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Rosmarinus is a Firearm in Bloodborne; it's one of two arcane-based "sprayer" firearms.


Rosmarinus Description

"A special weapon used by the Choir, high-ranking members of the Healing Church.
Sprays a cloud of sacred mist, created by using blood-imbued Quicksilver Bullets as a special medium.
Arias are heard wherever sacred mist is seen, proving that the mist is a heavenly blessing.
"Oh, fair maiden, why is it that you weep?""


Rosmarinus Information

  • Requires 16 Bloodstone Shards, 16 Twin Bloodstone Shards, 16 Bloodstone Chunks, 1 Blood Rock and ?? Blood Echoes to fully upgrade.
  • While the Rosmarinus can be upgraded, it cannot be fortified with blood gems.
  • The Rosmarinus is an excellent choice for high Arcane builds due to its very generous scaling.
    • Like most Arcane weapons/tools, it's recommended to run at least 50 Arcane to maximize this weapon's damage potential.
    • It operates exactly like the Flamesprayer, albeit it has a few unique characteristics.
      • You can hold down L2 to continuously fire.
      • It consumes one Quicksilver Bullet every 1.4 seconds.




Player Notes

  • The Rosmarinus operates as a powerful anti-mob firearm for Arcane users; as it's essentially a sister weapon to the Flamesprayer.
    • Compared to the Flamesprayer, the main difference is that the Rosmarinus fires damaging, arcane-infused mist of instead of searing flames.
    • The Rosmarinus also has much higher scaling with arcane when compared to the Flamesprayer, albeit it has slightly less base arcane damage.
    • One major advantage the Flamesprayer holds over the Rosmarinus is that the Flamesprayer's damage output can be increased against opponents who are covered in oil.
    • Otherwise, many of the same tactics that applied to the Flamesprayer works with the Rosmarinus as well:
      • It cannot stagger opponents but it applies mass AOE damage against crowds, which helps offset this issue.
      • Remember that there's a small delay when firing the Rosmarinus; keep this in mind against fast moving targets.
      • You can move freely while firing, but you also walk slower.
      • Stamina is not consumed while firing the Rosmarinus, meaning it's useful when you have expended all of your current stamina.
      • It's incredibly useful in tight corridors/rooms since opponents will have a more difficult time dodging the mist.
      • Bone Marrow Ash can be used to strengthen this firearm. Furthermore, just like the Flamesprayer, the effects of the BMA will not wear off as long as you hold down L2.
  • The Rosmarinus appears to have some form of stacking effect which explodes similar to rapid poison. Certain enemies (Pthumerian Slaves, and others) take a certain number of damage ticks and then take bonus damage accompanying a sound effect similar to rapid bleed's effect. [Note: It's been difficult trying to figure out which enemies are vulnerable to this, or how exactly the damage bonus works. My guess is that anything Pthumerian related is fair game, although I don't think it works against certain Pthumerian bosses like Yharnam. This needs more evidence to conclude fact from fiction.]





-- -- 30 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- B 1


-- -- 35 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- B 1


-- -- 40 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- B 1


-- -- 45 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- B 1


-- -- 50 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- A 1


-- -- 55 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- A 1


-- -- 60 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- A 1


-- -- 65 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- A 1


-- -- 70 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- S 1


-- -- 75 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- S 1


-- -- 80 -- -- -- -- 100 100 -- -- -- S 1


Movesets & Videos




  • Rosmarinus is latin for rosemary, which is commonly used as a decorative plant in gardens as pest control. But its more common use is as a spice used for cooking, grown prominently in Mediterranean areas.
    • Rosemary was known for potentially being able to strengthen the mind's ability to remember things, as well as recall things once forgotten.
    • It's also used as a method of purification. The Rosmarinus especially seems to follow this theme as it sprays a mist to "purify" its surroundings, as well as make arias be heard.
      • During the times of the Black Plague, rosemary branches were placed on the floors of homes in an effort to combat the plague. In this sense, use of the Rosmarinus can be seen as fighting the plague of beasts using a rosemary-infused firearm.
      • Rosemary also has historical association with the Virgin Mary (from Christianity). The description of the Rosmarinus mentions a maiden whom we associate as Queen Yharnam, who in this sense is an allusion to the Virgin Mary.
  • The Rosmarinus is a symbolic weapon of the Choir. Only the highest ranking members of the Healing Church were allowed to use this particular firearm.
    • If you look very carefully on the belt of the Choir set, you'll notice there's a small green plant with white flowers attached to it; that particular plant is exactly the same as rosemary in real life.



