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physical_atk.jpg blood_atk.jpg arcane_atk.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_atk.jpg
80 -- -- -- 40
slow_poison.jpg rapid_poison.jpg VS_kin.jpg VS_beasts.jpg durability.jpg
-- -- 100 100 100
Requirements & Scaling
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Tonitrus is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne.


Tonitrus Description

"A unique trick weapon contrived by Archibald, the infamous eccentric of the Healing Church workshop.
Striking this peculiar iron morning star flail like a match generates the same blue sparks that blanket a darkbeast.
Unfortunately, for reasons untold, the hunters of Archibald's time did not fully take to the device."


Tonitrus Information

  • This is the only weapon in the game that has innate Bolt damage (without the aid of Bolt Paper or Blood Gems)
  • This trick weapon doesn't have a "true" transformed mode. Instead, pressing the L1 button will buff it with bolt damage for a short period of time.
  • After a certain time passes, the buff will end, forcing the Hunter to repeatedly buff the weapon in order to utilize its full potential.
  • When transformed, the Tonitrus gets +0.4 Arcane scaling, +70% bolt damage, and +40 flat bolt damage.
  • When you are at full health, the Tonitrus's AR displayed in your character's stat screen is erroneously high. There is no change in damage dealt by the Tonitrus whether you are at full health or not.
  • The Tonitrus's transformation doesn't use stamina (baring the transformation attack) as such it can be buffed without interrupting your stamina bar refilling.




Uncanny Tonitrus

Lost Tonitrus


Gem Advice

  • Gems that increase Bolt damage (Bolt, Bolt Damp, Bolt Abyssal and all Cursed variant Blood Gemstones) will significantly increase damage on this weapon when self-buffed.
  • It is possible that gems that increase blunt damage (Adept, Adept Damp and all cursed variant Blood Gemstones) can give a higher net increase in damage than physical ATK gems (upto 32.6% damage increase compared to 27.2%) since all attacks on this weapon do blunt damage. Note: The status screen will show the damage to be lower when blunt atk gems are equipped, however in reality the damage will be much higher. This is possibly because the status screen doesn't count blunt damage but the total physical damage.
  • Gems that increase all ATK such as Nourishing Blood Gemstones give a much higher damage increase because of this weapon's split damage.

To find where to get these gems visit here.


Player Notes

  • The Tonitrus is a simple mace-like weapon that is wielded with only one hand at all times.
    • This trick weapon is useful for builds centering around strength and arcane.
    • Alternatively, it can be used on "pure arcane builds."
    • Since it doesn't have a true transformed mode, the moveset for this trick weapon is more limited compared to many others in existence.
      • It also doesn't have a very fast attack speed when swung.
      • Keep in mind these weaknesses are compensated by the buffed mode when "transformed."
  • When "transformed," it can unleash incredibly potent amounts of damage.
    • The self-buff with L1 adds a fixed amount of bolt damage alongside input from different scalings.
      • The buff works in this formula: +40 Bolt Attack; 1.4x Arcane scaling; 1.7x Bolt Attack.
      • It lasts approximately seven seconds before dissipating.
      • "Transforming" it doesn't consume durability like a normal trick weapon, despite its unique nature.
  • This weapon is tied for lowest durability in the game.
    • It breaks quicker while self-buffed, meaning greater care must be taken to not destroy the weapon quickly while away from the workshop.
    • It roughly loses one durability point every 4-5 hits, which is quicker when compared to the non-buffed form.
    • The other trick weapon that is tied for lowest durability (and breaks quicker when buffed, similar to the Tonitrus) is the Boom Hammer, which is obtainable when you own the DLC.
  • It's considerably useful against opponents that are weak against bolt and blunt damage.
    • Kin-type enemies are noticeably vulnerable to bolt damage.
    • Dark Beasts are considerably resistant against bolt damage.
  • In PVP, smart opponents will carefully watch the Tonitrus and attack during moments when the Tonitrus isn't buffed.
    • By putting increased pressure and aggression on you, it becomes more difficult to safely "transform" the trick weapon, therefore weakening your damage potential.
    • They're also more likely to strike when you are in the process of buffing it as well, since you are unable to perform other actions quickly and therefore are vulnerable to attacks.
    • Don't forget the somewhat slow attack speed of this weapon; opponents will have an easier time parrying your attacks should you swing the weapon carelessly.
    • Ultimately, paying close attention to how long your Tonitrus will remain buffed is the key to defeating an opponent with this trick weapon.
      • You are essentially sacrificing versatility for simplicity and very high damage potential.
      • Remember that you can still use a firearm and/or hunter tool to fight back as well.
  • There is a bug where the status screen shows this weapon's damage to be less when the player is not at full HP, however the damage actually remains the same and this is simply a bug in the status screen. [Note: I'm unsure if this has been patched yet, could use some help here]
  • Due to its high base damage (when self-buffed) it's an excellent choice for builds focusing on Vitality and/or Endurance



