Saint Adeline

General Info
Location Drops
Research Hall 723 blood echoes
Balcony Key

Saint Adeline is a non-player character in Bloodborne. She was added with The Old Hunters DLC.

Deformed and tied to a chair, this survivor of the research process says to be nearing a personal revelation. Helping her may bring about your own enlightenment.


This character can be found at the Research Hall in the room at the first floor of the Research Hall. Needs to be accessed from the back and the higher floors. She is the enlarged head creature bound to a chair.

  • Can this NPC be an ally?: No
  • Can this NPC be an enemy?: No
  • Drops: If killed, will give 723 blood echoes and the Balcony Key
  • Can be used to receive blood treatment and get Blood of Adeline.


Associated Quest

  • Stage 1:
    • Talk to Adeline and she will ask you for Brain Fluid.
    • Get it from the non-hostile lumps of meat (enormous heads without bodies):
      • One on the upper ramparts of the Research Hall.
      • One on the middle platform of the staircase, with an enemy church hunter NPC.
  • Stage 2:
    • Triggered by giving her the first Brain Fluid and reloading/refreshing the area.
    • Giving her fluid a second time makes her hand over the Balcony Key. May need to reload/refresh the area several times before this can happen
    • During this stage Adeline will offer you her blood as thanks.
  • Stage 3:
    • Triggered by using the Balcony Key to open the Balcony door. You must reload/refresh the area for the game to move her. May need to reload/refresh the area several times before this happens.
    • Adeline transforms into a meat lump without body and sits by the door of her room. She asks for the fluid a third time.
    • As it can be witnessed with previous lumps, they cannot be killed as they infinitely revive themselves and only drop Brain Fluid once, meaning that the last Brain Fluid needs to be gotten from Adeline herself.
    • Killing her in this state will drop the fluid and make her regenerate.
    • The last fluid will give her a revelation, granting you the Milkweed rune and permanently killing her in the process.



Dialogue Here




Saint Adeline seems to be one of the few, if not the last relatively sane survivor of the horrible Healing Church Experiments. Also, she is probably the only successful outcome as she eventually unravels the secret of how to ascend to kin (see the effects of Milkweed Rune), even if she dies in the process.

Other Notes:

  • If you kill her prior to her turning into a lump, she may not drop the Milkweed rune.
  • You can do her quest line even after defeating all bosses in the DLC.
  • Saint Adeline will not give you the "Blood of Adeline" item if "Blood of Adella" or "Blood of Arianna" is already in your inventory. Remove the blood items from your inventory and talk to Adeline again to receive the item.
    • Receiving her blood isn't necessary to complete her quest line.
  • Also killing Living Failures isn't necessary to obtain Milkweed rune.
  • if you discard her blood she WILL NOT give you blood a second time, to fix reload the game.
  • During Stage 2 don't use a bell while talking with her. Getting summoned into another world while in conversation with Adeline can skip her dialogue and put her in stage 3, without you getting the key.
  • After you give her the third Brain fluid and finish her questline, you can reanimate her using Madaras Whistle. However, it will be impossible to talk to her, and she will only crawl passively on the ground until the zone is recharged. While she is reanimated, it will be possible to attack her and inflict damage; however, it does not seem possible to kill her, as she seems to have an infinite amount (or at least absurdly high) of HP.




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    • Anonymous

      17 Sep 2021 23:44  

      Can confirm you don't have to use the balcony key to trigger stage 3, you can reload the area to trigger it like step 2

      • Anonymous

        12 Jan 2021 05:53  

        I got confused with the steps and killed her after opening the balcony door without refreshing the area. All that and now I need to wait until NG+. So disheartening :(

        • Anonymous

          01 Jul 2020 14:34  

          After giving her 2 Brain Fluid, I came into the room for the third time and had the urge to run and heavy attack into the door. I heard someone dying and I was almost shocked. The odds.

          • Anonymous

            25 Jan 2020 16:26  

            I'm trying to give her the second one after returning to hunter's dream and coming back, and she says not to abuse of blood and won't take it, what do?

            • Anonymous

              27 May 2019 18:10  

              If anyone if having problems when she is a lump behind the door and you can't talk to her. All you have to do is kill here again she will regenerate right after just wait and then you can talk to her

              • Anonymous

                09 Nov 2018 19:10  

                you can actualy revive her with madaras whistle after she gives you the milkweed although she wont talk to me anymore

                • Anonymous

                  17 Sep 2018 13:59  

                  I did everything. Got to her third phase, where she's a lump, and exhausted her dialogue. I then kill her to get the third brain fluid, as every guide says. I come back, she's regenerated. I can't talk to her! I can't offer her the brain fluid! I even reloaded several times, left and did a chalice boss, and still no go. I haven't seen any other guide that suggests I should've done something different.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Jun 2018 16:01  

                    I begin to wonder if this is really clever how FROM handels these sort of riddles....or just lazy. Giving no clues, just trust us that we let her live...because we have mercy....but kill the other patients...because then we have suddenly no mercy....? Where is the guideline here? Sure it should be realistic, and choices should matter...but there is no choice really. It's frustrating. 99% of the game they've performed better. They implemented clues. They gave us choices. But this is just trolling. Forcing the player to google the solution.

