Bloodtinge is a stat in Bloodborne. The damage of most firearms scale with the Bloodtinge stat, as well as the Chikage. For builds centered around Bloodtinge, see Builds.

bloodtingue.jpg "The Bloodtinge stat governs power of weapons that use Quicksilver Bullets. Determines whether or not you can use certain equipment."



  • Bloodtinge softcaps at 25, hardcap is 50
  • The only thing known about Bloodtinge thus far is that Firearms deal Blood damage (possibly also related to Blood Bullets), and the damage modifier scales with the Bloodtinge stat.
  • Bloodtinge has nice synergy with Skill builds, a +10 Simon's Bowblade has an S scaling in both Skill and Bloodtinge for example.


Weapons with Bloodtinge Scaling


    • Anonymous

      16 Jan 2018 20:12  

      it should be noted that most enemies have a HUGE resistance to blood damage, which is why firearms do such piss damage until you have a high enough bloodtinge.

      • Anonymous

        02 Jan 2018 09:03  

        My Bloodtinge Build on New Game, 30 Vitality, 25 Endurance, 20 Strength (not needed), 50 Skill, 50 Bloodtinge, and 6 Arcane and i literally just run through everything, from Bosses to Hunters, ive become a walking DELETE button lmao i use Chikage +10 and Rakuyo +10 with Evelyn +9 or Simon Bowblade +9

        • Anonymous

          Bloodtinge [Bloodborne Wiki]31 Oct 2017 03:48  

          Agree, but it serves its purpose. Even if that purpose is a bit of a niche; more bullet capacity would have been a REALLY good thing to tie with Bloodtinge though, or maybe taking less damage from pulling quick bullets. I think its balanced as it is for the most part though since the majority of builds use either Bloodtinge or Arcane and being able to reap the benefits of both would be a little overkill.

          • Anonymous

            31 Oct 2017 03:31  

            Bloodtingue is the most lacking stat, being only helpful for a few high scaling blood guns and few weapons.
            Bloodtingue should have been given more to do, like increasing most man made attack items(Molotovs, grenades, mines, powder stuff, knives, etc), increase the amount of bullets, increase some critical damage, more hunter weapons scaling on Blood, or weapon charge attacks... I dunno... Make it more useful :(

            • Anonymous

              19 Aug 2017 15:25  

              What's a recommended amount of bloodtinge for using the Bloodletter? Also does it scale a noticeable amount past 50 bloodtinge?

              • Anonymous

                New to Bloodtinge.05 Jul 2016 14:50  

                Well... I've been playing Bloodborne for quite sometime now, and I think it's time for me to make a bloodtinge build (without the dlc as I don't have it yet). Does something like 40 vitality, 30 Endurance, 25 SKL, and 50 Bloodtinge sound good for a build using the Chikage, Evyline and Rifle Spear? Chould I side a bit more towards SKL? or is a bit more vitality recommended because of the health you sacrife for more bullets? I don't know, what do you guys think?

                • bloodtinge should05 Jul 2016 14:50  

                  Idk why but to me this stat feels very lackluster. It would be cool if bloodtinge did something like lower the amount of health for blood bullets or something. I mean arcane you get all these cool gadgets with variety of effects but bloodtinge doesn't have anything that really stands out except one really good weapon and guns which become useless once you run out of ammo.

                  • Anonymous

                    Bloodtinge and Enemies05 Jul 2016 14:50  

                    so the other elements and damage types are obvious but what is weak to bloodtinge? everything? (well except the moon presence obviously)

                    • Anonymous

                      Visceral attacks05 Jul 2016 14:50  

                      So increasing it doesn't at all aid in triggering the stagger required for a V.ATK? Cuz I've noticed times where I've timed the parry at the right time and the enemy shrugged it off :\ or like someone else said, maybe it makes your V.ATKs stronger?

                      • Anonymous

                        The description is a little off05 Jul 2016 14:50  

                        Not the wiki's, but the game's itself. The Chikage uses bloodtinge, but not quicksilver.

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