Shining Coins

Various Coins that are particularly luminous.
There are very few uses for spare change during the hunt, but these will serve as guides through the darkness.

Or, one could save them until morning, if it ever comes.

Shining Coins is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Shining Coins Usage

  • Use these coins as bread crumbs to show paths taken



  • 20 Blood Echoes (Base Price)





  • Price of the Shining Coins does not go up in price



These items are similar to Prism Stones



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    • Anonymous

      I intentionally kept all the coins I found for my hunter to keep after the end of the game. I know it has no effect on the ending, but I imagine our dear protagonist is quite out of sorts when morning comes--having some cash on hand will help them get back on their feet.

      • Anonymous

        Good for winding chalices that try to make you go in circles, or do that annoying thing where you fall through the floor into a big room you've already explored

        • Anonymous

          "Or, one could save them until morning, if it ever comes." This encouraged me to not only seek a deeper meaning into the item itself but buy up as many as possible and get the Sacrificial Ending to see if anything would happen concerning them.

          • Anonymous

            Any significance? (Spoiler) Ending 1 let's you wake up from the hunter's dream to a sunrise, perhaps this is referring to an impact in NG+?

            • Anonymous

              I planted some of these coins on the edge of the cliff where the Monocular is found in Cathedral Ward, then went down to the bridge leading into the Tomb of Oedon. I looked up and I could see the coins hovering in mid-air, pretty much directly over the ladder next to the Brick Troll that pushes the flaming boulder at you.

              • Anonymous

                So how do you get the messengers to sell you the coins? They were available to my on my first playthrough but when I made a new character and beat the game the never showed up.

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