Martyr Logarius

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
9081 25600 Forsaken Castle Cainhurst Crown of Illusions
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
133 133 133 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
133 290 160 180
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 No No

Martyr Logarius (殉教者ローゲリウス Junkyōsha Rōgeriusu lit. "Martyr Logarius") is a Boss in Bloodborne.

Martyr Logarius Information

  • This boss fight is optional. Make sure you have lit the Cainhurst Castle lamp before defeating this boss or you will respawn near the horses that brought you to Cainhurst.






Combat Information

  • Strong against Fire, Arcane and Bolt damage.
  • Spells deal Arcane Damage.
  • Logarius can be staggered with firearms quite easily during his second phase when doing physical attacks. Bring Quicksilver Bullets and take advantage of these staggers with Visceral Attacks.
  • He can't fall off because of invisible walls over there on that roof. The player, however, can fall of the roof.
  • Use the obstacles on the rooftop to break off the line-of-sight of his spell missiles. When he stabs the roof with his sword, swords will spawn in the air and shoot at the player, to get rid of them simply attack the sword (you can lock on to the sword to shoot it).
  • Caution: when he buffs himself bullets no longer stun and melee attacks will no longer interrupt his attacks. If the player backstabs him while he is charging his buff, the bullets will still work, as will melee attacks to interrupt his attacks. This makes the second half of the fight significantly easier (He will however still have the new moveset).
  • If you lock on and stand in-front of him while staying close to him as to lure out his melee attack you can get through the entire fight without him casting his buff. The sweet spot to interrupt his attack is at the very peak of the swing just before he brings the weapon back toward you. If the player can manage to keep him attacking and hit that sweet spot followed by Visceral Attacks the boss fight can be very easy.
  • When going for hit n' runs, only do 2-3 hits and then dodge left. He always summons his exploding skull on his right side and by dodging left it should never connect.
  • It's possible to roll through the exploding skull Logarius summons when you are close up to him. This will let you stay on top of him when he backsteps.
  • Don't be tempted to use heavier weapons. Using the short version of Ludwig's Holy Blade or the sword part of the Kirkhammer will be more useful than the trick versions. If you can land a running combo on Logarius you can interrupt his attacks.
  • When Logarius starts to fly around, keep an eye on him in the air and dodge just before he hits the ground. When he lands he is stunned for a second or so allowing you to get in and attack him again.



General strategy

Martyr Logarius is an incredibly powerful and aggressive boss. He attacks frequently and quickly and is capable of killing players within one combo. When you walk into the boss room Logarius will summon a ball of energy that tracks you slowly, so run to one of the sides of the roof and use the pillars to keep yourself safe from the blast. Sprint round behind him and start the fight proper.

Watch out for his frontal blast attacks early on. Whenever you manage to score a couple of hits on him he'll summon a red skull with an AOE blast which will knock you back and take off around 50% of your health. If you time it right when he puts his arm forward you can roll through the blast, or you can dodge to the left. The AOE is directional to the front. If you get too far away from Logarius he'll summon a ball of energy like he did at the start, or he'll cast a sweep of smaller skulls which track you. Roll through or just avoid them. If he swings his staff and you're close enough you can get in a gunshot and parry him, but the timing is very difficult.

When you take around a third of his health off he'll smash his staff into the ground and start charging up. When he does this, take the opportunity and do some real damage to him. Really hit him hard. If he doesn't have his back against a wall use this state to do a charge attack from behind and follow up with a visceral attack. While he's charging his defense drops so a visceral here will do huge amounts of damage to him.

Once he's finished charging the fight will change immeasurably. Where before he would avoid you and use magic, now he actively chases you and attacks directly with melee attacks (his fighting pattern is not too dissimilar from that of False King Allant in Demon's Souls). The prevailing tactic here is to bait his attacks, when he does a long stab with his sword you have a perfect opportunity to land a hit on him. When he stabs his sword into the ground get near it before the arcane attacks hit you and smash the sword, cancelling the attack.

When you get him down to his last third, the final stage will start. This time he'll continue the aggressive attacks but also periodically fly up in the air and smash down on you. When you see him fly up in the air, keep an eye on him and when he's close to hitting you, dodge. He'll hit the ground hard and be stunned for a second, so make sure to use the opportunity to get some hits in. He'll use his sword less in this phase, focusing more on two handing his staff for increased damage. Eventually though, if you're careful and DON'T GET GREEDY WITH HITS you'll best him.

When he's done, make sure to pick up the Crown of Illusions he drops. Wear it and you'll unlock the very end of the level.

