Repeating Pistol

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Requirements & Scaling
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Repeating Pistol is a Firearm in Bloodborne; it's one of three pistol firearms in the game.


Repeating Pistol Description

"Repeating pistol typically used by Healing Church hunters. Crafted with mostly metal parts and exhibiting a complex design, the repeating pistol fires two shots at once, making it a ravenous consumer of Quicksilver Bullets. Should be used sparingly compared to its workshop counterpart, as the trump card in one's arsenal."


Repeating Pistol Information

  • Requires ?? Bloodgems and ?? Blood Echoes to fully upgrade
  • The Repeating Pistol is unique in that it fires two Quicksilver Bullets at once; this is both a strength (high potential damage) and weakness (consumes ammunition quickly).
  • Once you have the minimum stats required to wield this firearm, it can be useful on any character regardless of Bloodtinge levels since it deals high base damage and has decent bloodtinge scaling.
    • For low bloodtinge users, this firearm grants a means of modest gun damage not easily done with the other two pistols.
    • For high bloodtinge users, this gun packs a massive punch per shot.




Player Notes

  • The name of this particular firearm can be misleading; it fires both bullets simultaneously rather than in succession as the name would suggest.
  • Although the Repeating Pistol fires two Quicksilver Bullets, it doesn't deal double the damage listed below on the stats/scaling chart.
  • It isn't possible to get hit by only one of the two Quicksilver Bullets fired.
  • You cannot fire the Repeating Pistol if you have only one bullet remaining, quicksilver or blood. This can become a problem if you are relying solely on blood bullets since the fifth one will be wasted unless you can replenish ammunition through other means.






-- 90 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- D -- 2


-- 101 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- D -- 2


-- 112 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- C -- 2


-- 123 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- C -- 2


-- 134 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- C -- 2


-- 145 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- B -- 2


-- 156 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- B -- 2


-- 167 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- B -- 2


-- 178 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- B -- 2


-- 189 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- B -- 2


-- 200 -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- B -- 2


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    • Anonymous

      19 Sep 2020 20:24  

      Imagine the recoil if your fired this thing in real life. You don't have a longer barrel to hold onto, and you're firing both barrels simultaneously. At least with a double barrel shotgun you have a stock, and a sawed-off has a barrel to hold onto. You'd probably end up close to breaking your arm when firing this.

      • Anonymous

        03 Jun 2020 14:36  

        This is actually really good for skl builds with oedon writhe, since you'll be parrying so often the bullet cost won't be very consequential

        • Anonymous

          14 Nov 2019 11:13  

          When comparing this and the Evelyn I think it is worth noting that the evelyn has a really long barrel, so there's a good chance you'll miss certain enemies if you're standing too close. Meanwhile, the repeating pistol has the shortest pistol barrel, so missing close range targets isnt as much of a problem.

          • Anonymous

            07 Jan 2019 11:19  

            At high levels (close to the maximum with most of attributes at 99) in PvP, Evelyn and Repeating Pistol are the best options for firearms.

            • Anonymous

              19 Apr 2018 18:16  

              Level 60 25 skill 25 bloodtinge, a 31.5% gem and bone marrow ash can hit for 1000 damage if somebody is shot during attack frames or animations. I can't imagine its potential if skill was abandoned and bloodtinge was taken to 40 at the same level.

              • Anonymous

                30 Mar 2018 14:47  

                I think it's stupid to state that the repeating pistol doesn't deal double the listed damage per shot in the wiki when it's clearly listing the damage for both bullets together which is why it's higher than the other pistols base damage

                • Anonymous

                  09 Feb 2018 03:54  

                  I'm interested in antique firearms and was wondering if the repeater has any real life basis to it? The big wheel mechanism on the side looks familiar, but I might be making things up.

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Aug 2017 04:33  

                    Is it just me, or does this thing do insane amounts of extra damage at close range? I can't tell you how many times the bastard in the Research Hall blasted my head open with this thing.

                    • Anonymous

                      31 May 2017 09:07  

                      With 50 in every stat, a +29% gem, and Bone Marrow Ash my Repeating Pistol +10 does 1171 damage to an Old Yharnem Beast. The Cannon +10 does 1215 damage to the same Old Yharnem Beast in exactly the same circumstancce but for 10 more bullets per shot. With a 31.5% gem, the Repeating Pistol would gain 2.5% more damage, meaning it's new damage would be 1200-1201 damage while Bone Marrow Ashed. This means the Cannon gains only 14 more damage when at 50 bloodtinge, but for 10 more bullets, so the repeating pistol is the better option.

