Beasthunter Saif


Imprints (Normal)


Imprints (Uncanny)


Imprints (Lost)

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90 -- -- -- --
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-- -- 100 100 200
Requirements & Scaling
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Beasthunter Saif is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters expansion. There are 3 versions of this weapon: Normal, Uncanny and Lost. The only known differences being the Gem Imprints and the locations in which they are found.


Beasthunter Saif Description

"A trick weapon used by the old hunters.
A second blade is found inside the curve of the main one. In its initial form, the saif can be wielded like a long curved sword, but when transformed, its blade is contracted, allowing for quick, repeated stabs.
Although this trick weapon allows for adaptive combat, it was later replaced by saws and similar weapons that were more effective at disposing of beasts."


Beasthunter Saif Information

  • Transforms from a curved long sword to a short weapon like the Saw Cleaver
  • Requires ?? Blood Stone Shards and ?? Blood Echoes to fully upgrade
  • To perform a Leap Attack, tap forward on the Left Stick as you press R2
  • To perform a Transformation Attack, press L1 while performing another attack.





  • The Hunter's Nightmare. After the Blood River, when you pass through the cave with a tick, where you encounter two dogs and a large amount of crows along with an enemy Beast Cutter hunter. Climb the ladder on the left of the pit and instead of going forward, turn to the left and drop down the ledge. There will be a single piece of loot guarded by a Saif Hunter.

Uncanny Beasthunter Saif

  • If you have the normal version: Create Glyph 8i29rqz3 (Pthumeru Labyrinth) and buy from Bath Messengers up a ladder from the main room for 16,000 Blood Echoes.

Lost Beasthunter Saif

  • If you have the normal version: Create Glyph 8i29rqz3 (Pthumeru Labyrinth) and buy from Bath Messengers up a ladder from the main room for 16,000 Blood Echoes.



Player Notes

  • Its shortened form has a quick lunging attack as its first R1, making it useful for PvP or agility-focused builds, or closing in after dodging boss attacks. The transformed dash R1 and regular R2 also has a slightly longer step forward compared to other weapons. This allows  for successive, aggressive gap-closing attacks. The lunge does not reset when the combo is finished, however, so repeated R1 attacks won't move you forward every fourth swing.
  • Transforming from the curved sword form to the shortened version will perform a quick gap-closing lunge attack.
  • Transforming from the shortened to the curved sword, however, will perform a quick backstepping slash, useful for disengaging.
  • Unlike the Saw Cleaver and Saw Spear, the Saif actually flips directions when transforming. In both modes, the same blade on the outer edge is used to attack, while the Saw weapons use different blades for different modes. The few times the inner edge is used is in the untransformed dash R1, the initial transformation attack, and the untransformed, uncharged R2 attack.
  • Though the tricked form fights a lot like the Saw weapons, it is not serrated and therefore does no extra damage to beasts and has a thrust attack on R2.
  • Its transformation is flipped compared to the other Saw weapons, as its extended form is the default.
  • The first attack is an uppercut swing, perfect for making books fly everywhere





