Arcane Damp Blood Gem

A blood gem that fortifies weapons and adds various properties. This particular specimen has a pronounced effect, due to its extended state of dampness.

Droplet blood gems are special gems that adapt to various weapons and shape, naturally making them highly prized among hunters.

Arcane Damp Blood Gem is a Droplet Blood Gem in Bloodborne. Blood Gems require the Blood Gem Workshop Tool and can be slotted and unslotted at the Workshop.


Arcane Damp Blood Gem Usage



  • On the bridge right next to Mother Brain in Mergo's Loft Middle
  • Triangular Version: First Scurrying Beast in Great Isz Chalice, Layer 1



  • Having a decently high Arcane stat with the 2nd and 3rd tier "Eye" runes can help with receiving these quite elusive gems.



  • In terms of drop chance and frequency, Arcane gems are beat only by the Bloodtinge variety, in terms of rarity.







rating.jpgRating Arcane ATK UP Arcane ATK UP Add Physical ATK Adds slow Poison Wpn Durability UP Phys. UP at full HP Charge ATKs UP Reduces stamina costs Phys. UP near death HP continues to recover
14 +18%                  



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    • Anonymous

      Experimented today. Placed this gem in my hunter pistol. Boosted the strength of arcane hunter tools without sacrificing physical damage on melee weapons. Accursed brew went from doing 999 to 1015 damage. Not bad.

      • Anonymous

        So does this only increase arcane dmg on a weapon that already has arcane, or give a % of the base dmg as extra arcane dmg?

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