                    • Anonymous

                      28 May 2018 16:36  

                      Just wanna point out, Adeline disproves the menstrual blood theory as the blood you receive from her is drawn from her wrist.

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Jul 2017 10:18  

                        this could be totally wrong, but what if adeline became either the celestial emissary, or maybe ebrietas many years later? she's the only patient that stays mostly sane, which really makes her stick out as an important character. what would have happened to her if the hunter hadn't stepped in to give her the brain fluids? other patients evolved to become the living failures, but they came close to becoming great ones without their heads splitting from their bodies, unlike the more advanced patients. the celestial emissary is a more successful version of the living failures, and it sprouts glowing blue tendrils from its head sort of like the tentacles that shoot out of some of the research hall patient's heads, and concept art of ebrietas shows that she was also supposed to have those glowing tendrils come out of the tubes on her face. plus, some of the detached head patients spit the same frenzied blood that ebrietas does, but this might also connect them to the brain of mensis and the winter lanterns.

                        out of the two, it would probably make more sense that adeline would become the celestial emissary, but i don't want to rule out the latter possibility. maybe some more extreme type of experiments helped her to become ebrietas? the brainsuckers also don't appear to exist in the time period of the hunter's nightmare, so maybe they have some relation to ebrietas and the celestial larvae. the brainsuckers, the winter lanterns, and the detached head patients all try to attach themselves to the player's head in some way, and ebrietas does something similar when she absorbs the hunter into her own head. maybe this has to do with the need for brain fluid? when adeline starts to lose sense of the "sticky sound," she starts to panic because her revelation is escaping her. maybe that's what ebrietas is doing in the altar of despair when she's found with her head bowed to the statue of rom, as if she's trying to remember something important. "together with the left behind great one, they look to the skies in search of astral signs that may lead them to the rediscovery of true greatness." rom is also the great one that retains memory of the history of yharnam and the nightmare rituals, so it makes sense that ebrietas would be praying at an altar that resembles the spider, and this also means that ebrietas knows the importance of rom and is familiar with its powers.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Jul 2017 23:04  

                          lmao I accidentally brought the fight with the Church hunter guarding one of the Brain Fluids down to Adeline's room. I thought it would be smart to taunt him into jumping off the tower by shooting him from a vantage point--which worked, but apparently he survived the fall, and he decided to patiently wait in the elevator in Adeline's room. I went through the whole damn first portion of her dialogue before he took a potshot at me with his repeat pistol, which initiated THE most frantic fight with an NPC I've ever encountered.

                          No damn room to fight, constantly trying to dodge to a safe distance, keeping him at bay by unloading my evelyn, somehow trying not to let Adeline get hit by his poison daggers... It took me a while to finally get out the door and drag him into the poisonous water, where I just let him die of slow poisoning lmao. Went back to talk to Adeline, and after witnessing this painstaking NG+7 brawl, her only response was, "Oh, there you are."

                          Thankfully I saved the video. I just have to trim it down and upload it somewhere, but that***** was high stakes.

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Mar 2017 07:55  

                            Does anyone else think she's related to adella? I mean they have the similar names and their blood does the exact same thing, but Adeline's is more potent

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Jan 2017 19:10  

                              i finished her questline just now, and i did it before doing the living failures boss

                              just kept going back to the dream and checking on her again repeatedly

                              i did use her vial to get stage 2, but i see someone else reported they did get stage 2 without ever using the vial

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Jul 2016 08:40  

                                So I gave her brain fluid twice and she began saying "drip, drop etc", I killed her and she didn't drop the third Brain Fluid. Keep that in mind.

                                • Anonymous

                                  05 Jul 2016 08:40  

                                  The first fluid is one of the meatball in the middle while you climb up all the stairs, the second is all the way at the top of the tower, the THIRD one, this one you need to wait for her to become a meatball herself, talk to her then kill her to get it, she will revive then give her the last one and you will be done, remember for the third one she needs to be a meatball herself, she will not be in her chair anymore, reload the area and she should be a meatball after the second one, using a mark to teleport or quitting the game should do the trick.

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