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    • Anonymous

      I'm making a plague doctor build that's a mix of bloodtinge & arcane, and I've settled on using the Bloodletter, Rosmarinus, Blacksky Eye, & Auger of Ebrietas. Bloodletting, rosemary, and leeches are all related to plague doctors in some way or another, and Blacksky Eye is just really useful since I won't have a ranged weapon to use. The Auger will also let me parry even when using the Bloodletter's tricked mode.

      • Anonymous

        Definetly outclasses the flamesprayer in PvP. You can chunk down your opponents hp safely and its more practical in that compared to the flamesprayer which needs oil for full effectiveness and even then most opponents have higher fire resistance than arcane.

        • Anonymous

          Regarding the line in the trivia section, the plant tucked into the belt on the Choir set looks more like a sprig of mistletoe than it does of rosemary.

          • perhaps the most interesting thing about this weapon is that the maiden it refers to is ebrietas

            something very few people know about is that ebrietas' theme actually has lyrics (theyre in latin but latin is still translatable), which directly quote the quote in the rosmarinus' description

            in short: ebrietas gun

            • Anonymous

              A shame that this and the Flamesprayer can't stagger in any way. It is almost impossible to use it longer than two seconds against most enemies because of the delay and slowed movement so it would have been nice if it could stagger like other firearms or the Flamesprayers of the church enemies.

              • Anonymous

                A fun trivia that this weapon does that you didn't add, if you hold down the trigger and let Rosmarinus continue to spray it will start to make an echoing noise like a choir singing.

                • Anonymous

                  how is it that this tea kettle air freshener has higher arcane scaling then the mother****ing holy moonlight sword?

                  • Anonymous

                    Flamesprayer is literally just a better version of this. You get earlier and it deals damage more effectively to more common enemies. If you’re gonna run an arcane build, just use the flamesprayer.

                    • Anonymous

                      This weapon isn't really worth it, I got it and it looks cool and is pretty bad ass because it plays choir music, but idk, it's too expensive. 60,000 is ridiculous! If they bring it back they gotta put it in a chalice dungeon or something.

                      • Anonymous

                        Rosemary was burned as an incense by Roman priests in religious ceremonies, and in the homes of those who died of illness (probably the plague). The Rosemarinus definitely looks like a censer as well.

                        • Oh man, a few days ago I typed up this awesome new page that was used mostly paragraphs, made it look "professional" and all that. Now I can't even edit the page to finish the work.....

                          • Anonymous

                            So I found this in the trick weapon box at the bottom of reiterpalach (I will never get that spelling right, but im in the ballpark.). Not really much for modifying wiki's, but the problem's there for anyone who wants to.

                            • Anonymous

                              I run an ARC/STR build, and I love this weapon. One bullet can get me 300 damage if I use it right, and it's a godsend against high regain weapons, since this pretty much nullifies regain if you use a quick spurt after an attack. have to be nearly immobile while in use. I'm not much of a fan of this feature because you're quite open while using it, and the range compared to other firearms is abyssal. I just hope the day comes when you can quickstep while keeping this weapon in use.

                              • Anonymous

                                Complete and utter garbage this here "weapon" is. I'd have much better luck chucking pebbles than using this watering can. Even with high arcane.

                                • Finally got this page done. It's not complete because I still don't quite understand how the special damage modifier works regarding Pthumerians and "undead" creatures. I'll have to do some research on this, unless someone already figured this part out.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Arias are heard wherever sacred mist is seen, proving that the mist is a heavenly blessing. "Oh, fair maiden, why is it that you weep?" Does anyone notice that there is weeping sounds in both the hunter's dream and in the workshop secret area, both having a misty fog.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      No, not the actual religious item, which would make sense since the Choir are the highest ranked group in the church that literally get to have audience with the Great Ones, but the decorative plant. It doubles as a tasty herb too. The singing you hear in the background as you use this weapon actually aren't Arias, but ambient music you would usually hear at a fancy restaurant

                                      • Anonymous

                                        There's definitely a damage drop if you only hit enemies with the edge of the cloud. Point blank it does about twice as much damage

                                        • Anonymous

                                          If you use it at cainhurst in a room with the weeping maidens they will all become visible. not sure on the exact range but you can be pretty far away from them.

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