Beast Blood Pellet

beast blood pellet

Large medicinal pellets, supposedly formed of coagulated beast blood. Banned by the Healing Church due to their unclear origin. Grants a spurt of beasthood.

Ripping apart the flesh of one's enemies and being rained up by their splattering blood invigorates one's sense of beasthood, feeding strength and euphoric feeling alike.

Beast Blood Pellet is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Beast Blood Usage

  • Grants temporary Beasthood for 60 seconds. See Beasthood page for more details.
  • As the meter fills, the damage you deal increases but the damage dealt to you by others also increases.
  • Only physical attacks are affected by beasthood.
  • Can not be used while other personal buffs are active.



  • 6x At the bottom of Old Yharnam, in a dead end street near the Blood-starved Beast.
  • 3x Forbidden Woods, before falling down the plank trap to the village, in the broken house beyond the flower hill.
  • 6x Forbidden Woods, in the house to the left of the village entrance, below the dog cages.
  • 4x Forbidden Woods, in a broken house next to the cannon.
  • 1x Nightmare of Mensis, behind some mirrors in Mergo's Loft, between the two staircases leading down to the broken floor.
  • Dropped (rarity uncertain) from Wheelchair Hunters in Research Hall
  • Dropped (rarity uncertain) from Carrion Crows in the Hunter’s Nightmare


  • The Beast Blood Pellet gives a temporary version of the constant buff gained when using a transformed Beast Claw.
  • Insight will decrease the Beasthood stat.
  • Beast Runes will increase the Beasthood stat.
  • Attire will also increase the Beasthood stat, the Ashen Hunter Set being the strongest. (Brador's Set is higher, but is only available after purchasing the Old Hunters DLC.)



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    • Anonymous

      This + tricked L2 whirligig = boss melting. Add fire paper/bolt paper/EPS and watch health bars vanish before your eyes. Don’t forget to pump that beasthood stat with runes and armor!

      • Anonymous

        i know its already late but, here a tip: use this and spam L1 attack non-stop, will fill the meter faster than hitting normal

        • Anonymous

          Drops from the beast possessed souls, the ones that you find sleeping in the middle of rooms as a miniboss in loran chalices

          • Anonymous

            Cool so it’s like a slightly worse version of the bright bug from dark souls 2 and by slightly worse I still mean *****ing awesome

            • Anonymous

              Just downed about every boss in ng++ with these things, before I had no idea what they did and jeez now I'm gonna use them nonstop

              • Anonymous

                I find it strange that these are unlocked at the insight bath after gaining the cosmic eye watcher badge. The eye badge is tied into the choir who were the healing church elite, could this mean the choir was given permission by the healing church to use these pellets?

                • Anonymous

                  I have killed nicolash cage and now I can purchase this from the insight vendors, I have not killed the wet nurse.

                  • Anonymous

                    Found one as loot on a crow where you find the white church set in the forbidden woods (on a roof above the guy that gives the tonsil stone), but I'd like for someone to double check the findings.

                    • Anonymous

                      Can this give you effectively negative defense? If not, then a glass cannon build would make insane use of these. If it is possible, though, then this only really works for high defense builds that can compensate for the extra damage received. Then the question is also whether it's flat or percentage damage buffs, like you deal and receive X more damage or X% more damage. If it's percentage then it's a useless item to anyone reliant on armor.

                      • Anonymous

                        "Duration of the buff is 60-70 seconds. (can anyone shed some light on why the duration is sometimes more than 60 seconds?)" I'd hypothesise it's to do with framerate. FROM does like to tie things to it; if I'm right an average of 25.7 FPS would extend it to 70 seconds. Just averaging 29 FPS would add 2 seconds on.

                        • Anonymous

                          Tracing this item back from where it's first found, in a werewolf infested area of Old Yharnam, to the largest concentrations of these items in Forrbiden Woods suggests that perhaps it was originally created and used by (church?) hunters clearing out the writhing scourge around Byrgenworth. The Suspicious Beggar seems to able manufacture the pellets by killing Chapel npcs, and also turns into a large beast similar to a cleric's beast transformation although he looks slightly smaller and while fighting goes on about hunters with a familiar contempt. Is it within the realm of possiblity that the Suspicious Beggar could be Irrevrant Izzy refrenced in the Beast Roar item and that he was expelled from the church for enticing people to become beasts either willingly or by tricking them? Could he have known that his discovery of this item that gave him a euphoric rush during the grim task of hunting beasts would also turn him and the people he shared his discovery with into the very things he was charged with killing? Of all the large beasts you fight he is the most lucid, retaining his ability to speak. Perhaps his constant use of this item is what allows him to do this, being so close to being a beast. I think he's probably what decapitated Dores who you find the Graveyard set on, since he probably doesn`t like Willem too much but would probably have trouble against the fire wielding Shadows of Yharnam. If these pellets were being used by people in Old Yharnam it might explain the outbreak of Ashblood beasts.

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