The Powder Kegs were a faction of the Hunters and the Workshop.
They experimented with mechanisms and firearms more than most Hunters, and crafted such pieces as the Rifle Spear and the Cannon. Their enthusiasm and experimentation with more complex or exotic weapons got them labelled the Workshop heretics, and opinion of their work seemed to be "Often silly, sometimes useful."

Their own personal motto was "If a weapon ain't got kick, it just ain't worth it."

It is not possible to join the Powder Kegs, although one can befriend the only known member Djura under a certain condition.

Known members:

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    • Anonymous

      My theory is that the powder kegs started out as church-loyal hunters, but following some event, most likely the burning of Old Yharnam, vowed to protect the beats and oppose the Church, branding them as heretics. It definitely isn't just Djura who believes this since we know of at least 2 other Powder Kegs who have survived and DON'T fight against beasts, Djura's ally in Old Yharnam, and the Gatlin Gun hunter in the nightmare, who also wears Charred hunter garb meaning he was present at Old Yharnam. Honestly, probably the only faction in any Soulsborne game I would confidently label as actually good people, at least by the time our hunter arrives in Yharnam.

      • Anonymous

        Healing church: noone is immune to the beast plague

        Mensis: noone is immune to forbidden knowledge

        Powder kegs: noone is immune to black powder :)))

        • Anonymous

          There are lots of crazy people in this game, but the Powder Kegs were my favorites, simply because only they were mad enough to strap explosives to a warhammer and run around with portable broadside cannons. Bless their souls indeed.

          • Anonymous

            the powderkegs protected the beasts, as they saw them not as monsters but as sick people, they would have fought against the healing church and its practices to protect those turned by the disease this would lead to the brand of heretic

            • Anonymous

              Although I think their designs might be the cause, IIRC the item descriptions never explicitly say why the Powder Kegs are considered hereitics by the Workshop. And I know the text was translated from Japanese, but the word "heretic" seems way too extreme for someone with different weapon preferences. Heretics are usually hunted down with greater zeal than the actual enemy of whatever organization deems them as such. It's also worth noting that Djura calls the beasts human, and will not permit the player to kill any that do not threaten upper Yharnam. At least one description says "bless their souls" when referring to the Powder Kegs. Although several Yahar'gul Hunters use Powder Keg equipment, I believe they are of the same nature as the player, using whatever is convenient for them; however, they often seem to follow "themes" that don't quite fit with what we know about the organizations. Perhaps they are all heretics of the hunt?

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