  • Tonitrus is a Latin word meaning "thunder."
  • The in-game description classifies this trick weapon as a morning star flail, but it's actually modeled in the form of a mace.
  • The description of Archibald bears many similarities to Nikola Tesla, a famed inventor in real life who specialized in the field of electricity.
  • The Tonitrus also bears similarities with the aspergillum, a device used by the Roman Catholic Church to sprinkle holy water.
    • According to the description of the Spark Hunter Badge, Archibald was associated with the Healing Church.
    • In this sense, it may have been designed under the themes of "purification" and "cleansing" that is associated with many Healing Church trick weapons/tools.
    • However, due to Archibald's fascination with Dark Beasts, it's more likely he designed the Tonitrus as a measure to replicate the sparks these creatures could unleash.




R: Rally/Regain. The amount of HP regained on an R1 attack immediately after taking damage



80 -- -- -- 40 -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 45


88 -- -- -- 44 -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 47


96 -- - - 48 -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 49


104 -- -- -- 52 -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 51


112 -- -- - 56 -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 53


120 -- -- -- 60 -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 55


128 -- -- -- 64 -- -- 100 100 C E -- D 57


136 -- -- -- 68 -- -- 100 100 C E -- D 59


144 -- -- -- 72 -- -- 100 100 C E -- D 61


152 -- -- -- 76 -- -- 100 100 C E -- D 63


160 -- -- -- 80 -- -- 100 100 B E -- D 65


Average Physical Attack Increase

Strength Stat
Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
13 to 25 3.15 41
26 to 50 1.44 36
51 to 99 0.33 16
Skill Stat
Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
9 to 25 1.12 19
26 to 50 0.56 14
51 to 99 0.12 6
Arcane Stat
Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
9 to 25 1.06 18
26 to 50 0.56 14
51 to 99 0.12 6



Movesets & Videos

Regular Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg1.00x 23 A four move combo with attacks 3 and 4 repeating until stamina is depleted. The first attack is from right to left horizontally, followed by a left to right swipe. Both of these drift somewhat downward as well. The third attack is also right to left, but on a diagonal from over the right shoulder to the ground near the left foot. The following attack is a mirror image of this (left to right).
Quickstep R1 blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg0.92x 30 There is only one animation for all quickstep attacks with this weapon. As the hunter hops forward, the weapon is thrust forward.
Backstep R1 blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg0.98x 30 As the hunter hops forward, the Tonitrus is raised to the left side of the body and swiped horizontally to the right.
Rolling R1 blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg0.87x 30 The weapon is thrust forward, just like the quickstep attacks.
Dash R1 blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg1.08x 20 (+run) The weapon is lifted to the right side of the body about shoulder height and brought across to the left horizontally.
R2 Attack blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg1.23x 37 The hunter brings the mace behind at about hip height, before lifting over the head and right shoulder and diagonally bringing the weapon down near the left foot.striking the ground.
Charged blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg1.92x 55 The weapon is brought further back and up compared to the R2, before swiping horizontally from right to left.
Backstep R2 blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg1.23x 40 The weapon is lifted overhead. As the hunter steps forward, the weapon is brought straight down into the ground.
Dash R2 blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg1.18x 30 (+run) The attack uses the same animation as the backstep R2.
Leap blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg1.53x 50 The weapon is lifted over the right shoulder as the character leaps forward, and swung in a downward diagonal from right to left, striking the ground as the hunter lands.
Transform Attack blunt.jpgbolt_atk.jpg1.10x 40 (+x) The weapon has only one transformation attack animation. Tonitrus is lifted about face level, parallel to the ground pointing left and charged. The weapon is brought back to the right side and thrust forward.
Transformed Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
Transform N/A 0 Increases bolt damage for all attacks. There are no additional moves available from "transforming"
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  1. Tested in PvP with naked characters, BL 120 with maxed weapon

