Coldbloods are items that can be consumed to grant Blood Echoes to the player, so they in turn can be spent on Weapons, Armor, Equipment and leveling the character. Coldbloods aren't lost upon death and can therefore be reserved for when Echoes are needed. Coldbloods comes in various forms, and each form has several strengths in regards to how many Blood Echoes are given when consumed.

**Note that, like in previous Souls games, you must consume the Coldblood, not sell it, to get the full amount of echoes.

Icon & Type Blood Echo Worth
Coldblood Dew
(1) 350 / (2) 500 / (3) 1000
Thick Coldblood
(4) 1200 / (5) 1500 / (6) 1800
frenzied_coldblood.pngFrenzied Coldblood (7) 2000 / (8) 3000 / (9) 5000
kin_coldblood10.pngKin Coldblood (10) 8000 / (11) 10,000 / (12) 20,000
great_one_coldblood.pngGreat One Coldblood 40,000
Old Great One Coldblood


Coldblood Locations

  • Certain chalice dungeons (high level)(needs more research)
  • Example


Player Notes

  • Using a coldblood shortly after taking damage from an enemy will regain the recently lost HP. (amount of health regained with different coldbloods not tested)


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    • Anonymous

      You gotta be kidding me. I only now found out that you only get a fifth of the coldblood item's value if you sell it instead of using it. In DS3 the sell for the same amount. So all this time I've been selling them for a puny amount and wondering why the hell even the lv7 ones give so few echoes. Maybe someone should add this info to the page cause this is a really dumb move by the devs and I never would have found out if I hadn't looked up the numbers here randomly.

      • Anonymous

        Not sure how you're doing it but I tested it out and using coldblood does NOT restore lost health, in fact it does nothing to your healthbar at all.

        • Anonymous

          Got a normal great one coldblood in a lower pthumerian root chalice with no offerings, so not too high level.

          • Anonymous

            According to the guide, there's one more Coldblood type, Revered Great One Coldblood. Worth 100 000 souls.

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