Red Ranger


This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne by King_ Gilgamesh1
  • Build Name: Red Ranger
  • Build Level: 120
  • Build Focus: pvp
  • Build Main Stat: Bloodtinge
  • Link to Bloodborne Calculator: Add link here
  • Starter class: Milwuetoast

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Chikage, gems (if in ng+) should look like attack +15%, blood attack +21.6%, blood attack +21.6%
  • Left Hand:Evelyn, gems should be best bloodtinge one you can get that does not fit on chikage
  • Head: Ghermans Hunter Cap
  • Chest: Ghermans Hunter Garb
  • Hands: Any
  • Legs: Ghermans Hunter Trousers
  • Items: Bone ash, numbing mist, lead elixir
  • Runes: 15% and 10% stamina with +4 bullets and hunter of hunters oath

Build Strategy

This build can deal out a lot of damage and fast to. Its called the ranger becuse the gun does a huge chunk of damage. Each shot when buffed with ash does over 450 damage. Each hit with the Chikage will do 450 for the normal swings, 750 for the R2, 1000 and up for the charged attack. If you dont like using viles then sorry this build aint for you. It is possible to play it no viles but it can make it much harder on youreself because your damaging yourself just by fighting.From the fights I have had so far the weakness to this build is that you can get stunned easily so when fighting get a bone ash shot to land and then hit them once, then back off unless thethey have a 2handed weapon if they do keep hammering. If you get into a fight with somone fast or good at close range combat just spam your gun they will drop fast plus free counters. Remeber when using this build you are a blood ranger not a hug ranger so get out there and claim some blood

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