Saw Cleaver


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Imprints (Uncanny)


Imprints (Lost)

physical_atk.jpg blood_atk.jpg arcane_atk.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_atk.jpg
90 0 0 0 0
slow_poison.jpg rapid_poison.jpg VS_kin.jpg VS_beasts.jpg durability.jpg
0 0 100 100 200
Requirements & Scaling
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Saw Cleaver is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne.


Saw Cleaver Description

"One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used in the hunting business.
This saw, effective at drawing the blood of beasts, transforms into a long cleaver that makes use of centrifugal force.
The saw, with its set of blood-letting teeth, has become a symbol of the hunt, and only grows in effectiveness the more grotesquely transformed the beast."


Saw Cleaver Information

  • Transforms between a saw and an extended cleaver.
  • Classified as Serrated while wielded in the default saw form.




Uncanny Saw Cleaver

  • Pthumeru Root Chalice
  • Glyphs:
    • 462yygcg (Layer 1)
    • vsj6fz28 (Layer 2)
    • 2m2fxwm2 (Side area before boss, Layer 1)

Lost Saw Cleaver

Player Notes

  • The Saw Cleaver is one of two choices for a strength weapon when you are first starting off with a new character.
    • It's also the only starter weapon that has a waning gem slot for its normal form.
    • This weapon is a jack-of-all-trades in terms of combat, and is highly versatile against either single opponents or groups.
  • The normal mode (saw form) is useful when dueling a single opponent.
    • It utilizes very fast attacks that do not take alot of stamina.
    • However, it has a short reach and is difficult to use against groups.
  • When transformed, it takes the appearance of an extended cleaver.
    • This form has superior range and several attacks that can strike whole groups at once.
    • Like the normal form, it's wielded in one hand at all times.
    • Keep in mind that this form also suffers a decrease in attack speed when compared to the normal form.
    • Furthermore, remember that only the saw form deals extra damage against enemies vulnerable to serrated attacks.
  • The follow up R2 after a fully charged R2 can knock some enemies down while the cleaver is extended.
  • This trick weapon and the Saw Spear differs mainly by transformed move sets and STR/SKL scaling.
    • The Saw Cleaver has superior strength scaling and deals serrated damage in saw form only.
    • The Saw Spear has superior skill scaling and also deals serrated damage while in both forms.



R: Rally/Regain. The amount of HP regained on an R1 attack immediately after taking damage



90 -- -- -- - -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 35


99 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 37


108 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 39


117 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 41


126 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D E -- D 43


135 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 45


144 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 47


153 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 49


162 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 C D -- D 51


171 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 C D -- C 53


180 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 C D -- C 55


Move sets & Videos

Results from testing on an unarmored level 120 character with a +10 Saw Cleaver with no gems. Numbers are rounded to the nearest 100th.

Regular Move Set

Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpg1x, 1.02x, 1.04x, 1.06x, 1.09x 20 The character slashes from right to left, with combos altering direction. The first and second slashes fall in elevation while the third and fourth rise. Fast paced combo with short range
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpg0.95x 27 The character steps forward quickly and slashes from left to right for all quicksteps except to the right. For that step the slash is from right to left.
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpg 0.95x 25 After leaping back, the character leaps forward and slashes from right to left from a crouched position
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpg1.09x 30 (+run) The weapon is brought from left to right and somewhat downward. Very short range but the character takes a leaping step forward.
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpg1.20x 35 The weapon is brought back behind the character and after a short delay, brought from right to left in a quick slashing motion. A big step with the right foot is taken to help close the distance to enemies.
Charged physical_atk.jpg1.90x 50 Very similar to the R2 attack but with a longer windup (but a relatively short windup for a charge attack). The attack still goes from right to left, but on a diagonal rather than horizontal path.
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpg1.25x 45 Essentially the same attack animation as the standard R2, however the delay before swiping the weapon is shorter. The character remains running until the actual swing occurs, meaning this attack does very well to keep the player in stride
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpg1.10x 35 The weapon is brought near the ground to the left side and raised violently upward while hopping forward
Leap physical_atk.jpg1.40x 50 (+run) The player jumps forward a short distance and raises the weapon overhead, bringing it down to attack during the landing. This attack nearly sweeps the ground.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpg1.30x 23 (+x) This attack appears like it would hit twice, but only provides one hit. The character brings the closed weapon forward into a punch and it extends to strike while out in front of you. The damage is caused by the weapon opening. Due to a fairly short range during transformation, this is best used with a quickstep toward your enemy.

Transformed Move Set

Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpg0.97x, 1.00x, 1.02x 24 Starting from overhead, the character brings the blade down mostly vertically and then back up, repeating this until stamina is exhausted. Despite the extra length and seemingly large size of the weapon, combos are relatively fast. This combo also works well in narrow passages or near walls where horizontal strikes may be deflected
Quickstep physical_atk.jpg0.95x 30 The character steps forward quickly and slashes from right to left if moving forward, backward or right. While stepping to the left, the blade is brought from left to right.
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpg0.95x 25 This looks very similar to the quickstep animation moving forward or right but the attack arc is narrower. That is, it's a right to left slash, but shorter.
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpg1.15x 30 (+run) The blade is brought low to the ground and then, in a windmill motion brought overhead and back down
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpg1.25x, 1.27x 38 The character makes a large sweep from right to left horizontally, and back again from left to right for a combo. This attack has a wider attack arc, making crown control easier with this move than with the R1 set
Charged physical_atk.jpg1.70x 50 Very similar to the R2 but with a long wind up. The attack comes out very quickly after the windup
Follow up attack (after Charged) physical_atk.jpg1.27x 50 Following the charged attack, pressing R2 will have the character spin and bring the blade overhead and down
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpg1.10x 37 The weapon is brought up in front of the face to overhead and brought swiftly down in a vertical strike ending with a smash into the ground
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpg1.20x 45 (+run) The dashing R2 is nearly identical to the standing one.
Leap physical_atk.jpg1.30x 50 Unlike many leaping attacks, the player slashes from right to left horizontally instead of a downward attack. The attack is still useful for closing short distances
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpg1.30x 30 (+x) The weapon is brought back behind the player where it snaps shut and promptly brought forward in a punching motion


