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Cathedral Ward Wheel Hunter Badge
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Alfred is a non-playable character in Bloodborne.

"You're a hunter, aren't you? I knew it. That's precisely how I started out!"


This character can first be found at the Cathedral Ward, in another part of the building with the tomb entrance. Go on the left side of the building around to where you pull the lever to open the tomb. Continue out the door and he will be standing there. He will give you Fire Paper during this encounter.
Later in the game, after killing Vicar Amelia, he can be found again in the Cathedral Ward, but on the balcony overlooking the entrance to the Forbidden Woods.

  • Can be summoned outside of the Blood-Starved Beast fight if you spoke to him previously in Cathedral Ward. As you descend towards the chapel on the first staircase you will find a note on the right-hand side saying that you can summon him. Use the Beckoning Bell on the note and he will be summoned.
  • Alfred does not fill a summon slot. If he is summoned first, it is still possible to summon two players, allowing you to tackle Blood-Starved Beast with a four-man team.
  • Can be summoned for the Cleric Beast, you must have agreed with him in the Cathedral Ward. To summon him go through the gate next to the Central Yharnam lamp, down the stairs and there will be a messenger with a note, use the Beckoning Bell there.
  • Drops: If killed in his second location in Cathedral Ward, he will give Wheel Hunter Badge (replaced by Fire Paper if you already have the badge), as well as Radiance oath during Vileblood Queen Chamber encounter after talking to him there. If you kill him in the first location, he will only drop Fire Paper.


  1. After finding Alfred Near the entrance to Old Yharnam in Cathedral Wards agree to cooperate with him to be gifted Fire Paper 3x & Pray Gesture (note: If you do not meet him near the entrance to Old Yharnam and wait to meet him at the Forbidden Woods after defeating Vicar Amelia, you will not receive the Pray Gesture)
  2. After defeating Martyr Logarius in Cainhurst Castle, Pick up the Crown of Illusions lying nearby on the ground. When equipped in this location activates a quick cutscene that reveals the Vileblood's throne room.
  3. To the right of the queen and on a table lies the unopened summons letter. Deliver this summons to Alfred near the Forbidden Woods entrance in Cathedral Ward so that he will gain access to Cainhurst, You will receive Church Bow (Male) Gesture and Wheel Hunter Badge.
  4. Alfred's mission is to eliminate the Vileblood faction for the sake of his former master to become a "true martyr" and to do this he must kill the queen. Once given the summons, Alfred will be found in the Vileblood's throne room standing over the queen's mutilated body, Talk to Alfred here to receive the Roar Gesture. Inspect the Queen's throne to get Queenly Flesh. Upon further inspection her remain's "writhe eerily" and you can see them pulsing slowly.
  5. Return to first location you spoke to Alfred, near the entrance to Old Yharnam in Cathedral Ward, to complete this quest, You will find his body along with the Radiance rune. It is believed that after completing his mission to eradicate the Vilebloods, Alfred took his own life to become a martyr just as his master was. An alternative theory is presented in the notes.





You're a hunter, aren't you? I knew it. That's precisely how I started out! Oh, beg pardon, you may call me Alfred. Protege of Master Logarius, hunter of Vilebloods. So, what say you? Our prey might differ, but we are hunters, the both of us. Why not cooperate, and discuss the things we've learned?

  • Cooperate:
  • "Oh-hoh! Very good, very good indeed! Take this, to celebrate our acquaintance." (Obtain fire paper & pray action)
  • "Beast hunting is a sacred practice. May the good blood guide your way."
  • Refuse: Nothing happens. He will just bid you farewell and you can talk again with him to cooperate.


There must be oodles for us to share.

  • Talk about the Healing Church:
  • "As you know, the Healing Church is the fountainhead of blood healing."
  • "Well, I'm a simple hunter, quite unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the institution."
  • "But I have heard that the holy medium of blood healing is venerated in the main cathedral. And that councilors of the old church reside in the high stratum of the Cathedral Ward."
  • "If you seek blood healing, and the church is willing, you should pay them a visit."


Talk about Byrgenwerth:

"Byrgenwerth is an old place of learning. And the tomb of the gods, carved out below Yharnam, should be familiar to every hunter."

"Well, once a group of young Byrgenwerth scholars discovered a holy medium deep within the tomb."

"This led to the founding of the Healing Church, and the establishment of blood healing".

"In this sense, everything sacred in Yharnam can be traced back to Byrgenwerth."

