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This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne.
  • Build Name:
  • Build Level:
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat:
  • Starting Class: Professional

Build Equipment

Build Strategy

The proper etiquette.

First off you are a sir and as the class states also a professional! So act like one. Do not clap, do not be an asshole, show some respect then rekt them so they know who's better.

What buff do I use?!

This is easy, look at their armor and see if their strong against bolt (yellow) or strong against fire (orange, grey, black, back, etc). Normally its bolt but for those random ass picachus that exist in this world throw some fire onto that sexy ass cane and then throw an urn at them and watch those rats burn!

Play to your advantage.

You've got a massive advantage with the cane, the low cost of stamina that it consumes and the range it gets from the whip is amazing! It even makes killing gang bangers look easy. If you're opp is using blades of mercy don't use the whip unless they back off and punish them for being a pussy, if their up close and trying to be personal then show them who's boss with you're faster cane or back off to the side and slap some sense into them with the whip.

I'm being ganked help!

This is the one weapon when you face gang bangers and you can smile and watch them cry. The whip allows you get every single one of those faggots and watch them suffer for it.

Parry for days.

Because you are a sir and a professional you know never to put you're gun down so even if you transform the can you still parry! This is amazing and tricks a lot of people into trying to punish you!

Side notes

I use this build as a ranged build kinda like the Burial Blade but if it was transformed.
This has massive range, use it your advantage.
You can roll for years because of the low cost of the cane.
This isn't a build where you can 1 hit. It's low damage but its sustained damage, the low cost and range makes this a very build to play as you may never get hit.
Don't forget to parry as you always have you're gun out!

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