Build Name


This is a player-created Fresh NG Build for Bloodborne.
  • Build Name: Professor
  • Build Level: 42+
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Skill

Build Equipment

Build Summary

This build is an excellent learning build that can stand on its own or as a segue into a Blade of Mercy and/or Burial Blade build in NG+. It is equipped with an easily obtained and very versatile weapon, the Rifle Spear, and later complements its own weaknesses with the fast and interesting Reiterpallasch. The starting class should be Professional, and the selected starting right hand weapon should be the Threaded Cane.

Due to the difficulty of engaging the unknown at point-blank, it is useful to learn the game with a weapon that provides relatively hard-to-punish and reliable damage. The Rifle Spear is just such a weapon, as its transformed charge attack provides more range than that of Ludwig's Holy Blade, while simultaneously allowing for somewhat fast, sweeping normal strikes and quick dashing strong attacks. With careful pulling, an enemy can be baited into range of a charge attack and put down in, typically, one-to-two strikes from safety. During this time, the enemy moveset should be studied for future reference. The leaping attack is quick, but compared to the charge attack, is less powerful and covers a shorter range. Mastery of the early-game use of this build requires learning the relative benefits of the Rifle Spear's leaping attack, dashing R2, and basic/charged R2. Each of these serves a purpose in a well-rounded battle, as they vary in speed and range slightly. The Rifle Spear's ranged attack is slow and short-range, a poor combination for interruptions and Visceral Attacks, and is thus not recommended.

After the acquisition of the Reiterpallasch, the Professor build is granted access to a second playstyle to complement the midrange, "footsies"-oriented Rifle Spear. The Reiterpallasch is an excellent weapon for stunlocking smaller enemies, can deal superb damage per unit stamina with its transformed R1 attacks, and has a much faster (and therefore far more useful) firing function. "Parries" can be executed very readily with this weapon, and should be practiced as often as possible. Do not forget to generate Blood Bullets immediately before engaging in a combo or Visceral Attack, as the Rally function will minimize the net HP cost of ammunition.

Both of the right hand weapons have built-in firearms, so there is no need for additional equipment. It is recommended to use a Hunter's Torch for light and a quick flame attack when necessary. Note that eight points can be put into Arcane in order to test out a variety of the support-type Hunter's Tools, but this is not necessary.


  • Excellent defensive play for tackling new situations
  • Easily acquired primary weapon, mid-game secondary weapon
  • Can emphasize either speed or charged attacks, as the situation demands
  • Left hand slots are free to equip a variety of firearms of the user's choosing, or alternately, a torch
  • High-priority charge attack will often push through enemy strikes to immediately regain much of the health lost via Rally


  • Poor performance in a swarm of enemies, where spacing is difficult: a transformed Threaded Cane can be used in these circumstances to better effect.
  • Like all Skill builds, does not have access to Blunt damage
  • Rifle Spear is not enchantable with arcane, fire, or bolt damage. Reiterpallasch, despite being another gun-hybrid Trick Weapon, is.

Example Battle Strategies

Snatchers: Fully charge the Rifle Spear's lunge attack. This will deal enough damage to force the Snatcher into its frenzied mode, providing you with just enough time to charge another attack and dodge backward. After the Snatcher misses its first attack, a regular R2 or leaping R2 will finish the beast (NG, weapon +4-6).

Rom, the Vacuous Spider: The lesser spiders represent all that is weak with the Professor build--they come in huge packs, they require Blunt damage to harm, and they keep relatively together, making them hard to isolate. Still, the Rifle Spear is versatile enough to pull off the battle successfully using dashing R2 attacks to Rom's flank. In the rare situations when the spiders are giving Rom a bit of distance and Rom isn't charging up her own attack, a charge attack can bring Rom's health down significantly. As is the case with any learning build, hit-and-run is very effective.

Cainhurst Gargoyles: An excellent enemy to practice the newly-acquired Reiterpallasch on, due to its variety of brutal close- and mid-range attacks. Stunlocking with the weapon is effective, but knocking the Gargoyle over with the firearm function as it rears back is even more damaging. Practice closing in after a successful shot and engaging in close quarters combat, as the Rifle Spear will no doubt have made those skills rusty.

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    • Anonymous

      is this build still viable when starting as a military veteran? currently i'm level 51 with 21 vit, 19 end, 17 st, at least 26 skill 12 bt, and 8 arcane (values may not be completely accurate this is just what i "remember" [guess] off the top off my head). i already have the rifelspear+6 and love using it, lunge attacks for miles.

      would it be beneficial to get ludwigs holy blade? what other weapons would benefit from this build?

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