Lecture Building

Lamps 2
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
50 to 60
+6 or +8
Bosses None
Secrets Discovery Insight: 10
Timezones: ??
Multiplayer? PvP Only?
Changes in NG+? ??

Lecture Building 2nd Floor is a location in Bloodborne.

Lecture Building 2nd Floor Information


NPCs in the area



  • No bosses









To get to the Lecture Room 2nd floor, you must first beat the One Reborn, and proceed past him through Advent Plaza, where you will inspect a mummy that teleports you to the 2nd floor lamp of the Lecture Building.

Open the doors next to the lantern and head straight across the hall to another set of doors. Open these doors and head around the curved room to pick up 5x Sedative from a corpse. When you head back to the door a Slime Scholar will drop from the ceiling above the floor. Kill it and head out into the hall. Go back towards the lantern and hang a right before going back into the lantern room. There are 2 Slime Scholars patrolling this hallway and a few more on the opposite side who will range attack you. Kill any Slime Scholars near you and take the first left. Open the only door on your right in this hallway.

Follow the balcony all the way around and kill a Slime Scholar on the other side. There is also a note on the ground you can read. Then open the door on this side and head out. Move through the next room and out the only other door to find yourself back out in the main area. Dispatch any Slime Scholars still alive in this immediate area and then head across the bridge to the other side. Go to the right and down the hall to take care of those ranged attackers from up close. Behind them on the floor is a Bloodstone Chunk.

Head back away from where you killed the ranged Scholars towards a large open area on this side of the landing. There is a Church Giant in the far corner, but ignore him for now and instead open a door on the wall immediately to your right as you approach the area. You'll find yourself on another balcony overlooking a lecture room. Head all the way around and through the doors on the opposite side. In this room is a chest containing a Communion rune.

Backtrack to the open area with the giant and head over to pick a fight with him. He has some sort of fire buff on his fists, hits hards, and can shatter the wooden tables in the area. Dodge his attacks and get behind him to attack. If you're having trouble with him you can simply lure him out far enough away that you can run to the ladder behind him. After he's dead you can go down the ladder he was guarding to find yourself on the first floor of the lecture building with your old buddy, Patches The Spider who will teach you the gesture 'Beg for Life' when talked to. In his conversation dialogue choose either option and then speak to him again to get the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis rune. Drops Great One's Wisdom if killed.

Head back up the ladder when you're done with Patches and go straight ahead and open the door on your right to enter Nightmare of Mensis.

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    • Anonymous

      Spider NPC05 Jul 2016 14:42  

      If you talk to him after getting grabbed by the Amygdala and then talk to him going the regular way he gives you a 15% stamina rune and a beg for life expression

      • Anonymous

        2nd floor bug05 Jul 2016 14:42  

        I have a big for me where this location is impossible to access. The NPC at the door keeps telling me to take the plunge even though I have and have already killed Amygdala. Apparently the room is unlocked instantly when you take the plunge, for me it hasn't and won't.

        • Anonymous

          how the hell do i get here!05 Jul 2016 14:42  

          i cannot for the life of me find out out to get here, killed Amygdala and im just outright stuck now :(

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