Cannon Build

OP Cannon Build for PvP


This is my PvP Build for Bloodborne
  • Build Name: Glass Cannon
  • Build Level: 87
  • Build Focus: PvP Destruction
  • Main Stat: Bloodtinge


  • Vitality - 25
  • Endurance - 9
  • Strength - 30 (required)
  • Skill - 14 (required)
  • Bloodtinge = 50 (required)
  • Arcane - 9 (doesn't matter)


  • Right Hand:

  • Chikage +10 (pref) The Chikage is only used for finishing them off if they don't die, However you should only use the 2nd mode form of this weapon because it scales off bloodtinge which is our main stat. therefore dealing quite a bit of damage (the word damage is used a lot in this guide)

  • Left Hand:

  • Cannon +10 (MUST HAVE), The Damage from this weapon at +10 with 50 Bloodtinge is absolutely insane, you do such much damage even without Bone Marrow Ash it's very possible to 1 shot anyone, at this level everyone's HP is 1.3k or lower...normally.

  • Head:

  • Fedora This is the only piece of gear you need for this build, you can tip your in game fedora at someone like a Sir, after you rekt them with your Cannon.

  • Chest: Whatever you want.
  • Hands: Whatever you want.
  • Legs: Whatever you want.

  • Items:
  • Bone Marrow Ash For increased damage.

Build Strategy

The basic strategy for this build is just for you too invade someone, add some Bone Marrow Ash to your Cannon and just shoot them, if they don't die SHOOT THEM AGAIN! (if they still aren't dead, bust out the 2nd mode of your Chikage and finish them off) >:D. Rinse and Repeat.
Now you will need a lot of Quicksliver Bullets so in order to farm them, Go to Lecture Building Floor One and go into the room with all of the students. just kill them all and you'll get about 9-12 Quicksliver Bullets per run, you will also get about 13k Blood Echos which you can spend on more Bullets at the Hunter's Dream.
I hope you enjoy the build and Happy Hunting. -Captain Keks

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    • Anonymous

      I know this is an old post, but I'd recommend using the military veteran starting class for this. Your ARC stat will be 3 levels lower, thereby making this build more optimal.

      • Anonymous

        Better place to farm bullets is the small forest before hemwick charnel line, you get 20-30 bullets per run and it is lot easier.

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