Piercing Rifle



physical_atk.jpg blood_atk.jpg arcane_atk.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_atk.jpg
- 80 - - -
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- - 100 100 140
Requirements & Scaling
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9 10 9
- 1

Piercing Rifle is a Firearm in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters DLC.


Piercing Rifle Description

"A rifle engineered by the Oto Workshop, the precursor to the workshop of the heretical Powder Kegs.
Designed for hunting on narrow streets, this weapon has been optimized to cause perforation wounds, but is unfit for reliably counter attacks."


Piercing Rifle Information

  • Requires 16 Blood Stone Shards, 16 Twin Blood Shards, 16 Chunks and 1 Blood Rock and ?? Blood Echoes to fully upgrade
  • When fired, the bullet passes through any enemy it hits, making it possible to deal damage to multiple enemies with one shot.




Player Notes

  • Good against groups, as its piercing shots can deal full damage to all enemies in a straight line.
  • The shot and recovery speed is similar to a Blunderbuss, with the recovery being a bit slower, which may cause missed visceral opportunities
  • Good stagger potential
  • Very, very slight damage difference to the Evelyn. Both weapons at +10 and both with a 21.5% bloodtinge damage gem and at 50 bloodtinge, the Evelyn does 5-7 more damage. Piercing Rifle: 160 base with +200 scaling. Evelyn: 140 base with +226 scaling. Overall, the Evelyn is superior not only in damage, but also in speed and usability. The Piercing Rifle is only superior when dealing with large mobs of enemies closely bunched together in a straight line.




- 80 - - - - - 100 100 - - D - 1


- 88 - - - - - 100 100 - - D -  


- 96 - - - - - 100 100 - - D -  


- 104 - - - - - 100 100 - - C -  


- 112 - - - - - 100 100 - - C -  


- 120 - - - - - 100 100 - - B -  


- 128 - - - - - 100 100 - - B -  


- 136 - - - - - 100 100 - - B -  


- 144 - - - - - 100 100 - - A -  


- 152 - - - - - 100 100 - - A -  


- 160 - - - - - 100 100 - - A -  


Movesets & Videos

Regular Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo ?? ~ ?? ?? Light/Regular/Heavy?
Dodge ?? ~ ?? ?? ~ ??  
Dash ?? ?? (+run)  
R2 Attack ?? ??  
Charged ?? ??  
Dodge ?? ??  
Dash ?? ??  
Leap ?? ?? (+run)  
Transform Attack ?? ?? (+x)  
Transformed Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo ?? ~ ?? ?? Light/Regular/Heavy?
Dodge ?? ~ ?? ?? ~ ??  
Dash ?? ?? (+run)  
R2 Attack ?? ??  
Charged ?? ??  
Dodge ?? ??  
Dash ?? ?? (+run)  
Leap ?? ??  
Transform Attack ?? ?? (+x)  




The weapon can still parry attacks but it is harder to do so.


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    • Anonymous

      Kinda underwhelming damage at +9, and the endlag makes it very difficult to riposte enemies unless you fire point blank. The slow, single shot also makes it tough to use on spiders like I initially wanted to, they have a habit of shuffling or leaping past the bullets leaving you open to getting slapped.

      • Anonymous

        The bullet can pierce through walls. So if an enemy stupidly attacks you on the other side of a pillar or other indestructible objects, you can shoot it and it will go through to parry them. It's also funny to see other mobs will chase the stray projectile like it's an enemy instead of looking at the source from where it was fired at.

        • Anonymous

          Useful in Chalice mobs and even in Forbidden forest mobs when they are lined up together. Also it does better stagger to humanoid sized enemies than other guns (already used hunter pistol, blunderbuss, evelyn, ludwig rifle), that disrupts their AI making them use a different moveset, leaving them easier to read and parry their next attack in my experience.

          • Anonymous

            Will always be superior to Evelyn (in PVE) in my opinion. Sure, it shoots slower and does a bit less damage, but the power you feel after getting a multi-parry, or after blasting through a line of enemies with a BMA shot is unparalled.

            • Anonymous

              Why does it say it's unreliable for counter attacks? I just randomly managed to parry a blue-eyed werewolf in UCW. I checked again to make sure I could visceral the wolf or if it just staggers him and you can't visceral for some weird reason but no. This thing can parry and Crit. So I guess it's unreliable because of the recovery frames?

