Eye of a Blood-Drunk hunter is a special DLC Item in Bloodborne.

Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter.png
"The eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter. Its pupil is collapsed and turned to mush, indicating the onset of the scourge of beasts.

A hunter who goes drunk with blood is said to be taken by the Nightmare, destined to wander forever, engaged in an endless hunt. It is a fate that no Hunter can escape"


Eye of a Blood-Drunk hunter Usage

  • Grants access to The Old Hunters DLC Area
  • Once you have acquired this item, you will be able to access the newly added areas in the expansion by being grabbed by a lesser amygdala just outside Oedon's Chapel (Cathedral Ward)





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    • Anonymous

      10 Nov 2020 16:07  

      does anyone feel that the fact its the eye a blood drunk hunter needed to enter the hunter nightmare which is a place for a place for blood drunk hunters that thats the only way for the amygdala to determine if a hunter deserves to go in

      the point being this could be why many of the the blood drunk hunters, notably father gasgoine cover their eyes?

      • Anonymous

        16 Oct 2019 20:53  

        I like the contrast of understanding the great ones and seeing the cosmos involves opening your eyes and even growing more, but drinking too much blood ruins your eyes and symbolically ruins your ability to see the world, since you become a vicious beast.

        • Anonymous

          02 Apr 2019 07:46  

          so im playing on PSNow and I don't see a way to buy the dlc? amelia is long dead and theres no eye in the dream

          • Anonymous

            09 Jul 2017 23:35  

            Watching a video today learned king harold lost his eye before he died, his forces went into a frenzy chasing after the retreating soldiers and were routed by calvery, completely wiped out.

            • Anonymous

              24 Dec 2016 16:14  

              Hey there , I have already defeated Vicar Amelia and turn the world state to night , and found out about The Old Hunter DLC , so would it be a problem if I bought it although I already done that part of the game

              • Anonymous

                20 Dec 2016 12:33  

                Hi I Have bought the The Old Hunter DLC from PS4 store but could not find Blood Drunk Hunter Eye from the messenger ? Anyone have idea about it why so ?

                • 23 Nov 2016 19:32  

                  I was thinking that could this Eye belong to Ludwig, clearly his right eye is damaged/blind. It could bring some new insight on lore and relations of Gehrman, Ludwing and others.

                  • Anonymous

                    15 Nov 2016 01:57  

                    Hello! I need to remove the eye or deactivate it for history gameplay sequence, someone know how to do it? I need to be grabbed by Lesser Amygdala and be send to lecture building.

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