Dex it like Fundzo (No Bloodtinge)


This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne.
  • Build Name: Dex it like Fundzo
  • Build Level: 60-110
  • Build Focus: pvp
  • Build Main Stat: Dex + Vit
  • Link to Bloodborne Calculator: Add link here

Build Equipment

If you want to go to 110 at meta level and wish you go for late damage increase you're skill to 50 and your vit to 45 and end to 35 or if you wish to be a bit more thanky then increase your vit to 50, end to 40 and skill to 40.

Build Strategy

So... You wanna dex it like me? The one and only Fundzo, well kid you're in luck here's my base build up to 60 leaving 20 points for you to put into whatever you want. If your a filthy casul youll throw 13 into bloodtinge for the evelyn but there's no point its a waste!

Blade of mercy
Your style of game-play should be to keep the blades of mercy or burial blade as a one handed so you can parry and or stop those casuls from using dirty disease ridden vials with your offhand, when you get close and are throwing out hits with the one hand combo into two hand. (two hits then transform the weapon) If you want distance swap back to the single hand as you'll let them regain health. If you don't care about them regaining health stay into two hands for the blades of mercy as the L2 is a back-step which should be used with a roll and the stamina cost is quite low.

Burial Blade
This has so much reach it's not even funny, one of my fav weapons to use. Best used in the normal form allowing for parry's and continuous attacks. If you get a few hits on and they try to back away then transform attack them as soon as the back away for a easy extra hit. The charge attack on the transformed version allows for a knockdown and it's quite good if things get to hectic. That's really all there is to it, play to the reach advantage and you should be fine and the back-step attack on the transformed attack if quite good too. Do not stay in the transformed state if you wish to just spam R1 it allows for an easy parry as its a long windup.

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    • Anonymous

      It's a great build I must say. I ran 50 Skill and 25 Arcane for best damage potential. For the rest... 50 vit, 40 end, the hard caps. STR and BLT are the same. I do use different armor but tat is just prefrence.

      • Anonymous

        If anyone is interested I pushed this build to lvl 120 and it is amazing. Get plenty of action in Hizzngr3 (never waiting, honest) and it's a hell of a lot of fun. Just finished Defiled Ptumeru Chalice with it as well, so its definitely viable for the end game PvE content too. Here's what it looks like: 50 Vit 40 End 10 Str 50 Skl 5 BT 15 Arc

        • Anonymous

          what would you reccomend your build look like at 80/100 not too sure where i should pump points next., or what does your build currently look like.

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