Great One Coldblood

Relic containing the Blood Echoes of a Great One.
Use to gain cosmically nightmarish Blood Echoes.

Like a true revelation, this uncanny relic defies understanding

Great One Coldblood is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Great One Coldblood Usage

  • Use to gain cosmically nightmarish Blood Echoes (40,000)



  • Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Dungeon (On a corpse in layer 3 on the balcony that over looks the flowery hill in middle + before entrance to boss gate lever area)
  • Lower Hintertomb root chalice
  • Sinister Hintertomb root chalice
  • Lower Pthumeru root chalice
  • Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice
  • Isz root chalice



  • glyph vy8hiwxx (Layer Two side room)
  • glyph zr64u2jq (Rotted Lower Pthumerian + Fetid, Depth 3-Layer 3, side area before Lamp)
  • glyph jydfmre9 (Rotted Lower Hintertomb + Foetid, Depth 3 - Layer 2 - side area before boss room)
  • glyph gwedu9m7 (Sinister Lower Pthumerian  - Layer Two side area before boss room)



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    • Anonymous

      Found one in a regular Lower Pthumeru labyrinth, glyph is enpsuigi. On the third layer in the side room directly after the elevator.

      • Anonymous

        found one in Pthumerian Labyrinth. on the 4th layer. glyph is hf3cudu4 which also has some cut items dropped by the bosses of layer 2 and 3. blood starved beast and Watchdogs. depth 4 chalice giving pretty good waning blood gems

        • Anonymous

          Aye Fellow Hunters, Found An Old One Coldblood at Rotted Lower Pthumeru Labyrinth. Chalice Glyph: 32eyczcb. Btw If Any Of You Hunters Have a Chalice Glyph that has a Great One Coldblood, Please Reply.

          • Anonymous

            Why doesn't bloodborne replace the normal coldbloods with better ones like dark souls? Doesn't really make sense looking for them in ng+ and after since the amount of echoes they give is next to nothing at that point of the game.

            • Anonymous

              Just found one in Rotten Lower Pthumerian + Fetid depth 3. It’s thru the door before the layer 3 lamp after layer 2 heart lamp. In a coffin guarded by Labyrinth Warrior (Morning Star). Chalice Glyph: rbuts25k (FlailingMo)

              • Anonymous

                Just discovered a new easy spot for quick access. Lower pthumerian labyrinth. Loot seemed normal then the secret room past locked door has a great one coldblood. Glyph is sxm58fd4

                • Anonymous

                  This website says you can get a great one coldblood in Great phumeru lhyll layer 3 on some balcony. so can anyone tell me if it's really there because i can't go online for the root chalice's and this is supposed to be a fixed item and not random. Anyone know if this is right?

                  • Anonymous

                    Never knew this existed until today and wow, I was so shocked finding it. I know some time has passed and game is older, but here is my glyph for anyone looking to get their hands on another: pip3ree8 Now to find another one... I regret using it... the art is incredible for it.

                    • Anonymous

                      Just found an Elder Great One Coldblood. Pthumeru Ihyll, all rituals. Gliph: weqfzn34. Depth 4 in the main section. It is not my dungeon.

                      • Anonymous

                        With Ailing Loran Chalice dungeons + Moon Caryll runes, I don't see the need for higher Coldblood than Kin (12). With all three runes and one boss I have gathered over 300k echoes, e.g. an entire dungeon gives about 1 million. Again, what's the point? I can only imagine the amount of echoes even harder chalice dungeons can provide... *sighs longingly*

                        • Anonymous

                          I also found "Ancient Grate One Coldblood"(i think, in italian is called "Sangue greddo di un Grande Essere Antico") in Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice and gives 50k echoes

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