"But today, the college lies deep within a tangled wood, abandoned and decrepit. And furthermore, the Healing Church has declared Byrgenwerth forbidden ground."

"It's unclear how many of its scholars remain alive...but only they know the password that allows passage through the gate."


Talk about the Corrupted Vilebloods:

"Ah, there's something I want to tell you. A bit of wisdom from the eminent Master Logarius!"

"Once, a scholar betrayed his fellows at Byrgenwerth...and brought forbidden blood back with him to Cainhurst Castle."

"It was there that the first of the inhuman Vilebloods was born."

"The Vilebloods are fiendish creatures who threaten the purity of the Church's blood healing."

"The Ruler of the Vilebloods is still alive today. And so, to honor my master's wishes, I search, for the path to Cainhurst Castle."

Talk about the Corrupted Vilebloods again:

"In his time, Master Logarius led his executioners into Cainhurst Castle to cleanse it of the Vilebloods."

"But all did not go well and Master Logarius became a blessed anchor, guarding us from evil...Tragic, tragic times...that Master Logarius should be abandoned in the accursed domain of the Vilebloods."

"I must free him, so that he may be properly honored in martyrdom."



I bid you farewell. It has been a pleasure. May the good blood guide your way."


Give Unopened Summons:

"Ah-hah! Is that... the sigil of Cainhurst?"

"I've heard tell of Cainhurst nobles, and their amusingly pompous invitations."

"Wonderful! I thank you profusely... I will depart immediately. But first, a token of my gratitude."

(Gives 'Wheel Hunter Badge' and 'Church Bow (Male) )

"Ahh, I feel my master's hand at work. Praise the good blood! And let us cleanse these tarnished streets."


After giving 'Unopened Summons':

It has been an honor, but I must say good-bye. Let us cleanse these tarnished streets. And may the good blood guide your way."


Upon Arriving at Vileblood Queen's Chamber after giving 'Unopened Summons':

"Master, look! I've done it, I've done it! I smashed and pounded and grounded this rotten siren into fleshy pink pulp!"

"There, you filthy monstrosity! What good's your immortality now! Try stirring up trouble in this sorry state! All mangled and twisted, with every inside on the outside, for all the world to see! He heh hah hah Hah! He heh heh ha ha ha ha!"


Talking to him in Vileblood Queen's Chamber:

"Oh, you, is it? Look at this! Thanks to you, I've done it! Well? Isn't it wonderful?"

"Now Master can be canonized as a true martyr! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I've done it, I have!!! Hah h-hah ha ha hah!" (Gives 'Roar')


While hostlle in Vileblood Queen's Chamber:

"Just what is the meaning of this? Why turn your blade on me? You're jealous, aren't you? Unclean wench! Vile monstrosity! Bloody fool! Has the blood gone to your head? Pathetic, as you deserve!"

Upon death:

Pray for Master Logarius... in my stead..."


Although Alfred is a hunter he is wearing the Executioner Garb which suggests that executioners were once used as hunters. Alfred may be an Executioner and a hunter; or the Executioner order was disbanded after Logarius' martyrdom, (there is no chance that Alfred left the order willingly as he expresses deep love for his master and he is willing to take over his duty and hunt down the last Vileblood). In any case, Executioners were used to hunt down individuals possessing the "tainted" blood of the Cainhurst Vilebloods.


  1. Alfred is voiced by Daniel Flynn, the same voice actor as Solaire of Astora from Dark Souls, Alfred even speaks the phrase "Praise the Good Blood" upon giving him Unopened Summons.
  2. You may safely give him the Unopened Summons if you have joined the Vilebloods and equipped the Corruption Oath without him becoming hostile.
  3. Killing him after he has given you Roar will make him drop the Radiance Oath.
  4. Alfred completely tears the queen's body to pieces and this is most likely because he knew that she was undead and would not die from normal wounds.
  5. When summoned to fight the Blood-Starved Beast, he wields a Kirkhammer. However, when he murders the Queen, he uses a Logarius' Wheel
  6. It seems after giving him the Unopened Summons... if you attack him (Need not kill him) he will not murder Queen Annalise. Resulting in receiving the wheel hunter badge and gesture but not killing Annalise. Also if you kill him at this point he will not drop anything, however, the Gold Ardeo will still be available for purchase at Hunter's Dream.
  7. When you find him he is praying in front of a statue that seems to be wearing Executioner's set.
  8. He has performed a strange ritual and there is blood on the altar in front of him.
  9. A close-up of his eyes reveals that his pupils are beginning to "collapse". This is a sign that he will soon fall to beasthood.