90 - - - - - - 100 100 E D - D -


99 - - - - - - 100 100 E D - D -


108 - - - - - - 100 100 E D - D -


117 - - - - - - 100 100 E D - D -


126 - - - - - - 100 100 E C - D -


135 - - - - - - 100 100 E C - D -


144 - - - - - - 100 100 E C - D -


153 - - - - - - 100 100 E C - D -


162 - - - - - - 100 100 E C - D -


171 - - - - - - 100 100 D B - C -


180 - - - - - - 100 100 D B - C -



Movesets & Videos

Regular Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo 1.00x, 1.02x, 1.04x, 1.05x ?? Slow, overhead swipes with wide arcs, with altering directions after the 2nd swipe.
Quickstep R1 .91x ?? ~ ?? A diagonal sweep from the bottom right to top left.
Dash R1 1.09x ?? (+run) Uses the inner blade to deliver a diagonal swipe from top right to bottom left. Somewhat short and narrow range.
R2 Attack 1.32x ?? A wide, horizontal swipe from right to left.
Charged 1.63x ?? The character does a clockwise 360 turn and delivers an overhead smash to the ground, downing most enemies while delivering blunt damage. (to confirm)
Backstep R2 1.18x    
Dodge .91x ??  
Dash 1.36x ??  
Leap 1.36x ?? (+run)  
Transform Attack 1.045x ?? (+x) The character takes a large step forward while performing a sweeping attack from right to left with the Saif swinging shut.
Transformed Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo .85x, .89x, .91x, .91x ?? An upwards lunge attack from right to left, followed by swipes from altering directions similar to the untransformed Saw Cleaver and Saw Spear. Slightly slower than the saw weapons, but still fast when compared to other weapons. There is a slight delay before the first lunge that becomes noticeable when hit-trading.
Quickstep R1 .91x ?? ~ ?? An upwards lunge attack similar to the initial transformed R1, but with a shorter lunge.
Backstep R1 .91x    
Dash R1 1.00x ?? (+run) The character moves forward with quick, large steps and attacks with a right to left swipe.
R2 Attack 1.18x ?? Attacks with a forward thrust with the tip of the Saif, with a forward lunge.
Backstep R2 1.13x    
Charged R2 1.45x ?? Slams the Saif to the ground, knocking most enemies down and causing blunt (to confirm) damage.
Dodge R2 ?? ??  
Dash R2 1.27x ?? (+run)  
Leap 1.27x ??  
Transform Attack 1.00x ?? (+x) Transforms the Saif back to the untransformed mode by sweeping the weapon from left to right, while the character dodges backward. 


  • The word "saif" is Arabic for "sword."



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    • 08 Jan 2019 01:20  

      Don't underestimate the transformed R1. It has forward momentum to bring you toward the enemy. Very nice for closing the distance and getting an attack off. Also the transform attack from closed to open is a backstep, good for retreating and gaining some breathing room

      • Anonymous

        03 Dec 2018 04:04  

        Has anyone noticed that the the lunge of the transformed R1 will put the whole body below the standing lock-on position? I've dodged some bullets using this move during PvE.

        • Anonymous

          08 Oct 2018 21:25  

          I keep trying out other weapons but nothing can beat the amazingness of this one. Perfect for making books fly everywhere

          • Anonymous

            29 Aug 2018 00:26  

            In the item description it says "the saif can be wielded like a long curved sword" Saif means sword, so the item description [actually] says "the sword can be wielded like a long curved sword". ..What?

            • Anonymous

              30 Jul 2018 12:31  

              Couldn’t the shape of the blade have been influenced by the Burial Blade? The curved blade is the very symbol of the Old Hunters, judging from the Old Hunter badge dropped by Gehrman.

              • Anonymous

                09 Jul 2018 05:38  

                This weapon is a monster when used with the Old Hunter Bone. Hence why I reserve the two specifically for Orphan of Kos' second phase...

                • Anonymous

                  01 Jul 2018 14:53  

                  The weapon is insane! Strange is that you can dive in in untransformed and punch with the fist of cartia for some badass stunlock. If you have that one and some ranged like church pick or burial , you can handle any pve or pvp.

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Jun 2018 21:13  

                    One of the best weapons imo simply for its movement options. It has the ease of use and relative DPS of the Saws (but lacking Serrated, which is for the best. That'd be too strong if it had it.) and the spacing and movement skills of the Blades of Mercy while being one handed so you have your firearm ready. Thing is so damn frightening.

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Apr 2018 19:12  

                      This weapon has a strange bug; Only one side of the blade will get dirty with blood. Not a big deal, but it's kinda annoying...

                      • Anonymous

                        03 Apr 2018 16:33  

                        One of the weapons where the C in Arcane tricks new players into ramping up arcane. Why even put the C there.. Upping arcane for this weapon does literally nothing. That's literally used properly, does absolutely nothing.

                        • Anonymous

                          18 Jul 2017 06:00  

                          I beat the orphan with this without using a single blood vial and only viceral attacking 5 times with 3 18% phys gems and bolt papered on my first try on a newer character 461 ar. Im dubbing this weapon either the beasts talon or fang because theres no way it should have such a simple name when its this good. Holy hells.

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Jul 2017 14:19  

                            Fastest weapon I know of that doesn't require being a dexfag. This paired with a great transformed weapon like the the Holy Moonlight Sword is a helluva lot of fun.

                            • Anonymous

                              12 Jun 2017 07:15  

                              Uncanny with 50STR/25SKL, +65 STR scaling gen, 2XPhys+26.3 gives me AR of 618. Pretty damn good for how fast this weapon is.

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