Small resonant bell


Small bell discovered in the old underground labyrinth.

Its ring resonates across worlds, and the first hunter used it as a special signal to call hunters from other worlds to cross the gap and cooperate.

This bell resonates with its counterpart, the Beckoning Bell. Ring to help hunters in other worlds.

Note: Online use only. Cannot use this item offline."


Small Resonant Bell in Bloodborne is an online item that allows a player to join another player's world for jolly cooperation.




Online Item. The Small Resonant Bell is an infinite-use item that can be used to join a game where a player is seeking help by ringing a Beckoning Bell. Once the Small Resonant Bell resonates with a Beckoning Bell, you will join another players game and be able to help them.



If you are currently part of either the Cainhurst Vilebloods or the Executioners covenant, Hosts will be hostile if they belong to the opposing covenant.



Can be purchased from the upper Messenger shop for 1 Insight. (Note: This shop becomes available once you have obtained at least 1 Insight.)


  • This item only becomes available to be purchased after the player is gifted the Beckoning Bell and Silencing Blank by the messengers.
  • If the player obtains their first Insight while in the dream (by using Madman's Knowledge), the Insight shop will become active immediately, but the Small Resonant Bell will be unavailable to be purchased due to requiring a zone restart for messengers to gift the Beckoning Bell/Silencing Blank to the player.
  • Can only be used in areas containing a boss. Some areas require you to activate certain events before you can summon (ie. Cathedral Ward - You must open all three large gates before you can use multiplayer items.).
  • A Host can summon a Guest whose level is within 20+20% (always rounded down) levels of her/his own level (ie. a level 80 Host can only summon a Guest whose level is between 44 and 116, inclusive). This restriction does not apply when a password is used.
  • A Guest will appear in a Host's world at the location at which the Guest was standing in her/his own world at the time (s)he was summoned.
  • If a Host and Guest are part of opposing covenants (Cainhurst Vilebloods and Executioners), they will, instead, be hostile towards each other.
  • A Guest will remain in a Host's world until the Host dies, the Guest dies, an area boss is defeated, or either player uses a Silencing Blank to end the session.
  • Help a Host kill an area boss, and you will receive 1 Insight.
  • As a Guest, your health is reduced to 70% of your normal maximum.
  • Co-op bells will only work if both players are in the same area. There are hidden boundaries that can restrict co-op, these areas are often bound by gates and similar passages.
  • While standing still after ringing the bell, you can see pulsing rings around your character.



  • Trivia goes here



  • Connection Bug: If you suspend Bloodborne for any reason or set your PS4 to rest mode while Bloodborne is open, the game will not report as such, but you will essentially be offline, disconnected from the server. If you are spending a long time looking for a person to summon or trying to be summoned, this is the reason. Close the Bloodborne app, and restart the game to restore your connection.




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    • Anonymous

      I love co-op so much it’s pure euphoria to see “discovered the chime of a beckoning bell”. I’ve helped 38+ people since it’s so fun (and I get to refight bosses)

      • Anonymous

        "Oh boy I'm feeling so confident I'll go help some people!"
        *gets one-shot immediately after entering the boss room having barely done any damage to the boss itself*
        Alright, never helping people ever again, got it.

        • Anonymous

          Used this bell for the first time since I got it, and you wanna know who I was summoned to? A host already with a phantom. I thought "Hey, this isn't too bad." But boy was I wrong. The other phantom did around 2.5k damage on literally any enemy; yet I did 27 damage to the rats in the sewers. I. Got. One. Shot. Blood Level 10 by the way. They were probably on some wacky NG*****.

          • Anonymous

            so you can summon yourself to another world to help or kill, or u can be summoned to help or kill right? to me that sounds like the best online mechanic they could have done

            • Anonymous

              Weird problem occurred, I offered help by rung small resonant bell as usual, got summoned and connected BUT when I start to appears, I saw host already go fighting the boss inside the room, I try to follow but somehow I can't enter boss room, there no command to enter the room like pressing "O" This is glitch or game mechanic? like game will locked the boss room if host start fighting for 1 min or something like that.

              • Anonymous

                after sitting for 3 hours i havent gotton a summon at all. there has to be another way becuase this isnt working. im lvl 22 at old yarnthem so idk whats going on am i overleveled or underleveled or just unlucky

                • Anonymous

                  I was helping one of my friends beat the Blood-starved beast, and for some reason my health was cut WAY past just 30%. I have 31 vitality, and somehow, my health was even lower than a completely new charater! Does anybody know why? :(

                  • Anonymous

                    When I used the bell I later got this message "discovered the chime of a beckoning bell, but the beckoned is a blood addled hunter, and thus an adversary" and I spawned as an invader what caused this?

                    • Anonymous

                      Someone needs to test how the bell works and get the exact level range specifics of the bell. I know for a fact that it is not "10+10%". I am level 125 and I used my small resonant bell and got summoned by my friends who is level 157. 125 x 0.1 + 10= 22.5 125 + 22.5 = 147 ? (Yes, I'm sure he is level 157) (Also, on several different occasions I have encountered other people way above the "matchmaking", not just my friend.)

                      • I recently rang my Small Resonant Bell for a bit of coop. Much to my surprise, I joined the game of a rival Covenant member. The game interpreted this as an invasion and designated the other player as hostile.

                        • Anonymous

                          I used the infinite souls glitch for a while before i patched it, im level 90 at the moment. right now i seem to be summoned in very difficult playthroughs like NG+6 for an instance. Its hard but i dont regret fighting gascoigne dealing only 147 per hit XD

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