ALONG THE WAY. I usually run the first area, open all shortcuts, grab the sawspear, grab workstation badge, grab hunter armor, bold hunters mark to dream. Pick up all items possible from dream (i get cane and pistol). Return to Yarnham, kill all baddies, pick up all items in area, gain insight from skulls. (you can do this step before returning to dream after getting sawspear and armor). Ring for help for Cleric Beast, kill everyone on way to Cleric Beast. Level up (20 arcane, 14 endurance). Ring for help for Father, use Molotov's after he transforms while your two beat him to death. Kill guys and get enough echos for the badge or traverse old Yarnham > kill bloodstarved beast, take shortcut, and open gates. Help crow (if you choose). Ignore all enemies (said previously) run and open all shortcuts (elevator>gate) kill witches of yarnham. Ring for help and kill beast woman in castle (use Molotov's in final stage of fight). Get tonitrus by being killed by snatcher (not your ex gf that you found out had stds). Tonitrus will be a staple for your arcane build, so is the sawspear with fire dmg. Sawspear has 20% dmg to beasts plus making it fire kills beasts fast.
                              Forbidden Forest: Light torch, run to left of area (not the part where you fall). Talk to lamp and get stone. Kill all dogs in cages as fast as possible (its possible to have only 1 or 2 dogs loose), take a left, get unopened summons. Go to Hemwick Charnel Lane, stand by statue, get executioner gloves. Then you go back and farm all the areas and kill any bosses you haven't killed. The idea is to skip all bosses you don't have to kill, and to get all hunters tools as fast as possible.

                              Did you know, in old Yarnham, using the Hunter's torch, you can kill the regular beasts in three hits from the torch, and 4 to 5 hits for the bigger ones that have stuff covering their heads. The torch does more dmg than a non leveled up saw spear and non leveled up cane. No joke.

                              • Anonymous

                                Basically did a strength/skill setup with the DLC weapons. Full executioners set, stake driver and whirligig saw in primary weapon slots, sidearms are hunter's torch and repeating pistol. Runes (all maxed) are communion, anti clockwise and clockwise metamorphosis, and hunter. Covenant is hunter of hunters. Reduced need for vitality and endurance due to runes, so short range weapons like the stake driver are viable, if not optimal, for this build.

                                • I was unable to make a separate page for my build, the link leads to nothing so im posting it here XDStill working on a name...Level 120Vitality: 40Endurance: 20Strength: 32Skill: 20Bloodtinge: 16Arcane: 42IF you couldnt tell its an arcane/strength build. My weapons of choice are the Holy moonlight sword and the Logarius wheel both 10+. my left handed weapons are the Hunter pistol and the hunters torch which I rarely use either. I wear the Black hooded iron helm, bone ash armor, gauntlets and leggings. I usually just have a bunch of hunter tools selected but sometimes I equip sedatives or other useful items. I dont remember the name of my runes or the level but I get max vials +4, max QS bullets +3, more echoes slain from enemies (the one inside the micolash boss fight) and I have the Impurity rune even though I dont play co-op with the exception of NPC's. For arcane resistant bosses I change my weapon temporarily to the Tonitrus 8+ (specifically in the one reborn fight) I focus on using long range attacks with my transformed HMS making sure to use the L2 and R2 a lot. I change to the Logarius wheel when I specifically want damage. I tend to use the R2 a lot and rarely use the buff by pressing L2. I use the Blacksky eye mostly but I will also use the executioners glove and a call beyond with large bosses.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I'm in love with my Strength + Bloodtinge build that the DLC made more viable. I enjoy the heavy-hitting weapons, but also like firearms and the Madaras Whistle.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      From when I was level 110 I got 30k echoes from killing an invader. The next invader gave only 8k. The damage they did was also negligible. Basically, the match making matches you with high level players and really low level players. So why stop at any certain level?

