Stamina is a game mechanic that controls how many activities you can do before needing to rest. It's represented by a green bar at the top of the HUD below your Vitality. Stamina Recovery is an important part of balancing your combat and gameplay.

Stamina Amount

The total stamina available to your character is determined by Endurance and certain Caryll Runes.

Stamina Consumption

Stamina consumption is determined by the moveset of the Trick Weapon, and affected by certain Blood Gems. Sprinting, evasive actions, and blocking with the Wooden Shield also consume stamina. Evading consumes 10 per dodge, and sprinting consumes a relative amount per second..

Stamina Recovery

The base formula for stamina recovery is ???. Items that increase stamina recovery are Blood of Arianna, and the Hunter Oath Rune. Stamina recovery is based on what Attire you equip.

Hidden Equipmeant Load & Vitality

It has been discovered that Vitality hides an Equipment Load hidden stat, that determines your stamina recovery rate when using armor. Details on this mechanic are not yet fully known.


10 VIT, 2 weapons.



25 VIT, 2 weapons.


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    • Anonymous

      the equipment part is correct by the way, armour in this game works similar to dark souls 1, certain armours have hidden "weight" values that very slightly lower stamina regen (like havel's and black knight armour sets) BloodBorne's regen seems to be % regen over the usual flat regen of dark souls however, higher endurance does show better regen but armour and weapons play a small role into it, with max "weight" usuing Yhar'gul set/ Cainhurst armour (went for highest phys def) and also 4 of the biggest weapons (ludwig's holy blade, kirkhammer, cannon and gatling gun) your stamina regen tanks by roughly 25/30% however this isn't usually a problem as most players will only suffer a minor 10/20% decrease depending on their build, which will often be off set by the "Hunter" rune giving a slightly decrease regen delay and increased regen speed (as in, it'll recover faster and start recovering sooner) by 10% and 5% respectively. This is all i know on this game's stamina regen, but i hope it helps newcomers and veterans out alike, this game still has many secrets to unlock. Fear the Old Blood.

      • Anonymous

        Is stamina recovery a flat rate, or is it percentage based? For example, do you recover x points of stamina per second, or do you recover x% of your stamina per second?

        • Anonymous

          Since Physical Def also increases with level, regardless of what you level, could it be that this is the same case with stamina recovery? It would make sense, though, if you have more Vitality that you would also get some sort of boost to Endurance, but then... Does Strength have any passive effects? Like increase recovery time as well? Or does skill have an effect? Like decrease stamina taken from actions?

          • Anonymous

            I mean, could you tell through item descriptions and looks? Like, does Gehrman's clothes, aside from being naked, have the highest stamina recovery and then something like the Yhar'gul or Cainhurst Armor sets have some of the lowest, being that would be quite restrictive and heavy?

            • Anonymous

              did some testing and found some interesting numbers, from having no clothes to having full equipment with "heavy" weapons there is roughly a 30% decrease in stamina recovery, details are as follows: none avg hunter set; no weapon avg hunter set;cannon avg hunter set;saw cleaver; lugwig rifle hunter set;kirk hammer; lugwig rifle;cannon 1.987 2.127 2.19 2.223 2.531

              • Anonymous

                Please add certain things about stamina. Such as... Running out of stamina on a ladder will cause you to fall, this can only be achieved through attacking on a ladder, as climbing doesn't take stamina. Stamina increases at a crawl when on a ladder. The un-modified Stamina cap at level 40 endurance. Can only be increased after with Caryll Runes: Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis (10%/15%/20%) Radiant Blood Gems primary function is to decrease stamina consumption.

                • Anonymous

                  What does "Increasing stamina costs" , found on certain blood gems actually do to you? Do they slow up your stamina recovery time or just charge you more stamina with each hit?

                  • Anonymous

                    Before ending the game I noticed that leveling up Endurance don't level up stamina anymore, it stops in 160 points and whatever I do stamina don't go up anymore. This happens to any of you? only with a rune my stamina goes to 174

                    • Anonymous

                      Prove it, this is the first I've come across anyone saying that attire or what weapon you use affects stamina recovery rate.

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