Parrying strategy

During Logarius's second phase, where he concentrates mostly on using physical attacks, he is highly susceptible to being staggered and visceral attacks. Those who are having trouble avoiding his aggressively fast and powerful combos should have much better luck shooting him just as he launches an attack, staggering/parrying him, and then following up with a visceral attack. With the " Clawmark" Caryll Runes equipped, players can increase the damage of visceral attacks even more.

Co-op Strategy

If Logarius is proving to be too difficult, co-op makes this fight more manageable. To guarantee success you need to use the tactic described above, but make sure to get into a rhythm with your cooperator. Essentially the two of you should fall into taking turns to his Logarius as follows:

  • Player A attacks Logarius and pulls his attention. Player A may take damage, so should retreat
  • Then Player B attacks Logarius and pulls his attention while Player A heals.

Repeat that until you have the boss down. When he is charging up for his second phase, both of you should power in and get as much damage as possible on him while he is vulnerable. See the attached video below to see how this rhythm looks.

Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Quick Frontal Blast Relatively quick and hard hitting attack performed in front of Logarius. To avoid try to dodge when he quickly juts his arm outward, or simply stay away from his front side.
Swirling Skull Tracer Logarius will raise his staff in the air and summon a circular swirling mass of skulls to follow his target with a small turning radius.This attack leaves him open while he is casting it. To avoid this attack, dodge to any side a few times.
Scythe Attack Combo Logarius will swing his staff 3 times, two being side swings and the last an overhead smash. He may stop at any point in this combo if you are out of range. To avoid this, attack him to interrupt it, or dodge away.
Lined Skulls Logarius will swing his staff and create a line of explosive skulls that trace his target. To avoid this, either use the castles environment to block the skulls or dodge around them.
Enrage At about 3/5 health Logarius will stick his staff in the ground with red haze surrounding him. After he completes his ritual he will gain a massive boost in speed, damage, and unlock a new set of moves. It is advised to attack him as much as possible as doing so will delay his ritual and continue to leave him open.
Sword Rain Only occurs after Logarius is Enraged. He punctures the ground with his sword which will cause a small scale explosion and cause swords to rain from the area above it. To avoid, dodge around and attack his sword to end it.
Sword Slash Combo Logarius will swing his sword twice rapidly at which the end of the combo will have the air he had sliced explode. He may end the combo early if his target is out of range. Avoiding this attack depends on where you are positioned in relation to Logarius. If you are close, dodge behind him, if not a backstep will avoid everything.
Leaping Attack Logarius will swiftly jump into the air and in a few seconds land on top of his target dealing massive damage. At the end of this attack he is open for a few seconds. It is recommended to dodge in one direction as much as possible. Unless you can time you dodge with his landing, it is advised to dodge spam.
Hovering Spin Logarius will backstep into the air and hover for a few seconds before swiftly flying across the map while spinning. This attack rarely hits his target and most often only hits another summoned player if you have Logarius positioned in such a way. If this attack manages to hit it will do massive damage. To avoid all mishaps, notice where your allies are and have Logarius face away from them. When he proceeds with this attack try to dodge to avoid the slim chance he actually hits you.



  • From the Gold Ardeo's description: "Acts of goodness are not always wise, and acts of evil are not always foolish, but regardless, we shall always strive to be good".




Notes & Trivia

  • His sword is very similar in design to the Soulbrandt, a blade from Demon's Souls.
  • His scythe on the other hand is a replica of the one conjured by Pthumerian Elder.
  • Logarius is likely connected to the Tarot Card The Emperor.
  • The Sword of Logarius  much resembles the Drake Sword from DS1
    Like the Drake Sword it is very broad at the hilt and the edge is slightly curved, like a flamberge. The colors are different.


    • Anonymous

      19 Apr 2018 18:01  

      It s my first run through the game and boy, did this one annoy me- I don‘t think I died more times to any other boss before him- that being said, I died to Gascoigne a lot. After 15 deaths or so I started reading about how other people killed him, with even less success. As mentioned by others, the perry-strategy didn‘t work for me, my bullets where flying all over the place and the viceral-mechanic didn‘t trigger have of the time. In the end, I defeated him with basic strategys, using my hunters axe two-handed (which I am somehow most comfortable with) and dodging like hell. Not stylish but effective. Sometimes you gotta stick to what you know:)

