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Evelyn's Knight

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Level Vitality Endurance Strength Skill Bloodtinge Arcane
Base Statistics
10 14 11 11 10 07 07
Leveled Statistics
125 30 40 25 15 35 30

Blood Vials
Blood Vial
20 +0
Quicksilver Bullets
Quicksilver Bullets
20 +5
Hit Points
Hit Points
- Statistics -

                   Treasured Keepsake                   
" A ring with special meaning "
- Wedding Ring -
Ring of Betrothal

An  exquisite item used in ceremony to unite the houses of Corvian and Cainhurst. A union that was held in secret, but one that truly deserved such a magnificent engagement.

An inscription inside reads:
" Azrael & Evelyn "

                        Original Lore                         
                     Memoir of Azrael                     
" An intricate and sophisticated formal letter "
- It lacks an addressee -
Memoir of Azrael

A letter from Azrael...

A memoir of his very first courtship with Evelyn. It is written with great fondness and optimism.

Memories, such as these, aid warriors well during The Hunt as it keeps them both hopeful and of sound mind.

                         Original Lore                         

This is a player-created Build for Bloodborne
Created by Alva_The_Wayfarer

This build focuses on Strength, Bloodtinge, and Arcane. Thus, making it a Supportive Character Build.
The playstyle is very entertaining while incorporating Fashion-borne for those who enjoy the novelty of it.

" A tragic hero turned enigma. He is but a lone survivor of a lost hamlet. "

Build Information


Build Equipment


Build Summary

This build is an excellent stand-alone character as well as one that could easily venture through New Game+ and beyond. It is equipped with a very sturdy and reliable trick weapon that is essentially a greatsword with projectile. For best results, the starting class should be Lone Survivor and the starting weapons should be the Saw Cleaver along with the Blunderbuss.


  • Excellent offensive gameplay in offline and online situations
  • Can utilize three playstyles: Offensive, Defensive, and Supportive
  • Emphasize damage-per-hit rather than damage-over-time
  • Charged attack with primary weapon is high-priority, thus ensuring health regain upon damage trading
  • Wide horizontal slashes along with overhead ( vertical ) attacks guarantee diversity in approach
  • Weapon has projectile attack when " transformed "



  • Cramped locations complicate the swing animation
  • Relatively slow swing speed compared to other weapons in the same category
  • Charge attack takes longer than other weapons of the same category
  • Weapon may not be enchanted with Fire Paper, Bolt Paper, or Empty Phantasm Shell


Side Notes

  1. While using this build, it is recommended that you upgrade your equipment to maximum for the best quality
  2. While using this build, it is recommended to always have at least 10 insight to access the special shop located within the Hunter's Dream
  3. While using this build, remember that the " Item Section " is all preference so feel free to change it as you play
  4. While using this build, remember to have " The Old Hunters " expansion downloaded and fully installed prior to playing
  5. While using this build, enjoy the fact that you're cosplaying as my original character Azrael


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