PVP NG+ Skill
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116 40 20 25 50 25 6

This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne.

  • Build Name: PVP NG+ Skill
  • Build Level: 116
  • Build Focus: PVP + PVE
  • Build Main Stat: Skill
  • Link


Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: Rakuyo/Burial Blade
  • Left Hand: Evelyn/Piercing Rifle
  • Head: Bone Ash
  • Chest: Bone Ash
  • Hands: Bone Ash
  • Legs: Bone Ash
  • Items: Bone Marrow Ash
  • Runes: Blood Rapture(Max), Communion(Max), Formless Oedon(Max), Radiance


Build Strategy

Start as Military Vet and you'll need 3,208,607 blood echoes

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    • Anonymous

      Build Name:Bloody Beast

      Build Level:100

      Build Focus: Beast hood / Bloodtinge str

      Build Main Stat: Str / bl / arc

      Link to Bloodborne Calculator: Add link here

      Build Equipment

      Right Hand: Beast claws, whirligig

      Left Hand: Gatling gun, torch

      Head: old hunter hat

      Chest: Gehrman's Attire

      Hands: harrowed

      Legs: harrowed

      Items: Augur, Blacksky, Old hunter bone, Tiny tonitrus, Beast blood pellet

      Runes: anti clockwise 20% , Great lake 5% , Guidance 20% , Beast's embrace oath rune

      Build Strategy
      Build beast hood with a blood pellet and whirligig tricked, or beast claws tricked, then back off and use augur since it's partially phys and stuns for visceral, then beast hood adds 70% to overall visceral damage making 5 digit damage values possible at higher levels.

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