Hunter of Hunters is a covenant in Bloodborne. This covenant focuses on PvP and invasions. Acquire and memorize the Hunter rune to join the covenant. hunter_of_hunters.jpg

"These watchmen admonish those who have become addled with blood. Be they men or beasts, anyone who has threatened the pledgers of "Hunter" oath has an issue with blood."


Hunter of Hunters Details

  • Location: Eileen will reside at the balcony right outside of the Cathedral Ward. First quest is at the Tomb of Oedon lamp after the shortcut in Cathedral Ward leading to Vicar Amelia is opened (Eileen must be kept alive during this fight.) Second quest is at Grand Cathedral lamp after defeating Rom. Both will be non-operational during the quest.
  • How to Join: Complete Eileen the Crow's sidequest.
  • Leader: Eileen the Crow
  • Special Items: Caryll Rune of the covenant: Hunter
  • Rewards: Crowfeather Set and Blade of Mercy
  • When in hunter of hunters covenant you can be summoned as a hostile without the sinister bell to a host who is a ''blood-addled hunter''. (May be triggered when joining a hunter in the Hunter of Hunters covenant. These hostile triggers appear to be random when both players are in this covenant.)
  • When getting summoned as Hunter of Hunters into someone's world through a Beckoning Bell you're NOT adversary NEITHER co-operator. It means that both Co-operators and adversaries are hostile towards you.



The Hunter of Hunters is a covenant devoted to executing Hunters who have gone mad with bloodlust. Like the Executioners, the Hunters are enemies of the Vilebloods and will be hostile to them when summoned into their worlds by the Beckoning Bell, although for different reasons; the Hunters slay the Vilebloods for betraying the Hunter's oath and killing others for Blood, while the Executioners hunt them to punish what they perceive as a blasphemous existence.

The description of both the Crowfeather Set and the Crow Hunter Badge suggest that the Hunter of Hunters originate from foreign lands; their feathered mantles suggest sky burial traditions of their native homeland, in opposition to what the view as "blasphemous" services performed by Yharnam undertakers. The Badge mentions that the Hunters are typically outsiders from the hinterlands - that is, remote countryside far from civilization or out of the scope of known geography, traversed mostly by travelers. Note that this is the only mention of the hinterlands in the game.

It is unclear whether the Hunters are a faction consisting of multiple members at a time; or if there is only ever one Hunter of Hunters in every world, a badge and responsibility that's passed from generation to generation, master to disciple, as Eileen passes onto you.


Notes, Hints and Tips

  • Covenant farming tips, video links etc go here.


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    • Anonymous

      Is it possible that a character who becomes marked as blood addled can’t be summoned as a hostile anymore while wearing the rune? I killed almost all NPCs and invaded with the character who has the rune equipped and I haven’t been summoned as a hostile once

      • Anonymous

        Yea. I've never been summoned into someone's world S an adversary without using the sinister bell, nor have I ever been an adversary being summoned with the beckoning bell

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