Rally, is a risk/reward combat mechanic in Bloodborne. After being hit by an enemy, you may jump back in the action and attack your opponent to quickly refill any lost health before your health bar actually depletes the amount. Timing is crucial to the execution of this mechanic.

  • "In Yharnam, the best defense is a solid, strategic offense.
  • When you take damage from enemies, counter-attack the enemy within a certain period of time to regain some of your lost HP. The damage taken initially turns orange, indicating you can earn it back if you are quick enough. Hesitate too long and you’ll lose that health for good.
  • With a stronger focus on offense and pro-active combat, battles become more pitched, thrilling and rewarding."


How to Regain your Healthhealth

  • To regain your health, you must successfully execute one or several attacks on an enemy within 5 seconds after being hit.
  • You can only regain the HP lost from the last hit that connected. Heavy damage quickly followed up by a light hit will negate your chance to regain.
  • The rally slider on the health bar is seen as an orange color next to the red health you currently have.
  • Heavy attacks will regain more HP than light attacks, but dps should be the deciding factor to the amount regained.
  • Visceral attacks will regain the full amount of what is possible, if performed within the window. (confirmed)
  • Also note that many defeated enemies are temporarily available for rally spam during their death animations.


Weapons & Rally Potential

  • Each Weapon has a determined amount of health that is recovered by default R1 attack. They range from 30~75 HP.
  • Hunter Tools, Firearms and Torches do not have the ability to regain health, although punching with bare fists and even kicking on ladders will.
  • Enemy armor will lower rally in same capacity as damage inflicted.
  • Upgrades to the weapons via Blood Stone Shards, Chunks, etc will increase the HP regained for the base R1 attack by a determined HP amount. So a +10 weapon will regain more HP than the same weapon at +0 or +5.
  • There are also Blood Gems that will boost the weapons Rally Potential and increase the amount of health regained with each hit.
  • Each swing of the weapon and move has its own damage and rally modifier. For simplicity, the wiki only links base values for comparison.
  • it is possible to post rally potential using blood gems, this gives the player extra time to land the hits needed to regain the health.



  • This mechanic is named Rally in the game.
  • Some creatures, like Darkbeast Paarl, appear to only offer regain at certain attacks, while others, like Cleric Beast, offer regain with every attack. It is unknown if this is intended behavior.

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    • Anonymous

      Different moves give different rally potential. With Ludwig his swipes have normal rally potential, but his charge and jump have much shorter windows to rally.

      • Anonymous

        Can we all just agree that this mechanic is amazing and a great way to make players play more aggressively even when they just got hit

        • Anonymous

          This page is trying to tell me that enemy armor has no effect on the health regained? I can disprove that in at least one case: When fighting Rom's little spider friends. Just like Rom they have a hardened skull which makes attacking them from the front ineffective (something like 90% damage reduction?). Health regain scales with that damage so it's like 10% of what you usually get

          • Anonymous

            It's possible to get rally health back off the small damage you do when simply falling on an enemy. Not very useful but maybe worth noting.

            • Anonymous

              While a good incentive to be more aggressive, you don't regularly regain enough HP for boss fights to be worth using it. If you continuously attack to regain HP you'll just get hit again, and no weapon has the rally potential to out DPS a bosses damage. It's far safer and more efficient to just play reactively to the boss instead of being aggressive.

              • Anonymous

                Needs more describing. Is there a difference between rally and rally potential? By increasing rally potential via bloodgems, will it increase the HP gained from each hit? or multiply by a factor? or increase the time available to regain? What do the values on such bloodgems mean precisely? What are the values for different weapons/attacks?

                • Anonymous

                  Great way to load up some free blood bullets after sneaking up on some unsuspecting baddie. I found several quick attacks to be better at refilling my health than the visceral.

                  • Anonymous

                    I feel like there is more to this. my girlfriend was playing using an arcane centered build and I was healing more than she was (per hit) using a bloodtinge centered build. I also confirmed this watching letsplayers who were healing less than i (lvl20) was when they were at the end game. I think bloodtinge contributes to Rally to some degree but I'm not certain.

                    • From the Hunter Axe description: "Boasts a heavy blunt attack, leading to high rally potential".

                      Are Blunt attacks more effective for rally than other damage types, or is it the "heavy" part it is referring to?

                      • Anonymous

                        The reason darkbeast gives you little chance is because of his elemental damage. I believe that it is that way with all elemental secondary damage

                        • Anonymous

                          Which attacks is the Paarl note referring to, were they bolt attacks? This requires more testing, but if a weapon does the same element that the enemy uses, it might not allow any regain. Was fighting the Watchdog of the Old Lords and my Burial Blade had +12 fire atk on it, when the fire atk was on the blade I could not regain anything from the dog, but removing the fire damage fixed this problem. I believe this isn't a problem against kin while using arcane type attacks though.

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