Blood Gem Imprints are part of Bloodborne's advanced weapon upgrades.

Each weapon comes with Blood Gem Imprints, which acts as infusion slots. Trick Weapons usually have 3 slots, while Guns mostly have 1 slot.

  • Imprints decide which shape of Blood Gems the weapon can be infused with, but Droplet shaped Blood Gems will fit into any slot.
  • Imprints are unlocked by fortifying the weapon. Fortify to +1 unlocks the 1st slot, +3 the 2nd slot, and +6 the 3rd slot.
  • Most Trick Weapons also comes in 3 different varieties; Normal, Uncanny and Lost. The Uncanny and Lost versions are found in Chalice Dungeons, and the only difference between them are the Imprint slot shapes.
  • Generally speaking, all types of right-hand weapon gems share from a loot table of similar possible effects. Without farming gems, frequency patterns of stat boosts versus attack-type modifications can be seen through collecting during normal play.


Name & Icon Useable Gem Shapes Notes
gun The circle imprint is only embedded in guns, thus the cursed droplet gem negative effects "increase stamina cost" or "WPN durability DOWN" have no ill effect.
radial -
waning -
triangular -

How to read Imprints

Below is a colorcoded image with where and how to read the imprint information on the upgrade menu.
imprints colorcoded

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