Executioners is a covenant in Bloodborne. This covenant focuses on pvp and invasions. To join this covenant acquire the Radiance rune and memorize it. executioners.jpg

"The Executioners despise the impure Vilebloods, and no matter what the circumstances, would never cooperate with the bloodthirsty hunters who serve the undead queen, Annalise."

  • Location: Before the entrance to Forbidden Woods after first meeting Alfred outside Tomb of Oedon and when the sidequest is completed.
  • How to Join: Complete Alfred's side quest in where you help him discover the last survivor of the Vilebloods. Basically what you have to do is: First meet him in the location stated above and then acquire the Unopened Summons from the room Annalise is found in ( remember that in order to get inside Cainhurst castle you need to go to Iosefka's clinic from the Forbidden Woods). Give this item to Alfred (he is now close to the central square of the Cathedral Ward, where the giants with axes are) and go back to the queen's throne for a scene. Finally return to where you first met him and you will find the rune required to join the covenant.
  • Leader: Alfred will drop the Executioner's signature rune upon completing his side quest.
  • Special Items: Wheel Hunter Badge given once you've given Alfred the summon papers.
  • Caryll Rune of the covenant: Radiance
  • Rewards: Fire papers, "roar" gesture, Wheel Hunter Badge, "male church bow" gesture, and Radiance Carryll rune.
  • Effects: Notice that finishing his quest will have consequences on Annalise, howerver you can always revive her with the Queenly Flesh item in the Altair of Despair ( location unlocked after defeating Ebrietas)


Executioners Details

  • When ringing the small resonant bell and finding another player using the beckoning bell if the beckoner is a member of the vileblood covenant you are instead converted to an invader and forced into battle. However if the beckoner is not a vileblood then co-op works just like normal. This seems to be a way to invade players who do not have a sinister bell ringing thus opening up possibilities for surprise invasions of vilebloods, although winning a battle does not seem to have any obvious rewards beyond blood echos dropping as they do for all invasions such as a item dropping as the Blood Dregs do for the vilebloods. NOTE: It doesn't work if Beckoner and Co-operator use password to match together.
  • This covenant does not have victory rewards nor ranking.



  • When speaking to Alfred about the Vilebloods, he offers this dialogue: "In his time, Master Logarius led his executioners into Cainhurst Castle to cleanse it of the Vileblood. But all did not go well and Master Logarius became a blessed anchor, guarding us from evil. ...Tragic, tragic time... ... that Master Logarius should be abandoned in the accursed domain of the Vilebloods. I must free him, so that he may be properly honored in martydom." This implies that Martyr Logarius was once leader of the Executioners, and after a battle at Cainhurst Castle he was left behind by his men. It is at Cainhurst Castle where Martyr Logarius can be fought as the area's boss.
    • After defeating Logarius and obtaining the Unopened Summons item, it can be given to Alfred. This prompts him to travel to Cainhurst and slay Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods. When this is done, he can be found back at his original location at Cathedral Ward beside the tomb that leads to Old Yharnam, dead. The player can then loot his corpse to find the Radiance oath, which can later be equipped to become part of the Executioners Covenant.
  • Executions have often made an appearance in the Souls series. For more read "Smough - The Executioner".

Notes, Hints and Tips

  • Covenant farming tips, video links etc go here.


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    • Anonymous

      "Executions have often made an appearance in the Souls series. For more read "Smough - The Executioner" DEEPEST LORE

      • Anonymous

        for some reason I had it in my head that the Executioners were/are affiliated with the Healing Church, but after replaying the game again I didn’t find any real evidence for this. am I overlooking something?

        • Anonymous

          This covenant could be cool but instead is useless. No awards if you kill a player enemy, no commander or ally to speak after Alfred's death/suicide and no classification to compare you and other Executioners around the world. Besides the Radiance rune is awful, +2% of life regained with blood vial is a very marginal effect. What a shame.

          • Anonymous

            I was an executioner, and my friend was a vileblood. I joined her game via the small resonant bell with a password. I entered her world as an invader. I am playing on the latest version of the game. The passwords may not stop an executioner from "invading" a vileblood via friendly co-op with password.

            • Anonymous

              If you use a password to summon someone, you can still summon random executioners! It's happened to a buddy and I a few times.

              • Anonymous

                has no home base, has no form of progression, and serves only as a road block for vilebloods who want progression

                • Anonymous

                  So after all this is done(oath rune acquired, alfred dead) is there and way to rank up this covenant like the vilebloods?

                  • Anonymous

                    It doesn't matter if you use password or not. It's completely random. I've been a hunter of hunters and my friend who is an executioner has invaded me several times and I've invaded him. When he was a vileblood it was the same thing. It doesn't matter about passwords or not.

                    • Anonymous

                      This actually happened to me for the first time recently. I had the Radiance rune equipped for the bonus to blood vial recovery, and was hanging around Bergenwerth trying to help people with Rom. I had no idea this was a thing that happened, and when it did my beckoner looked at me, and I looked at him, and we waved at each other before I left. It would have felt bad trying to gank the poor guy just looking for cooperators and accidentally getting me as the first person to show up.

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