              • Anonymous

                You can get staggers on bosses easier with this weapon because if you miss the head and hit their arm or shoulder, the bullet will go through and sometimes still hit the head. If you want a gun to use against big monster bosses for viscerals, this is the one

                • Anonymous

                  Not sure if this has been mentioned, but this weapon is a monster against the Watchdog. I have 50 bloodtinge and a 31.5% blood gem on my build and after breaking his skull I am able to hit for upwards of 2500 damage per shot after applying BMA! Due to the piercing property of this weapon it will hit him multiple times, just be sure that he is walking towards you when you fire. If you are looking for the ultimate Watchdog hunting tool then look no further, this is it.

                  • This weapon is a rather poor choice in the waking world, however, in chalice dungeons, this thing becomes a magnificent ubercannon, the tight corridors and confined rooms of the chalice dungeons makes this gun a bloodtinge build's wet dream given a little bonemarrow ash. Would not recommend this for much else outside of chalice dungeons or castle cainhurst where its piercing effects truly are effective

                    • I've used it and i can't seem to find any sort of effect? it just seems like a slower rifle, it doesn't have increased range, it doesn't have high damage. the only thing it does have is a unique bullet trail (which first made me think it had an effect) the only thing i haven't checked is what it does in PvP. as of right now it only does a few more points than my Evelyn but evelyn has faster firing. so it seems kind of pointless?

                      • Anonymous

                        People *****ing about the Evelyn. But seriously, fight the Vileblood in the Cathedral (Eileen quest) at around lvl 50-65. Use the evelyn then use the rifle. You will notice the difference immediately. The piercing file is like the Ludwig, but instead of a spread, its bullets go in a straight line. What do I mean. Each shot is like a comet, you have the front and a tail. Even if the front doesn't hit, if someone dodges into the back end of the shot, they still will get hit and even parried. This works wonders against Hunters like the Cainhurst Vileblood and Maria who use the Old Hunters Bone or those Crazy Scythe wielding guys in the dungeon. The people below saying the Evelyn is superior don't know what they are talking about. There is a trade-off. Evelyn shots faster but it only has one bullet. Piercing rifle is slower but it shots several bullets in a straight line, increasing the chance of hitting your opponent if he dodges into the back end of the shot. If you're a strength build (using the BC saw, wheel, arm, hammer, etc), I would recommend the Evelyn, but if you're a skill build, I would use the piercing rifle b/c you can still get off a quick attack after shooting.

                        • Anonymous

                          Now i'm not sure if this has been reported somewhere, but this weapon seems to stun smaller scurrying beasts making them basically stop moving, not sure if level of weapon or damage matters. Havent tested it on larger scurrying beasts. Either way it's been hecka useful

                          • Anonymous

                            Any ideas why this gun is categorized as a Church firearm? It certainly doesn't look like one. Without reading the description, I thought it was Powder Keg.

                            • Anonymous

                              Before picking this weapon up I had used both the Hunter's pistol and Hunter's Blunderbuss a lot, and sometimes the others. However I'm finding it much easier for me to score visceral attacks on pretty much everything, so it's been quite a welcomed weapon.

                              • Anonymous

                                I'm surprised how prevalent this weapon has become in the pvp scene. It does almost no damage even when I have low blood defenses and it rarely lands parry attacks even in pve let alone the occasional lag fest that is pvp. Why has this become so popular? Is it the lower bloodtinge requirement? Or are people just nerdgasming over dlc weapons? I for one, am sticking with my tried and true Evelyn. Even if I don't land the parry, I'm dealing ~250 damage in a single shot.

                                • Anonymous

                                  The piercing rifle is worse than the Evelyn but it looks ***** cool. It has low damage but the style and bullet design is worth it. You can't spam with the Piercing Rifle and actually have to predict and not react like you would with the Evelyn. Alltogether, PvP: Wanna have fun? Use the Piercing Rifle. Wanna win like a *****? Use the Evelyn. Wanna look like a badass sniper? Use the Piercing Rifle. Wanna look like a dumbass randomly shooting bullets that do bull*****tingly high damage? Use the Evelyn. Wanna actually have to be skilled? Use the Piercing Rifle. Wanna stay a noob? Use the Evelyn. Granted the purpose of the Piercing Rifle is for multiple opponents and the Evelyn's purpose is for strictly 1v1, the Piercing Rifle is still viable and practical in a 1v1. The good thing about the Piercing Rifle (other than fashion) is that it requires a good amount of skill, creativity, and dedication to use properly.

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