                                      • Really i bet some ppl will think im lying but im not. if u want the higest dmg output go to Yahar'gul chapel run backwards jump down on the the edge where u get the key for upper ward. kill the bell women and then viscreal the ogre

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Vitality 50 Endurance 40 Strength 10 Skill 50 Bloodtinge 50 Arcane 15 Attire: Personal preferences R Hand 1: Chikage +10 R Hand 2: Blade of Mercy +9 or Burial Blade +9 L Hand 1: Evelyn +9 L Hand 2: Ludwig's Rifle +9 Use Chikage and Evelyn mainly. Bloodied Chikage does a lot of damage but you need to time when you use it to avoid unnecessary life drain. Evelyn is used to damage ranged enemies or set up a visceral attack. Works great in PVE and PVP.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Lvl 123 - I call it Tanky 50 Vit 40 End 50 Str 14 Skl 5 Tin 15 Arc Great Lake Lake Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis (15% Stam) Main the Logarius Wheel with Cannon for bosses. Loved it first playthrough, just pop a lead elixir in front of a boss and laugh. Love it in NG+ as well, problem is I've hit a wall in the area of leveling. I can raise my Strength above 50, but I cant seem to justify 5 levels for 6 damage, for example. I can raise my Skl to 50 and drop the Wheel for a Holy Blade but I am cautious of spreading my stats too thin. But it's tempting cause I'm not a huge fan of the Wheel other then the damage. I can raise my Arc to 50 to bring the bottom line for the Wheel up... a little, as well as open up the hunter tools which I enjoyed on another build, especially executioner glove. Those are my options, as I see them. Opinions?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Yolo, not sure if it's on here, sorry if it is, but try the reiterpallasch and cannon. Parry with the resalknvf;casdmf;ocj lrkegn'io <-like why the ***** they name it that??? and then shoot them with the cannon. Massive damage for anyone decent at parrying. Tons of fun :D

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Someone should start on some DLC builds! A Beast Claw hunter build would be nice. I can not because only wiki members can change it so please don't say "do it yourself"

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Thinking about a late medieval Knight build, Main stats vitality and strength. any suggestions as for fashionborne or stats or weapons?

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Has anyone tried to think up a build for just the regular unarmed. I mean it has one of if not the fastest charge attack in the game

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      There aren't enough style options for us Fashionistas. Kinda hard to play pretty when there's only one dress.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I want to start a build with Whirlgig Saw and Beast Cutter, but i'm a noob when it comes to BB and the Souls series in general. I wan t to know can I make a build with these two weapons and if so how would the stats look like?

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Basically I used the Yharnam hunter outfit with the constables pants and old hunters gloves and Hunters hat with the base stats of Vit-29 End-36 Str-32 Skill- 27 BloodTinge- 20 Arcane-25 Some basic all around goodness that will get you through the entirety of the game if you play it right and my main weapons are- Saw Blade +9 Hunters pistol +8 The most basic of weapons due to the simpler the weapon the easier they are to use so I was preet set for that and my hunter looked like a Present time hunter almost in my eyes. My arcanee is used for the magic enhancment spell so my atk does some magical goodness to my weak willed foes (Cept Ghernam........lets not talk about that) The Saw Blade doesnt take up much stamina and for my runes i used them all during various situations demanded from me. If you like the set aweosme if not well.....i'm not posting this in the build set!

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            i am at lvl130 now Vitality 50 Endurance 50 STR 50 Bloodtinge 7 Skill 13 Arcane 10 So what to do next ? have I made something wrong ? I feel okey so far with the enemies expect for some bosses

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Why there isn't a build called "Clint Eastwood" that focuses on Bloodtinge with Evelyn in one hand and the Reiterpallasch in the other on this page? ***** writes itself, someone get to it.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                god, all of these builds are poor. all you need is 40-50 vit and 40 of the main stat of your weapon, build done. you don't need to be level 100+ for any build. you don't even need endurance. I beat the entirety of the game, including all chalice dungeons, at level 28. all you need, really, is the best possible gems.

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