Shields are defensive equipment in Bloodborne. Compared to previous From Software games, shields aren't as effective in Bloodborne, but they can be useful in some cases.

Wooden Shield
Reduces all damage to a small degree.
Cathedral Ward
Loch Shield
Greatly reduces non-physical damage.
Research Hall - The Old Hunters DLC

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    • Anonymous

      First impressions of the Wooden Shield is this: good for use on smaller enemies that move quickly, the damage taken is easily recoverable by retaliating immediately after blocking an attack. Keep a gun as secondary in off-hand for larger foes. Probably could be quite useful with high stamina investment.

      • Anonymous

        side yahar'gul elevator, i took a shot from wheelchair man, almost half of the damage that it would normally do a bullet from him was deflected by the shield

        • Anonymous

          With the Wooden Shield and Tontrius, I went in reluctantly for a try at Rom. I have to say it was probably one of the easier fights with it since the spiders did much less damage to me and the arcane missiles he shoots also did quite a bit less. It was very helpful although damage is still taken.

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