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    • Anonymous

      24 Apr 2021 14:13  

      Uncanny Tonitrus found in False Depth Root Pthumeru, in Layer 1 pre-boss bonus area) glyph: fearrfan . Thanks to this video! (

      • Anonymous

        14 Apr 2021 23:23  

        If i do a fire damage build with it, would it be any good, i wanted to do it for the lolz, but i want to know if its good or not

        • Anonymous

          21 Mar 2021 07:38  

          If you're checking its AR make sure you're not at full health.
          In L1 mode it had phantom AR when you're at full health... So many years and they still haven't fixed that bug.

          • Anonymous

            15 Feb 2021 05:37  

            As much as I want to like it, it just feels better grabbing LHB and infusing it to deal solely bolt damage. Besides, Kin are typically weak to both bolt AND thrust, while resistant to blunt, so this weapon trips itself up a bit there if you're optimizing weapons for PvE. It's good for the first playthrough at least, but then it's better left in storage once you've collected enough bolt gems.

            • Anonymous

              30 Jan 2021 23:26  


              Me: Hehe Tonitrus go BZZZZZZ

              • Anonymous

                04 Nov 2020 07:04  

                Great for pure strength builds as well! Just put it to +3 and throw some leftover gems on it and you'll be able to kill those pesky brainsuckers without needing a thrust type weapon

                • Anonymous

                  25 Jun 2020 23:58  

                  -Crazy early game damage
                  -Low requirements and scales with strength and arcane
                  -Gotta keep pressing L1
                  -Low durability so annoying :(

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Jun 2020 20:39  

                    I have 2 weapon tonitus with bolt and sawsoear with fire gem tonitus more damage but use many stamina but this damage very sick this Mines just durability

                    • Anonymous

                      18 May 2020 07:40  

                      I really didn't expect it to be so strong on a str/arc build... everything that isn't a darkbeast dies so quickly

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Apr 2020 22:16  

                        A unique trick weapon contrived by Archibald, the infamous eccentric of the Healing Church workshop, for the express purpose of shoving it up the ass of overgrown meteorite spamming spiders.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Apr 2020 03:55  

                          I recently made an Arcane build and this thing is nuts. The damage more than doubles when you use the L1. At first using L1 frequently was annoying, but it really grows on you. How badass is it to casually charge it as you walk up to another hunter. (Does mad damage to humans)

                          • Anonymous

                            02 Mar 2020 05:15  

                            Don't underestimate this thing with nourishing gems with even a little ARC investment. The bolt buff paired with blunt dmg reaches insane levels of damage with good enough gems

                            • Anonymous

                              07 Dec 2019 11:20  

                              Simplicity is good and refreshing in a game with such complex weapons. This thing has no secret gimmick or super combo; it's an electric mace and it hurts things when it hits them.

                              • 01 Jul 2019 17:29  

                                Idk what's up with the "due to his fascination with Darkbeasts this weapon may have just been to replicate their sparks" BS. Wtf you mean "may have been"? The spark hunter badhe outright states he spent his life trying to replicate the sparks of a darkbeast artificially. Ofc his ONLY trick weapon was an attempt to replicate darkbeast sparks. It wasnt for purification or cleansing, that's fire. Learn your***** before you edit a wiki.

                                • Anonymous

                                  20 Jun 2019 00:55  

                                  people complain(ed) that both this and the boom hammer have underwhelming movesets. but when used as sidearms that can actually be a very great boon. weapons like HMS and the wheel have fancy movesets that (if you’re a dummy like me, at least) can be difficult to keep in your head while in combat. having a more straightforward weapon that you can switch to without mentally “shifting gears” to another complex moveset is great. does suck that we never got the true electrified morning star flail, but I still love the tonitrus. never leave the dream without it tbh.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    19 Apr 2019 16:51  

                                    Probably the most denigrated weapon in the game. The durability is low, and it's kinda boring compared to the other weapons. But it's decent, IMO. I like simplicity.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      24 Feb 2019 09:14  

                                      Ill bet Archibald created this weapon by looking at a bowling ball thinking "lol imagine if that were on a stick... That also electrocuted people"

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