Items in Bloodborne are found in game either on bodies, dropped from slain enemies, sold by merchants, through trade with insight, or from chests. There are several types of items, classified by their purpose, quantity and usage method. A projectile is different from ammunition in that its independent from any weapon slot, for example.




Consumables in Bloodborne are Items that deplete with use. They can be found around Yharnam, on corpses of fallen enemies and purchased from Messengers (vendors).

Item Name Use Acquired


Removes poison. Found on corpses throughout Yharnam and sold by Messengers.
Drops from Crows.

beast blood pelletBeast Blood Pellet

Enables Beasthood, increasing the damage a hunter deals and receives with increasing intensity as they bathe in blood.

Rare drop from Werewolf.
Rare drop from crows in the DLC.
Found on corpses throughout Yharnam.
Can be purchased from the Bath Messengers after obtaining the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge.

blood dregBlood Dreg

Awful things that Vilebloods see in coldblood. Consume to gain 1 Insight. Dropped by killing other hunters (NPCs or Players) once the Corruption Caryll Rune has been equipped.

blood of adellaBlood of Adella

Restores HP and gradually restores HP over time. Given by Adella at the Cathedral Ward.

blood of ariannaBlood of Arianna

Restores HP and temporarily boosts Stamina recovery speed. Given by Arianna at the Cathedral Ward.

blood vial

Blood Vial

Restores HP when consumed. Found on corpses throughout Yarnham.

blue exilirBlue Elixir

Makes the user nearly invisible while not moving. Sold by Bath Messengers after obtaining the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge
Also dropped by Scythe Priests with the Blue Flame Upgrade.

bold hunters mark

Bold Hunter's Mark

Allows you to reawaken at a lamp without losing your Blood Echoes. Given by Eileen The Crow in Central Yharnam.

bolt paperBolt Paper

Temporarily adds 80 bolt damage to right-hand weapon. Sold by Bath Messengers for 1 insight or 14,000 Blood Echoes each. Trigger: Receiving the Spark Hunter Badge from Darkbeast Paarl.
Also found throughout the game.

bone marrow ashBone Marrow Ash

Increases your next QS Bullet damage when used on your firearm.
Can be used on Flamesprayer or Rosmarinus.
Found throughout the world.
Sold by Bath Messengers. Unlocked by obtaining the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.

coldblood dewColdblood Dew

Can be consumed to acquire Blood Echoes. Coldblood Dew (1) = 350 Blood Echoes.
Coldblood Dew (2) = 500 Blood Echoes.
Coldblood Dew (3) = 1,000 Blood Echoes.

delayed molotovDelayed Molotov

Molotov cocktail that explodes on a timed delay. Sold by lower Bath Messengers after obtaining the Firing Hammer Badge by killing the Beasthood Hunter found near the Boom Hammer in the Hunters Nightmare.

Drop from the Huntsman in the Hunters Nightmare.

delayed rope molotovDelayed Rope Molotov

Molotov that is thrown backwards and explodes on delay Sold by lower Bath Messengers after obtaining the Firing Hammer Badge by killing the Beasthood Hunter found near the Boom Hammer in the Hunters Nightmare.

fire paperFire Paper

Temporarily adds 80 fire damage to right-hand weapon. Sold by Bath Messengers. Unlocked by obtaining the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.
Also found throughout the game.

frenzied coldblood8Frenzied Coldblood

Use to gain frenzied Blood Echoes.

Frenzied ColdBlood (7) = 2,000 Blood Echoes.
Frenzied ColdBlood (8) = 3,000 Blood Echoes.
Frenzied ColdBlood (9) = 5,000 Blood Echoes.

gold pendantGold Pendant

Consume to gain a Blood Gem. Dropped by Vicar Amelia.

great ones wisdomGreat One's Wisdom

Consume to gain 2 Insight. One found in Byrgenwerth near giant centipede by entrance.
Found in Nightmare of Mensis near the giant Frenzy-inducing enemy by dropping off onto a rooftop when traveling on one of the elevators. Note: Easier to obtain once the enemy is dropped into the pit.

great one coldbloodGreat One Coldblood

Can be consumed to acquire a huge amount of Blood Echoes (40,000) Found in some level 4 & 5 dungeons.

Hand LanternHand Lantern

Use Weapons in both hands while illuminating the dark. No longer decreases stamina regeneration rate as of patch 1.03. Sold by Bath Messengers. Unlocked by obtaining the Sword Hunter Badge.

iosefkas blood vialIosefka's Blood Vial

Consume to gain a larger amount of HP. When returned to the 1st sickroom after your first visit to the Hunters Dream turn around and go up the stairs behind you to a locked door and talk to Iosefka, she'll gift the blood vial to you after you promise to stop begging to be let in! You get one in Iosefka 's Clinic from a celestial mob. Also in a chest outside Mergo's Wet Nurse boss elevator.

kin coldblood12Kin Coldblood

Use to gain unspeakable Blood Echoes. Kin Coldblood (10) = 8,000 Blood Echoes.
Kin Coldblood (11) = 10,000 Blood Echoes.
Kin Coldblood (12) = 20,000 Blood Echoes.

lead elixirLead Elixir

Incoming blows bounce off, dealing reduced damage. Numerous locations within Nightmare Realms.

madmans knowledgeMadman's Knowledge

Consume to gain 1 Insight. Treasure in Sewer near Rats in Central Yharnam.
Treasure x2 in Cathedral Ward, close to the lever that moves the tomb.
Also found throughout the game in general.

quicksilver bulletQuicksilver Bullets

Consumed in the use of Firearms and Hunter Tools.  

