Loch Shield

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Loch Shield is a Shield in Bloodborne; it was added with The Old Hunters DLC.

" An artisanal shield crafted with blue glass.

Originally used to safeguard the leader presiding over a sacred Healing Church ceremony, and later supplied to tomb prospectors, in particular those exploring the labyrinth of Isz.

The blue is fashioned after a lake, and the shield greatly reduces all forms of non-physical damage. "


Loch Shield Information

  • This shield cannot be upgraded nor fortified with blood gems.
  • You hold L2 to block attacks with the shield and prevent some damage from being taken.
  • The Loch Shield is considered an upgrade when compared to the Wooden Shield in terms of overall damage prevented.



  • Research Hall: The Loch Shield can be seen right when entering on a platform together with one of the crawling experiments. It's obtained after activating the lever to raise the stairs, then dropping and following the path down.


Shield Tactics

  • The Loch Shield functions in a similar manner to the Wooden Shield.
    • However, because the Loch Shield prevents high amounts of non-physical damage, it can actually be incredibly useful when dealing with some powerful abiliites/attacks.
    • This means being able to potentially survive non-physical attacks that would normally deal high amounts of damage, such as A Call Beyond.
    • Likewise, it shouldn't be completely relied on for this reason, but it certainly can help in the event you feel that you won't successfully dodge the attack.
    • It also greatly reduces damage from gunfire, allowing you to more safely close the distance on opponents who use firearms with non-explosive projectiles.
    • In short, this shield is very good at preventing incidental long-ranged (and non-physical) damage.
    • Keep in mind that the Loch Shield can also be potentially useful against melee combatants who deal non-physical damage, such as PVPers who focused on arcane builds for instance.
  • This shield also shares many of the same weaknesses that the Wooden Shield had as well.
    • It doesn't prevent harmful status afflictions even while blocking (e.g. Frenzy).
    • The Loch Shield isn't useful for physical damage prevention, and is even weaker than the Wooden Shield in this regard.
  • Varying amounts of damage is reduced when blocking with the shield; testing done by gamefaqs user showed the following results:

  No Shield Wooden Shield Loch Shield
physical_DEF.jpgPhys 259 129 (50%) 181 (30%)
arcane_DEF.jpgArcane 270 162 (40%) 81 (70%)
fire_DEF.jpgFire 491 393 (20%) 147 (70%)
bolt_DEF.jpgBolt 488 341 (30%) 146 (70%)
Blood 250 200 (20%) 75 (70%)



  • Loch is the Scottish gaelic word for "lake" This reinforces the game's overall concept that bodies of water serve as a bulwark against various elements.
  • This shield, compared to the Wooden Shield, is actually competent and can be useful for some battles.
    • However, it can still be argued that you can effectively prevent all damage in Bloodborne by simply dodging the attacks and using Rally to survive battles of attrition.
    • Still, if you're looking to use a shield, either for protection or for thematic reasons, the Loch Shield is a better alternative overall than the Wooden Shield.


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