Gold Pendant

Pendant of Vicar Amelia. Use to change into a Blood Gem, which fortifies weapons."

This pendant, passed down among the vicars who head the Healing Church, is a reminder of the cautionary adage. To reveal the adage, touch the altar skull.

Gold Pendant is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Gold Pendant Usage











  • Pendant has appeared in Dark Souls as a starting gift for the purpose of remembering one's memory, this one shares a similiar purpose.
  • Among all Consumables which grant Blood Gems, this is the only one which grants Radial Gem instead of Droplet Gems.


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    • Anonymous

      You can’t sell it in ng, it same stats in ng, so snap it open get 280echos or it’s just a dupe , and I bet it wouldn’t stack anyway

      • Anonymous

        This is actually the pendant from dark souls, and fromsoft added it so we could get the satisfaction of destroying the damn thing, im sure of it

        • Anonymous

          After reading "The Hound" by H.P. Lovecraft it seems like this is the pendant which The Hound was obsessed with, plus Vicar Amelia is similar to the one Lovecraft wrote about. The only difference I can find is that the amulet is green jade and the amulet in BB is just gold. Can anyone confirm that this was intended or is it just wishful thinking?

          • I forgot where I initially found this door ( I think it's somewhere in hte area of the Oedons Cathedral ) but someone asks for a password in order to let the player into Byrgenwerth. I'm under the assumption that this is needed. Please confirm if you know.

            • Anonymous

              I think it is just for the stone the brooch has a are you sure question and it is for a side quest the pendent doesn't if it had a use it have that yes or no before becoming a blood gem

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