Celestial Emissary

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
2764 24640 Upper Cathedral Ward Communion
10876 70303 Great Isz Chalice Arcane Damp Blood Gem (6)
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
235 261 26 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
131 170 60 55
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
300 180 No Yes

Celestial Emissary (星界からの使者 Seikai kara no Shisha lit. "Emissary of the Astral world") is a Great One Boss and Chalice Dungeon Boss in Bloodborne.

Celestial Emissary Information

  • During this fight we see a crowd of Celestial Mob with the Celestial Emissary boss (which looks exactly like the other Celestials) hiding between them. While the other Celestial Mobs are hostile and chase the player, the Celestial Emissary stays back, giving the player a way to recognize him. An easy way to pick out the Emissary in a group is that he will have no life bar above his head when struck.
  • Gain 0 Insight for finding the boss and 2 Insight for killing it.






Combat Information

  • Vulnerable to Bolt, then Fire
  • This boss fight has 3 phases:
    • At the beginning of the fight there will simply be lots of Celestial Mobs trying to attack you.
    • After he has lost 50% of his HP, the Celestial Emissary grows in size and acquires new attacks.
    • Around the 25% HP mark, he will start growing tentacles in his head, similar to the Celestial Mobs that hurl arcane projectiles toward the player (note: this variant of Celestial Mob is not present in this boss fight).
  • Celestial Mobs will keep spawning as long as the boss is alive and every Celestial Mob left will die instantly when the boss dies.
  • In the Great Isz Chalice version the boss is more aggressive before the transformation and will hound the player. There are no extra enemies so it is easier to focus on the boss and dodge his attacks. After the transformation he may use his Cosmic Barrage attack if you back up to a medium to long range distance. Dodge his Cosmic Barrage either by sprinting in a circle or hiding behind the the convenient pillar placed in the middle of the room. All his moves except for the sudden Quad Stomp, and slightly quick Penta-Rush, are heavily telegraphed and are incredibly easy to dodge. Stay behind him when possible and shave off his health.
  • A particularly easy strategy is just to get him to transform into the larger form and poison him and run to the higher area to take on the smaller mobs


Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Quad Stomp A series of four stomps with a very short telegraph. Stomp order goes: Left Leg, Right Leg, Right Leg, Left Leg
Torso Drop Reaches into the air before dropping his body and arms on the player
Swipes (Can do 1, 2, or 3 hits) Heavily telegraphed arms swipes. Attack order is: Right arm, left arm, then Torso Drop
Cosmic Barrage (Transformation) Upon his transformation he will sprout blue tentacles from his head and will from time to time (and depending on distance) emit a bright, blue aura of cosmic energy from his head and unleash 6 quick cosmic lasers on your current location
Penta-Rush A quick 5-hit series of arm swipes with a small telegraph time. Attack order: Right arm, left arm, right arm, left arm, quick pause, right arm



  • You should pinpoint the correct alien at the beginning and focus on him. On his last phase, you need to stay close to him so that he won't cast his laser spell at you as it is very strong. A good way to avoid it is by standing behind a pillar while killing the mob.
  • It is possible to one shot this boss. During the transformation animation, get behind it and land a charged attack followed by a visceral attack.
  • Control the horde that is running to you by using wide range attacks (e.g. R2 of the blade of mercy, which can hit 5-6 of them in one swing). Be patient and chip him away, he does not have that much HP.
  • A leveled-up Tonitrus can get him into his second phase with two well timed combos. Trick the weapon, clear out the mobs and then attack him mercilessly.
  • You get ~6 seconds to attack the boss if you can clear out the mob entirely before they respawn.



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Notes & Trivia

  • Shaman bone works in this boss fight, and will cause Celestial Mobs to attack the boss.




    • Anonymous

      26 Jan 2020 11:17  

      Is no one gonna mention the fact that it's an orphanage and it's been shown in Iosefka's clinic that they're humans who were experimented on? We're killing small children people. But what are they gonna do? Tell their parents?

      • Anonymous

        07 Dec 2019 06:13  

        The reason my bolt weapon is the cane. Not the boss per se, but the Rogers that love to swarm you. Happens in Isz often as well. The cane does good damage with good crowd control, and can outspace anything this boss will throw. I recommend using it even without bolt

        • 26 Sep 2019 20:24  

          Good god, I died twice to this guy!! The third time I did it, all I had to do was have his minions chase me up the stairs for the first half, then again the second half, while using Tonitrus. The guy went down like a chump and now I feel like a dumbass XD

          • Anonymous

            22 Oct 2018 07:36  

            this was probably the easiest fight I've had in any soulsborne game. Just used my fire hunter axe+6 to whittle away at the boss's health, and then when he begins transforming, two charged hits from my Holy Blade+8, and the fight was over. sort of dissapointed i didnt really get to see all the phases since i beat it first try

            • Anonymous

              17 Oct 2018 15:21  

              So did I understand that right that this thing was the master project they hoped would help them making contact with the great ones?

              • Anonymous

                07 Jul 2018 05:52  

                I want to believe.... that somewhere in Isz, you can find a wandering giant Celestial Emissary.... So far no evidence, but the truth is out there.

                • Anonymous

                  03 Apr 2018 05:20  

                  I kill him at fist try (alone) and without too much difficult.
                  I've not finished the game yet but this is the easiest boss as now, the one after that is way more difficult

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Jan 2018 12:04  

                    Ayy lmao?
                    I don't get it, would someone explain this?
                    I thought I'd be able to find the explanation beyond "lol memes", but that is all I've been able to find.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Nov 2017 20:03  

                      The difference of difficulty between this boss and the one following after it is ridiculous lmao it gives us a hope thinking that we are actually good

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Aug 2017 02:47  

                        I'll be honest i always struggle with this boss compared to fhe others i just get swarmed and stuck +alot of their magic actually oneshots me. Maybe my health os too low or something but i alwayd get 1-2hit killed by progectiles and swarmed and stunned

                        • Anonymous

                          21 Jul 2017 07:00  

                          I didn't realize until recently that it has the ability to buff all of its allies. I usually kill it too soon for it to happen, but I was goofing around and it suddenly raised its hands to its face as if it was praying, then raised them over its head, and a massive blue corona spread throughout the arena, granting all of the surviving mob severely boosted offense and defense. The eyes of the affected allies started to glow more brightly, almost like an enemy that has stolen your blood echoes, except the color was different. I think its health has to be at 25% for this to happen, and I'm pretty sure the buff lasts as long as the affected enemies remain alive, and any replacements that spawn later will go back to being pathetically easy to kill.

                          Maybe it isn't new knowledge, but I don't think I see it mentioned anywhere on this page? The boss actually almost killed me that time, lol.

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