                      • Anonymous

                        24 May 2017 05:08  

                        One shot with a Repeating Pistol+10 with Bone Ash Marrow is almost equal to a Cannon+6 or +7. That's crazy!

                        • Anonymous

                          Highest damage, least efficient pistol12 Aug 2016 05:45  

                          This pistol's draw is that it has the highest damage per shot of any firearm that isn't a cannon, but at the cost of 2 quicksilver bullets. It will still outdamage Evelyn at 50 bloodtinge. However, 2 shots from Evelyn will deal more total damage. If you want efficiency, go with the the latter. If you aren't as concerned with your supply of bullets, or use blood bullets a lot, and instead want a weapon that just does all its damage at once, then this is the gun for you.

                          • Change to Trivia info05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                            I deleted the trivia which stated it only fires one bullet in the animation. I took some footage and in slow motion it does in fact fire two bullets ate once.

                            • Anonymous

                              the gun actually stuns harder then the regular pistol05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                              and it has a MUCH faster firing rate not sure if it's wise to spam gunshot but with the odeon writhe and formless odeon it's pretty legit

                              • Anonymous

                                Best pistol?05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                The weapon seems to outweigh the Evelyn and the hunter pistol alike due to damage control, but just at the cost of 2 bullets if you don't want boost blood tinge all that well. But the only concern is how it fires faster if I just want to deal more damage.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Boss destroyer05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                  This gun is great for taking out bosses, stack of BMA and 10 shots from this gun can decimate pretty much any boss (as long as you hit them!). Especially good for bosses who have a phase that is very challenging to melee.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    RP is absolute beast in PVP05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                    Just one shoted a guy in PVP with first try. Lvl 40 build with 40 bloodtingle. +10 RP with BMA did 577 damage. KO

                                    • Anonymous

                                      actually the main weapon was changed05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                      the church guys on the way to the grand cathedral (the one shooter on the left) is using a repeating pistol and that pistol does as it sounds, fires one shot, then another in almost rapid succssion i think they turned it into a double shot to make it as a semi-cannon

                                      • Anonymous

                                        catch 22 pistol05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                        as for PVE it a really good gun to use but for PVP I would never touch this thing. you'll have 10(to 12) chances to try to visceral attack someone vs 20(to 24) with the regular hunter pistol. they way people dodge and dash in PVP you wasting at least half your ammo. this gun is only going to be used be the professionals and gunslingers of the PVP world

                                        • Anonymous

                                          About bullets...05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                          One simple solution in PvE for this weapon's cost is; make blood bullets then rally the HP back up. This should reduce or outright nullify the need to farm bullets given the right situation (a lone enemy), but the cannon of course.

                                          • My favorite gun05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                            IRL I'm a gun owner, and one of my prized possessions is a 4" barrel .357 Magnum. So naturally, when I find out that Bloodborne has pistols, I immediately thought to myself "I must get the gun that has the most kick to it by all means possible." This gun is a beast in terms of power and accessibility (you can buy it extremely early). The gun hurts regardless of whether or not you level up bloodtinge very high and with BMA it just pours the damage on. It's difficult to use from a distance in PVP, but it draws/fires fast and therefore quickdraw is useful if you need to put a few holes into a nearby opponent. For thematic purposes, I use the formless odeon rune that you find in the Cathedral Ward's secret area so that I can fire the gun 12 times. In revolver talk, a fully loaded six-shot revolver and a speed reloader.The only real "weakness" is that you fire two bullets at once, so you can run out of ammunition quickly if you fire it desperado style at a fast moving opponent.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Early Game Gun05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                              As far as I can tell this gun only shines early game. I bought it as soon as it unlocked, and used it up to the Blood Starved Beast. Once you get your Bloodtinge up, and upgrade the Hunter's Pistol, the Repeater loses it's edge in PvE. However it could be used as a lower stat requirement substitute for the Evelyn in PvP if one had good enough skill with the timing.

                                              • Changes05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                                Of all the pistols, this one was the trickiest to figure out all the hidden tricks and steps, and to this day there are some things I'm not 100% sure about. Especially the part regarding not being able to be hit by only one of the two rounds shot, but IMO that doesn't matter since the bullets are spaced so close that you're extremely likely to get hit by both of them even if it was possible to get hit by only one of the two.However, most importantly, I got rid of that information stating that supposedly you could still fire the gun with only one bullet, regular or emergency blood. That isn't true at this point, and I know this for fact because I have lost a small handful of PVP duels due to this rather nasty catch.

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