Mergo's Loft: Middle

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Mergo's Loft: Middle is a location in Bloodborne.
You arrive here after fighting Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
This area leads to Mergo's Wet Nurse boss fight.

Mergo's Loft: Middle Information

A sinister bell lady spawns (Confirmed).

NPCs in the area

  • NPC 1
  • NPC 2


*With all three tier Moon Caryll runes equipped, the enemies in this area yield 111,013 Blood Echoes per run if they are ALL killed.

  • The Blood Rock in this area is one of only 3 a player is able to receive in the Vanilla game. With that in mind, skipping the area in which it is found (near quite a few winter lanterns) is strongly recommended against.

*With 40 points in Vitality and no Clockwork Metamorphosis runes equipped, the Eyeball Pigs in this area will one-shot a player who is hit with their full charging attack.



* Blood Rock



Insert Strategy/progression chart/events
There is a shortcut after the crying ghost lad (go straight for the shortcut before proceeding inwards)

Video Walkthrough

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    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2017 04:51  

      Definitely the best place in the game for farming echoes. Equip all your Moon runes and just keep taking down the piggies and the shadows, and soon you'll be loaded. I always come back here a couple dozen times before starting another NG+, and damn does it ever help in the long run.

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