Fire Paper

Coarse paper that applies fire to weapons when rubbed. A hunter tool found in the Healing Church workshop.

Since the tragedy that struck Old Yharnam, fire has become a staple in beast hunts, and is thought to cleanse impurity. Certain types of beasts have an abnormal fear of flame.

Fire Paper is an Consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Fire Paper Usage

  • Coats right hand weapon in fire element for 60 seconds.
  • Adds 80 Fire damage to weapon.
  • Can not be applied to elemental weapons.










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    • Anonymous

      Effective against all kinds of beasts, but better never use it as toilet paper. Believe me, I speak from experience.

      • Anonymous

        So let's get this straight and not be coy about it... If I'm understanding correctly, the price scales, but the damage doesn't. There's no way I'm the only person who sees what's wrong with this.

        • Anonymous

          Hey guys It says you can find it in. The upper parts of yarnam but I don’t know where that is please help

          • Anonymous

            Question: If i use this fire paper does the damagetype of the weapon switch to fire (from physical atk)? Using this paper are the bloodgems (x% bonus physical damage) still a viable option or do they stop scalling due it is fire atk?

            • Anonymous

              i got 5 fire papers from the beasts when i fought the blood starving beast and even when i died i could buy them from the bathmessanger but after i beat him and got the badge i went back and no longer can find them at the bathmessanger or insight shop. same goes to bolt papers i got them then they disappeared from the shop. help ?? what's the deal with it?

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