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    • Anonymous

      21 Mar 2020 21:53  

      I posted this on another entry but think maybe here is more appropriate.... sorry for reposting. Can anyone help me find him? I have talked to Alfred earlier on in the game, summoned him to help me with the BSB. And then he just vanished. I am currently at the Blood Moon Phase (killed Rom and the One Reborn but not any further). I just finished the Cainhurst Castle and have the Unopened Summon with me. And I am afraid to move forward with the game because I don't want to miss this quest line. But I just can't find him at his second location near the entrance of the forbidden woods... Is this a bug? Does anyone else have this problem (so far online I don't see that others have this issue)? Or I am doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated!!!!

      • Anonymous

        22 Dec 2019 11:47  

        I love how From writes characters to be incredibly likeable but have hidden agendas that are usually completely insane. Makes almost everyone a morally-grey enigma that you really want to like but don't know if you should

        • Anonymous

          20 Dec 2019 00:21  

          I always viewed this guy as the Solaire of Bloodborne. They're both honorable as hell to the player and both bat*****out of their minds.

          • Anonymous

            03 May 2019 03:31  

            It says if you attack him after giving him the unopened summons, he won't kill Queen Annalise. Does this also stop him from from committing suicide or does he still do it?

            • Anonymous

              28 Jul 2018 19:42  

              So about his "collapsed pupils," observing the eyes of beast mobs and Yharnamites, it seems the WHITER their eyes get, the closer they are to becoming beasts. It looks similar to cataracts. Alfred's eyes don't show this at all, though. His are green with perfectly round, black pupils...

              Compared to Gehrman's eyes, Alfred's look quite normal.

              • Anonymous

                30 Jun 2018 15:07  

                The one portion of his dialogue that still confuses me is when he mentions a Byrgenwerth scholar that betrayed the school and brought "forbidden blood" back to Cainhurst, creating the Vilebloods.

                A. WHO was this scholar? Laurence? Micolash? Gehrman? All we know is that they were apparently male...
                B. WHAT was this "forbidden blood?" Is Alfred implying that it was forbidden by the Healing Church, by Byrgenwerth, or by both?
                C. WHEN did this happen? Prior to the establishment of blood healing? If so, why would they enlist the help of Lady Maria if she was a Vileblood? If after the events of the Old Hunters, does that mean Byrgenwerth was still in operation up until recently?
                D. Lastly, WHY did this scholar bring forbidden blood to Cainhurst?

                Now that I think about it, when exactly did Cainhurst ever become involved in all of this, anyway? Did Cainhurst exist prior to Byrgenwerth? Is Byrgenwerth descended from Cainhurst, based on the store of knowledge in their grand library, or do they just share common interest in the Tomb of the Gods? Was Cainhurst ever allied to Byrgenwerth, or was there some sort of race to discover the eldritch truth? How did a certain type of blood somehow create the Vilebloods, yet not turn these individuals into beasts like every other sanguine illness in the game?

                Come on, Alfred, you said you'd share your knowledge, but you only gave me bits and pieces of it...

                • Anonymous

                  27 May 2018 22:20  

                  okay but why does Alfred kill himself? its not really martyrdom if he commits suicide since im pretty sure even in a game world suicide is a sin in the eyes of the church. so? does he kill himself because he was staying alive for the sole purpose of annihilating Annalise? because if you look carefully you can’t really find any executioners or hunters wearing the church garb hanging about (except for Gascoigne and the mad doctors). Or does he kill himself because he knows he is falling to beasthood and would prefer to die human? or is he killed by Eileen because she knows he’s turning? his death is so confusing

                  • Anonymous

                    10 Mar 2018 23:16  

                    I feel rarely real anger towards a npc...or joy killing one. Thanks Alfred to grand me such a rare moment.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Dec 2017 17:17  

                      I *****ed up and killed him in the first location, at early game. Is there any other way to get the wheel Hunter badge? I'm trying to get all weapons in my first playthrough

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Nov 2017 04:56  

                        i accidentally attacked him and now the unhappy man doesnt stop attacking me back, killing him like the werewolves at door thresholds seems to be only option, any other ideas? restart the game oh nooooo

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Nov 2017 21:17  

                          He doesn't start by saying "You're a hunter, aren't you," he starts by saying "You're a BEASThunter, aren't you?" He's still a Hunter, but apparently he doesn't care about beasthood, perhaps because he's a member of the Healing Church, and most of its members are beasts anyway. I wonder if Alfred still perceives them as humans?

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