A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.
Several runes contain a nuance of "Blood," including the rune of "Corruption," associated with the oath of the corrupt.

Pledgers to this oath are Cainhurst Vilebloods, hunters of blood who find dregs for their Queen in coldblood, particularly in that of hunters.
Yet the corrupt are heretics in the eyes of the Church, and thus subject to the wrath of the Executioners

Corruption is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


Corruption Effects

  • Continuous healing when near death (lower than 12.5% hp).
  • Makes enemy Hunters drop Blood Dregs. (NPC or player)

Wearing this rune will cause all players and enemy hunters to drop Blood Dregs when killed. This also applies when you are summoned, for example being summoned in Old Yharnam while Corruption is equipped could potentially net you two Blood Dregs: one for Djura, and one for the Saw Spear hunter below him.

While this Oath Rune is equipped, attempting to summon or be summoned by a player using the Radiance rune will cause the summoned player to spawn as a hostile summon. When the hostile summon effect triggers, the player who was summoned will spawn with a faintly purple glow instead of a blue one. This can be hard to notice if you aren't looking for it. Hostile summons occupy a summon slot, reducing the total number of other players the host can summon by one, but do not prevent an invader from also showing up. Hostile summons can attack invaders, normal summons, and the host. It is possible for a very unfortunate host to have two hostile summons, in which case the purple summons will be allied with each other and won't be able to attack each other, but can still attack the host and invader. If this happens, the host player will not be able to summon anyone else until one hostile summon is killed to free up the summon slot.








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    • Anonymous

      Is it me, or do the servants in the very first room of Cainhurst Castle cower in the player characters prescence while this rune is equipped?

      • Anonymous

        Honestly I prefer the constant stream of free insight from NPC enemies over a small stamina regen boost. More blood rocks

        • Anonymous

          does an executioner have to be using the same network pass code to be summoned by the beckoning bell if the beckoner is a vileblood? and if so could these covenants be used for controlled pvp, like to set up a match with a friend?

          • Anonymous

            Seems they wanted to balance the cov runes by having them all suck rather than having them all be amazing. Shame.

            • Anonymous

              I've tested the regen healing on my character and where's what I've found. VIT: 21 MHP: 821 Healing starts to kick in below 103 HP and will regenerate continuously until it reaches 103, which is about 12.5% of my maximum health. The rate of healing appears to be about 1HP/2s, compared to the xHP/3s of a regen gem. So it ticks faster, but it also doesn't heal that much. It also kicks in at such a low point of health that I feel like it's pretty... well, bad. Interestingly enough, I've come across gems like 'Phys. UP near death' that seem to trigger at 30% of my HP. Not sure why there's such a huge discrepancy between the two, because this gem would be a lot better if it triggered at 30% and had a slightly higher heal rate.

              • Anonymous

                While I understand that it's not meant to actually... Y'know, HEAL you up or anything, anyone else think it would be better if it healed fast enough to counteract the Chikage's drain? Then a single hit can kill you, but you are no longer at risk of offing yourself in a last stand. This was mentioned earlier, and now I can't help but feel even further saddened by missed opportunity.

                • Anonymous

                  Anyone else think this rune looks like a pictograph of the Vermin those League hunters are all trying to stamp out? Given what both they and this rune are meant to represent, I suspect a possible connection...

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