Executioner PvE (Strength/Arcane Build)

88 (103)
25 (40)

This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne.
It focuses on the best strength-scaling weapon in the game: Logarius Wheel. This build is supported by powerful spells and is incredibly fun to play since you have a lot of variety.

Important: Stuff that is in brackets (___) is optional and just for those who want to use A Call Beyond. You need 40 Arcane to use this spell. When you choose to do so, this builds primary stat becomes arcane.

  • Build Name: Executioner PvE
  • Build Level: 88 (103)
  • Build Focus: PvE, although you have very good chances in PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Strength, Arcane
  • Starting Class: Milquetoast
  • Link to Bloodborne Calculator: Add link here

Build Equipment

Build Strategy

For the early game:
Focus on the Kirkhammer and get your Life/Stamina/Strength up. Ludwig's Rifle is a good off-hand weapon since it has a long range and is good for pulling groups and stunning. There really is no reason to upgrade it, though. I got mine to +3 but if you are looking for ranged/bloodtinge build, you have come to the wrong place.
Mid and late game:
Start getting your skill stat to 12 so you can wield your main weapon. Get the Logarius Wheel by completing the Alfred storyline and upgrade it as much as you can. Get used to this exotic weapon since it requires a bit of practice to wield it properly. This will be your Bosskiller and it is devastating against single enemies with lots of health. Always keep the Kirhammer equipped as your secondary weapon since you will be needing its normal blade mode (buffed with Phantasm Shell) for fast enemies and hunters. Remember to switch between your two weapons depending on the group of enemies you are encountering. It's just a press of a button that gives you much more possibilities when fighting. Start getting your Arcane stat up before you go for the Rosmarinus and acquire the Augur of Ebrietas. The Rosmarinus is a decent weapon that does quite a lot of damage when you have a high arcane stat. It has S scaling and is definately worth upgrading. It performs very good in situations where you encounter lots of smaller enemies (like rats in the chalice dungeons). Depending on play style, you should definately make good use of your spells. Use the Augur against hunters and predictable enemies to send them flying, use the Phantasm shell to buff your Kirkhammer. Huge variety without any of the disadvantages since every spell/weapon you use (except for Ludwig's Rifle) depends on your two main stats: Strength and Arcane.
Your attacks aren't very quick and you need practice with the Logarius Wheel. This build is also very hungry for quicksilver bullets since you need them for your spells aswell as for your Rosmarinus. You can fix this by using the right caryll runes but I didn't encounter any problems when you use your spells wisely. Don't waste them on normal enemies and you should be fine.
I hope you have as much fun playing this build as I have!
This build is right for you if you:
- Enjoy whacking large groups of slow enemies with a giant wheel or with your Rosmarinus.
- Love powerful spells that are, if used correctly, devastating.
- Want to try something more exotic than the standard Blunderbuss/Saw Cleaver or Ludwigs Blade Builds.
- Love being able to adapt to nearly every single situation in the game.

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    • Anonymous

      You could also kill alfred early in the cathedral ward after defeating vicar amelia. Dont do this on your first playthrough though, his questline is pretty good.

      • Anonymous

        Cruel Fate is actually better for this than Milquetoast since you will reach the minimum stats (i.e. for not using A Call To Bullshit) at 84 instead of 88.

        • Anonymous

          my first build was pure str. but I got bored so I put points into arcane,never used all the spells though. very fun if you could have a huge wheel and through out some spells,lol.

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