Delayed Molotov

A special hunter tool crafted by the old Oto Workshop. These molotovs wedge into the ground when thrown, and explode on a timed delay.

A shame that such a complex gadget must be sacrificed with each use of this inefficient hunter tool. Nevertheless, delayed molotovs are cherished by the minority of hunters who prefer the tricksier kill. This creation is one of the earliest- known roots of the Powder Kegs.

Delayed Molotov is an Consumable Item in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters DLC.


Delayed Molotov Usage

  • Molotov cocktail that explodes on a timed delay.




  • Purchasable at the messenger bath after obtaining the Firing Hammer Badge from the beastform NPC hunter in the Hunter's Nightmare.




  • ??




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    • Anonymous

      02 Jul 2021 04:30  

      This is only good when you're in the Fishing Hamlet, going after the Rakuyo, and dealing with the two Sharks down there. Its practically the ONLY time you're in a small enough area that they're even remotely useable. Otherwise, don't bother. Either your enemies will be too slow to move ing before it goes off, and be out of range, or your enemies will have blitzed you and have run past it before it blows up (and probably are smacking you). This however isn't so for the delayed 'rope' version you throw behind you, which is basically a blind toss, and impossible to land right. In short, don't bother with these, just use oil urns and molotovs.

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