  • The Saw Cleaver is the Trick Weapon featured on the title screen.
    • It was also one of the first weapons to be revealed for this game.
    • Overall the mechanisms of this weapon didn't change at all, starting all the way back when Bloodborne was still known as "Project Beast."
  • According to the concept art, the Saw Cleaver uses a trigger mechanism to unlock the joint during transformation.
  • The design of the Saw Cleaver seems to be inspired by multiple references:
    • The transformed cleaver shows a resemblance to LB-66 MOONLIGHT from Armored Core V.
    • The Japanese name is written as "nokogiri nata" (ノコギリ鉈) or "saw hatchet". Nokogiri is a traditional Japanese saw that cuts from the pull stroke, as opposed to the more common push stroke.
    • In real life, there is a type of cleaver known as a mezzaluna ("half moon") cleaver, known for chopping/mincing up various food products.
      • Most of these types of cleavers have handles on both ends.
      • However, some use a single handle that stretches across the blade, which was used to chop up herbs usually; the saw cleaver follows this particular model.
  • Coincidentally, the Strength/Skill/Arcane scaling at maximum level is "CDC" in their respective order.
    • The CDC is an American organization designed to combat and prevent "health threats" of varying natures.
    • Since the beast scourge acts like a plague (and is spread due to blood-related reasons), those who wield the Saw Cleaver can be thought of as fighting a dangerous epidemic.
  • Henryk uses this weapon when he fights you and Eileen the Crow during her questline, as well as when he is summoned by you when using the Old Hunter Bell.




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  1. Tested in PvP, naked characters, BL 120 with maxed weapon
  2. Tested in PvP, naked characters, BL 120 with maxed weapon

    • Anonymous

      03 Jun 2019 03:17  

      is there any difference between the regular saw cleaver and a lost saw cleaver? i can't seem to find ANY difference

      • Anonymous

        08 May 2019 15:58  

        My go-to beast-killing weapon. I have bunch of the best fire-gems in it, and it kills most beasts (including zombie-werewolves of Yahar'gul and depth 5 scourge beasts) with max 5 hits. I even killed the boss Loran Silverbeast in about 10 seconds, give or take a few. Great weapon.

        • Anonymous

          22 Apr 2019 07:26  

          Found easy Lost Saw Cleaver in Fetid/Rotted Lower Pthumeru Chalice before first Lantern in side area. Glyph is 5irzfnzq.

          • Anonymous

            13 Jan 2019 14:56  

            This is basically BBs version of the longsword. Works well for everything in the game, but not necessarily the best at anything other than r1 spam.

            • Anonymous

              17 Aug 2018 14:26  

              I feel like the attack descriptions on this wiki need a severe makeover. Instead of writing a paragraph describing each combo, there should really be a simple list of attack types, velocities, ranges, and where the combo loops. Maybe something like this?: TRANSFORMED R1 (ATK Type): Reg, [Reg, Thr...] (Velocity): Diag, [Ver, Thr...] (Range): Med (Brackets indicate which portion of the combo is repeated. Ellipses denote that the combo can be continued.) ...This isn’t describing an actual weapon in the game, but Saw Cleaver’s moveset isn’t complex enough to show what I mean. Would this be less confusing for users? or should we stick to paragraphs? Can be modified as needed, or include special info with use of an asterisk.

              • Anonymous

                23 Jun 2018 20:45  

                Some people say it's the best weapon in the game. I think while it (and the Saw Spear, its apples or oranges.) have unmatched DPS, which is why the speedrunners run it obviously, I think it's a bit overrated by some myself.

                NOT saying it's bad because obviously it's not, it's crazy good; but some people make it out to be like there's no point to using anything else. It's good but its moveset is pretty straightforward too, which I guess is a big draw for some people but I actually think certain other weapons have an easier time against certain monsters, and it's really an all or nothing weapon in PvP if you can ever get that.

                So in other words, the cover art weapon of Bloodborne will take you anywhere with its DPS and ease of use, but when all is said and done it's a pretty simple weapon which can be a bonus or a detriment depending on the person and situation.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Jan 2018 17:33  

                  So you ever think about how the Saw Cleaver is just an oversized, serrated straight razor, literally used for "cutting through beast hide?" And how barbers in the 19th century worked alongside doctors as bloodletting surgeons, believing that the removal of tainted blood was the most reliable cure for disease?

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Apr 2017 18:30  

                    any know where to get a good physical% gem to put in its 3rd sloot early game? (waning gem slot) I am already at "the one reborn" and haven't find a better gem that the one I get from Gascoigne daughter.

                    • Anonymous

                      Uncanny Saw Cleaver new and active06 Oct 2016 00:24  

                      Found an uncanny saw cleaver when creating a random chalice while waiting for my friend.I'll keep it up and active for any new players and characters interestedGlyph: dyh2ky2aHost: SandraWhere: Layer 2 pre-boss bonus roomAren't these weapons supposed to be rare? I found at least one on every dungeon so far.

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