Vileblood Register


Red-leather record of the Vilebloods loyal to the covenant of Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods, at Cainhurst Castle.

A record of the Vilebloods, blood-lusting hunters who seek blood dregs of their prey, kept throughout the ages.

Note: Online use only. Cannot use this item offline. "


Vileblood Register is a multiplayer Item in Bloodborne.



Vileblood Register Usage

  • Lists the names and rank of hunters who have joined the Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant.
  • Your rank is based on how many Blood Dregs you have given the Queen.





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    • Anonymous

      From the description of the faction, i'm assuming they're like the darkwraiths of Yharnem, but they keep a Darkmoon-esque hit list of people they feel like tormenting.

      • Anonymous

        This book has no direct purpose other than to act as a leaderboard for those within the vileblood covenant. It keeps track of your rank via the number of blood dregs (Earned by killing NPC's or Players) You have offered to the leader of the covenant. The book will display your account name in the leaderboard, and when clicked will display your character sheet, and your character's name. There are already glitchers and hackers modifying their information so do not get your hopes up on hitting the leaderboard. As of three days after the release, there was someone with 1300 dregs offered. Calculation showed that they would be required to successfully invade around 18 worlds an hour, and that is considering that they had been playing PVP Immediately at the midnight release and had been able to immediately gain access to the vileblood covenant. It is also pointed out that with the amount of dregs collected and the next highest score at the time, no one would have been able to match against them because their soul memory(PvP rank) would have been to high for anyone to connect unless it automatically grouped them down because their was no pool for their status yet.

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