Red Jeweled BroochRed Jeweled Brooch

Use to gain a droplet Blood Gem. Treasure on a ledge inside the Tomb of Oedon.


Removes Frenzy and Beasthood buildup. Drops from Nightmare enemies.

shaman bone bladeShaman Bone Blade

Bites deep, turning an enemy hostile to its fellows. Found in the main hall of Upper Cathedral Ward.
Also a rare drop from the Brainsucker found in Byrgenwerth.

shining coinsShining Coins

Emits a bright glow when placed. Purchased in Hunter's Dream.
Also found throughout the game.

thick coldblood5Thick Coldblood

Can be consumed to acquire a large amount of Blood Echoes Thick Coldblood(4) = 1,200 Blood Echoes
Thick Coldblood(5) = 1,500 Blood Echoes
Thick Coldblood(6) = 1,800 Blood Echoes

one third of umbilical cordOne Third of Umbilical Cord

Consume to gain 3 Insight. Also has a special effect on the outcome of the game. Beware of spoilers when reading the main article for this item. 1. Drop from Mergo's Wet Nurse.
2. Located on the altar inside the building of the Abandoned Old Workshop.
3. After the Blood Moon has risen, the NPC Arianna will move to a certain location in the Cathedral Ward. At this point there is a creature beside her that resembles a fetus. Kill it and it will drop the umbilical cord.
4. Dropped by the defenseless Imposter Iosefka if visited (and killed) after slaughtering Rom.

Tear StoneTear Stone

Consume to gain a Tear Stone Blood Gem. Given by Plain Doll after giving her the Small Hair Ornament, which is found in the Abandoned Old Workshop.


Crush to increase your rank in The League. Obtained after successfully completing a co-op session whith the Impurity rune equipped. Also a guaranteed, one-time drop from certain enemy hunters in The Hunter's Nightmare.

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    • Anonymous

      Got the Tonsil Store from the dudeski at central yharnam Lampe (ng+) now every npc is gone and amigdala is at the church. Just killen the doggy at the cathedral.

      • Anonymous

        With arcane items that act more accordingly with spells, should there be a unique tab for them? Also, a user called Lhox has uploaded footage of most of the items to Youtube.

        • Anonymous

          It's an uncommon drop from the rifle users in the graveyard. The one on the left path just before Vicar Amelia.

          • Anonymous

            found this by giving the girl in the window the red Messenger Ribbon. when you can see all the big bugs. she says shes looking for her sister the girl that gave you the music box and that she ran away after she asked you to find her. you need to kill the pig in the sewers and it drops red Messenger Ribbon, after take it back to the girl and after you stop talking walk away and she says how the Ribbon is so nice or somethink like that, go to hunters dream and come back, look down the bottom of the ladder where you talked to the girl to see a corps with the White Messenger Ribbon

            • Anonymous

              empty phantasm shell=cheap buffs multi-uses best item in the game only 15 arcane to give your weapon +80 magic damage (at 15 arcane)

              • Anonymous

                My game tells me that this item alows me to absorb more blood echos but is that a limited or perment effect

                • Anonymous

                  here's an idea: how about putting the consumables in the order they appear in your inventory? wow! thanks random poster guy! you made everything so much easier

                  • Anonymous

                    Beleave it or not in my irst run httrough the game I found an item that I cant find people talking about anywhere its an item that dosent allow you to respect but allows you to reset all your stats so you could technically respect but you would have to re level I thought it interesting I'm going to that profile now to check it out

                    • Anonymous

                      Should there be a notes section for this page? Blue Elixers shorten NPC visual range considerably. I've been able to bolt past whole sections of the game without causing aggro. I've also stood still in patrol paths only to be spotted by monsters. The in-game description is neglecting this information.

                      • Anonymous

                        Hello guys, i was wondering what will happen to the chalices after i go to ng+ ? Will they go away and i will have to start over ? I already know that they will not scale in difficulty with ng+ ( thats good news) .. So what will happen ?

                        • dungeonsi found one in the chalice dungeons and you can propose to queen of the vilebloods but she refused. Haven't found any other use for it yet but when i got it it was at the end of the game and all other npc's were dead or gone

                          • Where should we put them? In the game, it puts them under consumables, but for some reason we've got 'em scattered all across the pages here. Do ya think we should just make a second table under the consumables tab that'll host them for easy reference?

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