Strength is a stat in Bloodborne. Some Weapons scale their damage based on your Strength stat, therefore this is an important stat to level if you are planning a strength Build.

" The Strength stat governs the damage output on strength based scaling weapons."



  • Strength (scales your Strength based weapons) softcaps at 25, hardcaps at 99
  • Some Blood Gems affect this stat too.


List of Strength Scaling Weapons

All trick weapons scale with strength, aside from the Blades of Mercy, though the Logarius Wheel has the highest, with the Kirkhammer being second.

List of Weapons with Strength requirements

  • Cannon requires 30 Strength
  • Logarius' Wheel requires 20 Strength
  • Stake Driver and Whirligig Saw require 18 Strength
  • Beast Claw requires 14 Strength
  • Kirkhammer and Ludwig's Holy Blade require 16 Strength
  • Tonitrus requires 12 Strength
  • Burial Blade, Chikage, Rifle Spear, and Repeating Pistol require 10 Strength
  • All classes start with at least 9 Strength, so any lower requirement is automatically met.


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