Cainhurst Vilebloods is a covenant in Bloodborne. This covenant focuses on pvp and invasions. cainhurst_vilebloods.jpg

"Pledgers to this oath are Cainhurst Vilebloods, hunters of blood who find dregs for their Queen of coldblood, particularly in that of hunters. Yet the corrupt are heretics in the eyes of the Church, thus subject to the wrath of the Executioners." - Corruption
"Once, a scholar betrayed his fellows at Byrgenwerth, and brought forbidden blood back with him to Cainhurst Castle. It was there that the first of the inhuman Vilebloods was born. The Vilebloods are fiendish creatures who threaten the purity of the Church's blood healing. The Ruler of the Vilebloods is still alive today." - Alfred


Cainhurst Vilebloods Details

  • Blood Dregs, which are used to rank up in this covenant, are found by killing other hunters or NPC hunters.
  • After giving 99+ Dregs, I don't believe there are other ranks available, If more are found, this line will be removed.
  • Summoning or Ranking Mechanics
  • Special Rank Rewards


Rank Rewards


Required Tokens


1 0 Respect Gesture
2 After Given At Least 1 Deep Respect Gesture



  • According to Alfred, the Vilebloods were born because of the actions of an unknown scholar at Byrgenwerth. He brought "forbidden blood" to Cainhurst Castle, where the corruption began and opposition to the church started to form.
  • Almost all the Vilebloods were wiped out by the Executioners in a daring raid of the castle. The queen was kept alive, but trapped and hidden away by an illusion by Martyr Logarius for reasons unknown. However, Arianna's existence raises questions as to whether or not there are others from the Cainhurst lineage that survived the purge and/or managed to escape.


Notes, Hints and Tips

  • Covenant farming tips, video links etc go here.
  • Blood dregs are dropped by NPC hunters aswell, you can use the resonant bell and kill NPCs in other worlds. Areas that have numerous NPCs are a substantial farming location such as: Yahar'gul Chapel (3 NPC gank squad) or Nightmare Frontier. (Note: Must have the Vileblood rune equipped for blood dregs to drop.)
  • If you deliver the Unopened Summons to Alfred and allow him to kill Annalise, you will be unable to join or interact with the Vileblood covenant in that playthrough until you revive Annalise at the Altar of Despair using the Queenly Flesh.
  • No perceivable changes to gaining rank, tested at rank 1 of Vilebloods, and no additional dialog with the Queen


    • Anonymous

      13 Aug 2019 21:39  

      i didnt join initially cus i thought it'd interrupt alfreds quest, finished his quest, brought her back to life, and now she wont let me join : ( killed logarius for nothing. dont make this mistake! no chikage for this play now.

      • Anonymous

        13 Jun 2019 00:55  

        Since the queen sent out summons and requested and was gifted constantly with forbidden blood the proof being the 2 kin coldblood items found on the roof on the corpse of healing church hunters, master logaryus may ham dawned the crown to banish the entrance to the queens chamber and thus stop the continuing supply of blood dregs to put an end to the queens plan. My best bet honestly why else would he teach executioners to despise vilebloods but provide a protective barrier to the queens lair? Obviously to prevent entry no other explanation to it unless the master has himself had a change of heart and decided to fight for the queens cause because he is well verse in blood arcane spells which then could mean that he stands to block entry only to opposing forces to the queen, but the discovery of the healing church corpses found dead at the hands of roof gargoyles might suggest either that the gargoyles are under the master's command and are ordered to prevent further entry of kin blood, or either that the gargoyles are preventing church hunters from possibly stealing forbidden blood or either the corpses are freshly dead seeing as they's still some blood left though we cannot clearly see if wet or dry meaning the gargoyles are attracted to kin blood and attempt to take it from whoever possess it. But in my opinion the story states that the man who brought the blood to cainhurst is a betrayer of byrgenwerth and thus the church and so we can view the church as an opposer to the vilebloods and thus we may possibly choose the healing church hunters are stealing blood from cainhurst as the possible explanaition remains only to figure out what happened to master logarius.

        • Anonymous

          30 Jul 2018 07:32  

          Are the Vilebloodd Itslians? “Maria” sounds an awful lot like “Mario,” the famous real life Italian plumber. The blood dregs look like spaghetti (would eyes be the meatballs???). Arianna gives birth to a baby Ebrietas, the Great One famous for her resemblance to pasta noodles. Fuck you Vaati my theories are better

          • Anonymous

            20 May 2017 21:37  

            My friend told me to join this covenant but now when I summon my friend in they're evil. Is there any way to get rid of this BS?

            • Anonymous

              30 Dec 2016 23:04  

              hey some real quick questions. if you pledge yourself to be a vileblood, even if you dont have the rune equipped can executioners still fight you as invaders? and if you pledge yourself can you wear/get the executioner rune because i want the chikage but I want to be an executioner with my pals.

              • Anonymous

                No rank or reward.05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                At least over 100 dregs given. No ''rank up'' or any rewards. It's all just simple leaderboards. Huge shame, on the plus side, if you're like me who couldn't care less about the leaderboards, just use the dregs for insight, this can be extremely helpful for endgame pvp.

                • Anonymous

                  Alfred killing her?05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                  I would rather join her faction rather then Alfred, but I've already "agreed" to work with Alfred only up until the point where he gives you Fire Paper. Is there anything I should avoid so he doesn't kill her? I'd like to join her sooner rather then later (I know she can be revived)

                  • Anonymous

                    Devotion05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                    Upon joining you also receive the "Respect" gesture. After giving 5 Blood Dregs I received the "Deep Respect" gesture. Will update as I turn in more dregs

                    • Anonymous

                      No dregs from killing cooperators?05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                      While invading recently, I noticed that if a beckoner has one or more cooperators, the cooperators do not drop blood dregs if killed. I have only ever received blood dregs from killing the beckoner. I always have my rune equipped when invading. Just something I noticed.

                      • Anonymous

                        HoHs summoning VBs is possible in chalices05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                        The other day I was trying to summon two friends to join me in a chalice, with password. I'm a HoH. Got one friend in ok, but to our surprise we then got a random co'op-er summoned as a Vileblood. Neither of my friends had cov runes equipped, so I can only conclude that the vileblood player was marked as blood-addled by the sinister bell.

                        • Anonymous

                          Page Description of Vilebloods05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                          Says this is a covenant focused on pvp and invasions yet its the only one with any benefit from playing co-op by being able to farm Blood Dregs by killing hunter enemies in the host's world. The other two only have situational invasions tacked on.

                          • Anonymous

                            A note: Vilebloods can summon hostile executioners regardless of online passwords05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                            Even if you've put a password on to summon friends, be advised that you can still summon Executioners, they seem to override the password. That was a fun surprise.

                            • Anonymous

                              This dog don't kneel05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                              Oh, perfect timing, i must warn you to stay away from Castle Cainhurst.. The hunters there have gone blood-addled.. and they're my mark ;]

                              • Anonymous

                                If Alfred kills her05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                                So if alfred kills her, can I then revive her and continue to rank in Vilebloods? I just want to get all covenant runes, but rank the vilebloods

                                • Anonymous

                                  Lore about laurence?05 Jul 2016 14:58  

                                  Why is it even on this page? I still haven't seen anything that links him to the Vilebloods, not to mention he's part of the church. You know, the group that doesn't like the vilebloods.

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