      Regards, j

      • Anonymous

        05 Apr 2018 22:01  

        As said many times here, Logarius is the first truly formidable boss in Bloodborne. The main reason being there is no easy way to take him. He has no weaknesses and you can't summon an NPC (although you can summon another player). You simply have to face him mano a mano. First, I equip the Student armor set supplemented with any other pieces that have maximum arcane defense (White Church set comes to mind). With LHB+9, I go into the fight with the buffed weapon form using R2 as my primary strike. For phase 1, I camera lock him and keep to the left while rolling forward from any skulls (they do massive damage). If I get him against a wall or in any position that I can't get behind him, then I draw him back to the center of the rooftop. As soon as he starts his charge attack with his sword planted, I get behind for a charged thrust followed by a VA. This should bring his power down to around 50%. Now the bastard will start doing his flying attack routine as well as an arcane spell he'll cast by planting his sword into the rooftop. Make sure to ALWAYS attack his sword once it's planted to immediately break the spell. Otherwise, it will slowly drain your HP and you'll forget about it until it's too late. At this point, you can use a number of strategies, but they will all entail lots of rolling and maintaining your space while getting in single licks whenever you can. Don't get greedy. Take your time and maybe even get in one or two more VAs (if you're really good at parrying) for an faster win.

        • Anonymous

          18 Mar 2018 17:03  

          This mofo gave me the most difficult fight so far at lvl 70 and having LHB+9. Figured out Students set for resisting his arcane s**t might do, then I was lucky to pull thru 2 or 3 visceral attacks, followed by the charged thrust attack (doable if you charge up immediately after VA, then the attack breaks down his next attack), this brought him down to low health quickly. once at some 15% of health he stopped the flying stunts and just chased me down, but I kept distance and shot him some 5 times with a hunters pistol. Overally, most f**ked up opponent, especially after I killed the One Reborn in my 2nd try...(Logarius took me some 20 tries :D)

          • Anonymous

            14 Mar 2018 04:05  

            Caution: when he buffs himself bullets no longer stun and melee attacks will no longer interrupt his attacks. If the player backstabs him while he is charging his buff, the bullets will still work, as will melee attacks to interrupt his attacks. This makes the second half of the fight significantly easier (He will however still have the new moveset). *****ING LYING PIECES OF*****. backstabing does not make it so bullets and melee stun work he is still *****ing immune.

            • Anonymous

              29 Jan 2018 10:29  

              This guy was a headache and a half.
              Finally managed to put him down though.

              After he buffed, all I did was hung back and baited out his leaping attacks. As it turns out, he can be parried (using the pistol) just as he's about to hit the ground (the bullets aren't deflected either). It seems that while his sword is in the ground, he's more likely to leap. All of the flying swords are a nuisance, but it's better than getting wiped out by his combos.

              • Anonymous

                22 Jan 2018 18:24  

                Standing to close to him and shooting Ludwigs Rifle will cause to shoot straight up, missing him completely.

                • Anonymous

                  09 Nov 2017 22:22  

                  I'm typically a 2h LHB user. I used 2h for the first phase, then switched to 1h and repeating pistol for ripostes on phase 2. Went down 2nd try using that strategy.

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Aug 2017 07:06  

                    If you have the Old Hunters DLC, the Loch Shield can block all of his arcane attacks and you'll only take minimal damage, you just have to worry about the slow tracking ball that he uses, if it gets behind you it will deal full damage

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Aug 2017 03:48  

                      - Snowy castle
                      - Big robe
                      - Big beard
                      - Skinny little legs
                      - Ability to fly
                      - Little, gem-encrusted, golden crown that reveals "secrets of the frost"
                      - Kidnaps a matriarch

                      The Ice King sure made it a long way from Ooo.

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Jul 2017 20:07  

                        It's kind of surprising that most soulsborne players don't realize that a Kris dagger is a real weapon originating from Polynesia, and that's exactly how they look--the butt of the blade acts as a triangular cross bar, and the length of the blade itself is undulated. They're not an invention of From Soft, and there's nothing really that special about them. I think Miyazaki just thinks they're cool. But maybe Logarius' sword is a hint that he's using a plundered artifact from the Old Labyrinth, since some of the Watchers carry Kris daggers as well, though theirs are smaller and entirely gilded.

                        • Anonymous

                          31 May 2017 19:40  

                          has anyone else had the problem I'm having? I shoot at him and not only do the bullets not stun him, they don't hit him. It's not like I'm just missing either. You know how you can see the path the bullet took for half a second after you fire it? I fire the bullet and the path tells me that I was on target, but the bullet orbited half way around him and then continued on behind him like nothing happened. Is that normal?

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