Old Hunter Yamamura

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The Hunter's Nightmare Yamamura Set

Old Hunter Yamamura is a non-player character in Bloodborne. He was added to the game with The Old Hunters DLC.

Driven to madness by the revelations of Impurity from his Oath, Eastern warrior Yamamura slowly wastes away in a cell, staining the walls with his blood


This character can be found at The Hunter's Nightmare, in one of the cells accessed with the Underground Cell Key.
Can be summoned outside of the Living failures fight (Impurity rune required).

General Information

  • Can this NPC be an ally?: Yes. Summoned just before the fight with living failure, as well as Darkbeast Paarl, and The One Reborn.
  • Can this NPC be an enemy?: No. 
  • Drops: If killed, will give (Yamamura Set). It is possible to kill Yamamura with a transformed Beast Cutter by whipping through the door.



"Shrouded by night, but with steady stride. Colored by blood, but always clear of mind.
Proud hunter of the church.
Beasts are a curse, and a curse is a shackle.
Only ye are the true blades of the church."




Dubbed "Yamamura the Wanderer", this old hunter hails from a distant Eastern land. Pursuing a beast for honorable revenge, he became a hunter of the league; a confederate. But when he stared straight into impurity itself, he was driven to madness.

•Probably a tribute to Chikage Yamamura, mentioned in the game credits, as Yamamura even wields the chikage.

Other Notes:

1: This NPC serves no mechanical purpose other than his crazed murmuring.
2: Any sort of damage will immediately kill him.
3: For summoning for Paarl, it was after he was killed in the DLC



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    • Anonymous

      Its traditional for From to put a reference to their upcoming games via a character in a game they're currently working on at the time. In the DS1 DLC, Chester was a reference to Bloodborne, in Bloodborne, Yamamura was a reference to Sekiro. What if there's a reference in Elden Ring or its (unannounced at this time) DLC that alludes to the next project they're working on? Keep an eye out

      • Anonymous

        I wish I could make an overused "omae wa mu" joke but he's the guy who more or less dies from the slight breeze of you opening his cell door

        • Anonymous

          The fire resistance on his set makes me think that he was trying to hunt down Laurence but was captured by the Healing Church.

          • This is obviously Sekiro. The following hints led me to this: His armor states "This Eastern warrior pursued a beast for honourable revenge", we know that the Divine Dragon is a Great One which came from the WEST. Asia being the East and Europe, specifically England (which is the country Bloodborne takes place) is the West. Also his armor has the highest fire defense which also fits in with the Flames of Hatred, if you choose the Shura ending. Additionally blunt resistance is the weakest on his armor which also fits because there are nearly no enemies which use blunt weapons in Sekiro. My conclusion is that Sekiro happens before Bloodborne because he travelled there after something tragic happened in his homeland and he now seeks "a honorable revenge", maybe the Shura Ending. All this let's me believe that Bloodborne and Sekiro are in the same World (the world painted with the Blood of the Dark Soul in the DLCs of DS3). I also believe that the story is told backwards and that Elden Ring will be the final part of that trilogy. I expect that we will hear more from this mysterious Robert, the Armored Knight's son, in Elden Ring. My theory: The timeline seems to be the following: Demons Souls (Great Old One put to slumber, soul arts lost) ->Dark Souls 1 (the curse of the Great Old One manifests in the undead curse, sorcery rediscovered by Seath but no flame sorceries) ->Dark Souls 2 (Meh) ->Dark Souls 3 (fire goes out, Deacons are able to cast flame sorceries, maybe because connected to the deep?, painting made with the Blood of the Dark Soul, everything past here seems to be related to BLOOD and before everything was related to SOULS) ->Elden Ring (we will see, but i expect to see the origin which resulted in the events of Sekiro and Bloodborne) ->Sekiro (fights the Divine Dragon but doesn't kill him) ->Bloodborne (Sekiro pursues the Divine Dragon to his homeland in the west, joins the Legion at some point, gets mad and ends up rotting in a cell) I know Miyazaki said there are no connections between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, or any connection to Bloodborne, but I think they have to say that because the rights for this two games are not held by From Software. Also Miyazaki likes to lead us on false trails (example: pendant in DS1).

            • Anonymous

              If you think about it, because he could be summoned to the darkbeast Paarl Fight, and the fact that Darkbeast paarl is a unique boss in that he's undead and seems older than most other beasts, perhaps he was who Yamamura Was Seeking revenge on. Guess we'll never know.

              • Anonymous

                You'd think a guy who can slam his head into a wall for hours could take a single pebble to the back of his skull but guess not

                • Anonymous

                  Cool guy, but one of the worst npc cooperators you have on hands. Versus Living Failures he died in few seconds, a bit better against Paarl. Only versus the One Reborn his effort is enough, but the risk of death is always present. The weakest member of the League for sure.

                  • Anonymous

                    Holy shit just realized that Yamamura is a reference to Seikiro: Shadows Die Twice in the same way that Marvelous Chester was a reference to Bloodborne. Miyazaki is a fucking madman

                    • Anonymous

                      He is such a cool looking character and the little bit of lore we have about him is pretty interesting. It's a damn shame his role wasn't a bit bigger, I would have loved to have seen or have explained in more detail what could have driven such a badass looking guy to complete madness.

                      I mean, whatever the dude was chasing, he chased him across the world....only to lose his mind in some obscure European burg. Was it because of whatever he was chasing, or did he just get side tracked by all the craziness happening in Yharnam? What "impurity" did he see?

                      Definitely one of the more interesting characters we never got to see a whole lot of aside from banging his head on the wall.

                      • Anonymous

                        Can't wait to learn more about him in Shadows Die Twice ;)

                        Also, since he was hunting Caarl all the way from his land (presumably), does that mean there's gonna be a bunch of electric bone dogs there too??

                        • Anonymous

                          Do this Honorable man a favour and free him from his insanity in the nightmare. By killnig him, your actually saving him from the nightmare and he repays you in full by assisting with quite a few bosses.

                          • You know, it's interesting to me that you have to actually kill Yamamura before you can summon him. Perhaps it's because, by killing him, you free him from the Nightmare? After all, Old Hunters are supposed to be hunters who have escaped the Dream/Nightmare, aren't they?

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