Kin Coldblood

Coldblood of inhuman kin of the cosmos,
brethren of the Great Ones.
Use to gain unspeakable Blood Echoes.

Dare not to delve into the world beyond humanity, the eldritch Truth touched upon long ago at Byrgenwerth.

Kin Coldblood is an consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Kin Coldblood Usage





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    • Anonymous

      05 Feb 2020 10:52  

      After looking closely at Kin Coldblood (12), instead of just being a large drop of blood, it appears to actually be a placenta sack with something akin to an embryo or a worm growing inside of it.

      • Another location to find it.05 Jul 2016 14:48  

        I got one from the chest right before Oedon's chapel on NG+++. That chest contained Yharnam Hunter set right? Anyone has obtained it on NG+ or NG++? I did not open that chest on those playthroughs.

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