This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne.
  • Build Name: Old Yharnam Hunter
  • Origin: Violent Past
  • Build Level: 108
  • Build Focus: Saw Cleaver, parry and dodge
  • Build Main Stat: Vitality and Strength

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Saw Cleaver +10
  • Left Hand: Hunter Pistol
  • Head: Naked
  • Chest: Yharnam Hunter garb
  • Hands: Yharnam Hunter gloves
  • Legs: Yharnam Hunter trousers
  • Items: Lead Elixir, Fire Paper, Bolt Paper
  • Runes: Blood Rapture 1, Blood Rapture 3, Great Lake 2, Hunter of Hunters covenant

Build Strategy

-This build is great for the beginners but also for the veterans of this game. You can find both weapons and clothes in the early game: Saw Cleaver, Hunter Pistol, Yharnam Hunter garb (of course the garb is just for fashion reasons, it's up to you); you won't need anything else.
-This build rocks both on PvE and PvP. In PvE you can use the -dodge and L1 tactic- to get the enemy and deal a lot of damage.
-The main focus of the build is dodging and parring; you can learn how to parry if you're new to this game, or, if you're already good with parries, then you're good to go, since you can parry almost every enemy of the game.
-Since you're using the Saw Cleaver, 20 Endurance is enough to dodge and attack several times, It's better to spend lvl points in Vitality and Strength. With 50 Vitality you can get hit a lot of times before you die. You'll not need either Bloodtinge or Arcane.
-Since you're good with parries (hopefully), you can use Blood Rapture 1 and Blood Rapture 3 Runes. They're great when you're surrounded by enemies, got low health and you parry someone; once you're done with the visceral attack and the other enemies are still alive around you, you gained enough life to keep you alive and fight them. As third rune I use Great Lake 2 that adds +4% in all damages. The fourth rune is really up to you, but I chose Hunter of Hunters because of stamina and pvp reasons.
-The Saw Cleaver +10 is obviusly a must have. This weapon is super fast and can deal almost as much damage as the heavy-slow weapons of the game, like Ludwig's Holy Blade or the Logarius Wheel. In my opinion there is no reason in using a heavy-slow weapon, since it deals not that much more damage then the fast ones. You'll not need to upgrade the Pistol, since you'll use it just for parring. Of course, if you want to finish up enemies when they have low health, you can always upgrade it.
-About the gems, in late game time, exploring some dungeos, you can get 3x +18% Phisical Damage to add on your Saw Cleaver. Of course you can get better ones. I also suggest to use Cursed gems, but only if they have Stamina cost +%.
-I always keep 3x Lead Elixir in my inventory in cases of both pvp or pve situations. I always buff my weapon either with Fire or Bolt paper, depending on the situation.
-In character creation you can give to your character an old man look, to fit the build name and give that veteran look.

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