A Caryll rune envisioned by Adeline, patient of the Research Hall.

A translation of the inhuman, sticky whispers that reveal the nature of a celestial attendant.
Those who swear this oath become a Lumenwood that peers towards the sky, feeding phantasms
in its luscious bed. Phantasms guide us and lead us to further discoveries.

Milkweed is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters DLC.


Milkweed Effects

  • Transforms the player into a celestial Kin form as part of an oath.
  • With the Kos Parasite and milkweed rune, the player has unique dodge animations and a slight increase in dodge distance.
  • Caryll Rune of the Covenant: Lumenwood Kin
  • Small increase in item discovery +10 (Only adds +9 if one has 50 arc and 3 eye runes equipped)






  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool.
  • Kos Parasite receives an enhanced moveset, but the rune is required to use it effectively.
  • Players receive reduced fall damage while rune is equipped.
  • Counterpart to the other transformation rune: Beast's Embrace.
  • If you go to the Madman NPC figure at the very start of the fishing hamlet with the milkweed rune equipped, he gives you Accursed Brew.



Improvements for Kos Parasite

  1. A special tongue / headbutt leap attack (Forward-R2)
  2. A special Arcane A.O.E. attack (L2) which consumes two Quicksilver Bullets. (Attack may be parried)
  3. A dashing heavy attack (R2) while transformed will make the character lunge forward with six long tentacles, whipping the target. (Each tentacle hits separately)
  4. Attacking an enemy from behind with a leap attack will trigger a backstab, allowing for a Visceral Attack.
  5. During combat, the character will writhe, behaving more as a kin while also using unique dodge animations. (Dodge distance increases slightly)





The inscription of the rune resembles the letters H, P and L, which could possibly be a reference to H.P. Lovecraft, whose work Bloodborne takes inspiration from.


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    • Anonymous

      15 Sep 2020 21:48  

      Ahhh, I see. So you become a catalytic host and use your parasites as weapons. Equivalent to eating a tapeworm sandwich and fertilizer and whipping people from your *******. Absolutely beautiful and creative, I love this game. Broccoli look is just a bonus.

      • Anonymous

        29 May 2020 17:27  

        The cauliflower head can be fun to have at first, but it really can hamper fashionborne if you want to use the kos parasite.

        • Anonymous

          08 Dec 2019 21:59  

          Now that I think about it, the way your character dodges and weaves with this oath is not only very puppet-like, but also a lot like how the celestial mobs (blue rogers) move, think about how they move their arms, jump away from you, and are always tilted backwards when idle. You're both humans who were forcefully turned into kin, and seem to now be puppets to higher powers.

          • Anonymous

            04 Dec 2019 21:24  

            Wish this buffed the amygdala arm, it would be pretty cool having an alien buffed club to back up your alien tentacle whips

            • Anonymous

              18 Aug 2018 22:22  

              One Broccoli to rule them all... All Hail Pale Broccoli... "-Thourt Pale Broccoli's Acolyte from whence thou came broccoli are eaten here revered" Broccoli 21

              • Anonymous

                14 Feb 2018 06:22  

                Observation - The move sets look as if the hunter has lost all control over his body and that the phantasms have taken full control. Dodging around looks as if the hunter is being grabbed and pulled by an invisible force and the tentacles act as though they’re attacking on their own. Bloodborne example of spiritual possession? “So Sorry Master Willem, I didn’t mean to kill you...the phantasms made me do it!” :P

                • Anonymous

                  15 Sep 2017 18:28  

                  Basically it turns you into a coral bed habitat for phantasms, much like the Augur of Ebrietas and Call From Beyound. The phantasms are passive in this state but the parasite of kos seems to excite them and/or makes them aggressive, allowing you to call them to reach out and attack foes.

                  Hmmm...wouldn't call it a step towards ascension so much as you become the pet sitter for the great ones pets. That being said however, you got to start somewhere! Lol!

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Oct 2016 17:25  

                    The look of the Milkweed form looks like its a reference to the 1963 Japanese horror movie Matango, in which the creatures depicted on the posters for the movie look virtually identical.

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Aug 2016 16:44  

                      Whats the skinny on the new covenant hostilities? Like if I summon a HoH or Confed with this equipped will they be purple?

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Jul 2016 08:42  

                        Anyone else notice that when you return to your world with the milkweed rune equipped you leave a slight burst aura as you disappear?

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Jul 2016 08:42  

                          Given what the Hunter's Nightmare is revealed to contain (or rather, be directly beneath), I suspect that this rune that turns its user into a creature described as "peering toward the sky" might just be the Old Ones' way of telling the listener "Look up, dammit!". The staff and patients at the ward are all taking great pains to obtain knowledge from the Great Ones, and yet the answers to many of their questions are almost literally right above their heads.

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Jul 2016 08:42  

                            The L2 skill is amazing for clearing mobs, the regular attacks have decent range. This is a great arcane weapon. The Milkweed itself is useful with all 3 eye runes for blood rocl farming, too.

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